Helia "Sunspot" Gryphon
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Helia "Sunspot" Gryphon
Eliza Dushku
Eliza Dushku as Helia "Sunspot" Gryphon
Alias: Sunspot
Age: 26
Features: 5'7", Dark hair, brown eyes
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Viper Pilot


Rescued from Sagittaron, Helia is a quiet Viper Pilot, new to the fleet. (OOC: More to come as I get to know the character myself!)

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Julius Gryphon Father Helia's father. A fisherman, and a member of the SSLF. DECEASED
Callista Gryphon Mother Helia's mother. A simple homemaker, turned member of the SSLF. DECEASED
Peracles Gryphon Uncle Helia's uncle. A guitar player, a retired Navyman who fought in the Cylon Wars, and a fisherman. DECEASED

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes
2033 AE Enlisted Recruited on Sagittaron Enlisted on her 18th birthday.
2037 AE Repair Technician Colonial Fleet Academy: Caprica Recieved her 4 year degree in Technical Support & Repair.
2037 AE Viper Pilot in Training Flight School: CFAB Caprica City Entered into Flight School.
2037 - 2040 AE Viper Pilot: VF-143 "Puking Dogs" Battlestar Hephaestus Spent three years with "Puking Dogs", with a relatively clean time of service. Nothing much exciting here!
2040 - 2041 AE Viper Pilot: VF-11 "Red Rippers" CFAB Agamemnon Remained on base until Warday; when Warday came, fought the Raiders until her Viper crashed, barely survived. Rescued in late August of 2041 by Battlestar Cerberus.
Feb. 2042 - Present Viper Pilot: VF-154 "Black Knights" Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132)

Physical Features

Helia stands at roughly 5'7" tall, with a slim, lithe form that is obviously subject to a regular workout routine. Dark brown hair cascades down her shoulders, ending just below her shoulder blades; usually, this is kept held back in a tight bun or ponytail, out of her face, but there are times when she lets her hair down. A pair of wide brown eyes peer out at the world from over the delicate features of a delicate face that has seen far more action than her innocent looks would suggest.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Recent Logs


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