Helios Peterson
Master Helios Peterson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Helios Peterson
Alias: HP Shivcraft (I kid you not)
Age: Early 30s
Features: Brawny; olive-skinned; shaved head; CMC tattoos and Taurian tatau
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Master
Department: Civilian
Position: Enforcer


Not much is known about Helios, save that he was part of Raymond Barron's crew in Kythera. To this day, he remains unfailingly loyal to the Baron and the rest of his 'III' comrades. Denizens of the Elpis would easily enough know that he works as an enforcer for the elderly doctor, safeguarding Barron and the rest of his charges.

As long as people leave him and his peeps unbothered, he is willing enough to return the favor.

Immediate Family

Dead, or presumed such.

Service Jacket

If his non-tatau ink is truth in advertising, he served in the CMC. Any records of his service would've been destroyed on Warday.

Physical Features

Standing several inches past six feet, Helios is built like a powerful bull. Brawny doesn't even begin to do justice in describing his demigod physique. Not lacking in elaborate tatau, the standard military ink fairly common among members of the CMC is also visible. Also of note: the man's perfected the ability to express his desire to rend and gore by sheer looks alone.

Doc Barron asserts that not only does Helios know how to smile, but that it is the kind of megawatt shine to light-up an entire room. If there is actual evidence, no one has been forthcoming with it.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • For those capable of reading his style of tatau, a lot can be learned about the man.
  • Those capable of reading his style of tatau tend to give him WIDE BREADTH.

Recent Logs


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