Madeline Hauck
Admiral Madeline Hauck
Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver as Madeline Hauck
Age: 59
Features: Hard-nosed, hardcore bureaucratic infighter.
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Admiral
Department: Command
Position: Commander, Advanced Research and Projects Department (ARPROD)
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Widely known for her virulently anti-Cylon views, Admiral Madeline Hauck was given the opportunity to act on her beliefs when she took command of the Fleet's Advanced Research and Projects Department (ARPROD) in 2034 AE. Assisted by Admiral Claudio Guiloff of Battlestar Chimaera and several other like-minded officers, Hauck poured every drop of her political capital into transforming ARPROD into a research unit dedicated to designing offensive weapons for a preemptive strike beyond the Armistice Line.

Admiral Hauck was responsible for the construction of Parnassus Anchorage in 2035, the development of Project Ananke, and the creation of the experimental escort carrier Areion (CEX-300). The full extent of her activities remains a mystery, as the vast majority of them were known only at the highest levels of Fleet HQ.

Unfortunately, Hauck did not survive to witness her endless labors bear fruit: when the Cylons executed their own surprise attack on 26 February 2041 AE, Hauck and her flagship — Battlestar Invictus — were among the first to fall.

Those who knew her swear she wouldn't have had it any other way.


  • "To whom did you make your offerings, Admiral Madeline Hauck? Did you pray to Ares? If you prayed." — MAJ Cidra Hahn, Prayer Journal
  • "Admiral Hauck has — had — a reputation for floating mad rumors." — RADM Michael Abbot, Two Alpha
  • "I didn't know her that well personally, but Guiloff did. Our CO. She went to his wedding. They were both very‚ĶI'd say 'anti-cylon' but that's too sanitary. Add in some frothing at the mouth and you're closer." — CPT Dominic Gabrieli, Necessity
  • "She was the type of commander, from what I knew of her, who'd gleefully set an entire Colony on fire to save the other eleven. Quite literally, in fact. She used to say we should just 'back out of Sagittaron and let them fend for themselves when the Cylons come back.' I met her once." — LT Calvin Oberlin, Judged By Your Methods, Not By Your Goals
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