Abram Hawke
Lieutenant Abram Solis Hawke
Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan as Abram Solis Hawke
Alias: Abram
Age: 42
Features: Tall, dark, handsome
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Position: Trauma Surgeon


Immediate Family

Martin Hawke, Father, Wealthy Caprican Industrialist
Jaime Hawke, Mother, Caprican Socialite and Philanthropist.
Amy Hawke, Sister, Fashion Model
Alyssa Meyers-Hawke, Wife (divorced) Caprican Newsanchor

Service Jacket

A recent addition to the ranks, Lt. Hawke was assigned to the Cerberus just out of OCS.

Physical Features

Tall, dark, handsome, aged and aged well.

On the Grid

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes
Glory_icon.jpg Capt Gloriana Diego I have served under several Chiefs of Medicine, though she is my first since joining the fleet. Seems a bit distant but that is preferable to an overbearing asshole any day. A good enough doctor to know to let me do my thing in Surgery. So long as that keeps up, we will get along well. Besides, it's fun to watch her walk away.
Callista_icon.jpg LT Kathleen Callista Aurelia I always did like Redheads, though women who can get into your head are dangerous. Kaycee is a psyche and, based on early returns, good at her job. Means she'll see me coming, and maybe warn others about me. Then again, with lines like hers, it could well be worth the effort.
Raedawn_icon.jpg Ensign Raedawn Arkili I once bought my wife a purple teddy this girl modeled for Andromeda's Secret. Now I find myself telling her to take her clothes off to give her an exam. Maintained decorum… barely. She will definitely be worth a visit every now and again…
Tisiphone_icon.jpg Ensign Tisiphone Apostolos She was there with us when the Galley went boom, and I treated her burns. She doesn't like doctors, calls us medicators, but I'm pretty sure I can get through to her. She definitely has a touch of the exotic.
Quinn_icon.jpg Capt Margaret Quinn Flew me to the Cerberus when I first came on board, and is clearly terrified of Doctors. There is something in her look, though. She is a country girl pretending to be big time and that is interesting. I have seen her undressed for an exam. Seeing past the facades she has built around herself would be seeing her naked.
Alessandra_icon.jpg LT Alessandra Sophronia Beautiful eyes. Beautiful skin. Beautiful Pyramid moves. She is a cautious viper pilot which I thought was about as common as a cautious surgeon. She is an anomaly, and that makes her exotic. We intend to keep playing the game, and I have promised to stop stealing kisses in unguarded moments. I'll keep the promise until she asks me to break it.


Recent Logs


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