BCH #003: Handcuffs and Fishtanks
Handcuffs and Fishtanks
Summary: Nostos meets briefly with Tisiphone and then has a long conversation with Sofia - awkwardness and clumsiness ensue.
Date: 2.23.2041
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Rec Room

This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.

The Recreation room is oddly quiet right now and in one of the corners of the room one Angelus Nostos is currently handcuffed and sitting quietly as he looks at the handcuffs on his wrist. On his thumbs is a pair of thumb cuffs. It would appear that the pilot is completely locked up for the moment.

Enter Tisiphone, looking a bit worn down. She pauses just inside the door, sweeping a glance across officer and non-com territory alike, before continuing toward the center of the room. Along the way she spots Nostos, and her chin comes up slightly in recognition. She hesitates a moment, then heads over, pausing a few steps from the table. The wrist- and thumb-cuffs are considered. "Am I witnessing Halo's first ever defeat to a pair of cuffs?" she asks. Tiny grin at one corner of her mouth.

"There isn't a pair of handcuffs yet that I can't get out of." A beat, "But I am sure that someone will invent a pair someday I won't be able to get out of." Angelus looks over at Tisiphone and while he is looking at her the thumbcuffs simply fall off as if his thumbs were made out of better. His hands drop down and after a moment later he brings his hands back up and the handcuffs are now on the floor having aparently falling off on their own. "You were saying?" Angelus grins as he looks at the cuffs, both sets, now lying on the floor. "Best trick I ever learned was how to get out of sticky situations."

Tisiphone's expression hovers somewhere between amused and puzzled as she looks from the discarded cuffs on the ground back to Nostos. "Prestidigitator," she says. Quite a mouthful. "I don't know how you do it," she confesses. "I guess if your Viper's wiring ever blows mid-maneuver, you'll have the best shot of anyone at fixing it, though." The wiring panel for running bypasses is, technically, accessible in an emergency. Whether anything useful could be done without double-jointed wrists is a matter of debate, however.

Angelus grins as he picks up the handcuffs and thumbcuffs and he says, "Among other things. I learned how to let my fingers get me out of trouble. Hypothetically speaking I may have once broken into the Delphi museum in Caprcia City. Hypothetically speaking that is." There is a moment where he looks at his wrists and thumbs and then back to Tisiphone, "I could teach you how to do this if you wanted?" Nostos considers what Tisiphone said and he grins, "I don't know about fixing anything but I could get into nooks and cranies, yes, Tisiphone."

Tisiphone shakes her head gently, amused grin shifting to wry. "Can you teach it to me ten years ago?" A dismissive little gesture with her hand, as she tries to change the topic. "It's- Thanks. It's okay. I try to learn too much more right now, and I'll start forgetting how to fly. You serious, the Delphi Museum? I mean. Hypothetically serious?" Intrigued. She slouches her hands down into her pockets while she listens.

"Well, build me a time machine I can go back in time and teach you." Angelus pockets the handcuffs anf thumbs before he looks back at Tisiphone, "Yeah, paying to flight is a good thing. Especially, if you are bucking for a promotion." As Nostos is asked about the Museum he smiles slyly and he says with a ruggedly handsome grin, "Hypothetically, I'm deadly serious. Though there is no proof that I was ever there." He seems disappointed almost that there is no 'hypothetical proof'. Angelus explains, "I come from Caprican money and that meant priveledge and that meant boredom. Idle hands are the Devil's workshop and boy were my hands idle." Okay, so hypothetical might be out the window.

"I did Flight Academy at the Caprica campus," Tisiphone says. "So- you see a lot of Capricans in four years. I got the impression that…" She tries to choose her words carefully. "…a lot of the people there were like you just described. Rich and bored. I remember one washing out, second year. Thousands and thousands of cubits in debt. He just shrugged. His family would pay it." Shaking her head, she looks back to Nostos and says, "Who knows about the Museum, right? Maybe there's a fingerprint, somewhere. Waiting. You could be hypothetically famous with the authorities years from now." She's teasing, or trying to.

"Nah, I didn't get caught but there were rumors I was there but my Father made sure it all disappeared." He seems disappointed by that, "Hypothetically speaking that is." There is a small pause while Angelus cracks his knuckles and he says, "Though hypothetically speaking I made my way into a lot of places I should have as the trick was getting in and not stealing anything." A beat, "Hypothetically speaking." There is a grin, "Though if I ever wanted a career path with ease money I am sure I could have become a worlds class thief, luckily for the Colonies I discovered that I enjoyed flying Vipers."

"I read an article at the Academy about people like that," says Tisiphone, rocking back on her booted heels. "I mean- people who break into places for the thrill, not for theft. It was interesting, but…well." Her grin goes lopsided and apologetic. "I thought it was bullshit. I thought there was no way… One more thing to have been wrong about at the Academy." She points at Nostos with mock-accusation. "Living proof!"

Hands go up in the air, "Guilty as charged, hypothetically speaking." Angelus says as he suddenly blinks, "Wait, seriously, someone wrote an article about that? What sort of slanderous person would do such a terrible thing?" Angelus looks mock hurt by this, perhaps he doth protest to much. "Though I can say, I can do some very unique party tricks." There is a beat, "Tisiphone, ever see someone get out of a straight jacket?" There is a goofy grin on his face this time as he stands to move and get a cup of coffee only to fall over suddenly with a sudden thud and a crash as he lands on his chest and his legs go up in the air to reveal his ankles were handcuffed, "Right, cuffed the ankles. Forgot about that."

Hopefully Nostos hasn't broken a rib that's pierced his lung, or something else requiring instant treatment — because, after two heartbeats of silence, Tisiphone absolutely loses it in laughter. Staggering, cackling, eye-watering laughter. The hardest she's laughed since coming aboard, probably. It takes her a minute to get herself back under control — when she does, she crouches down, head tipped, to ask, "Dude. Um. I'm sorry I laughed." Snifflegiggle. Still laughing, she means. "You okay?"

Nostos pushes himself up looking a bit like a fish pushing its head out of the water since he doesn't have the use of his legs at the moment. After he manages to fall back on his rump and while Tisiphone is laughing at him the pilots hands go down to the cuffs on his ankles and there are two loud clicks as the cuffs come off of his ankles. "Didn't hurt anything since I broke my pride a long time ago and it all left me." He stands this time as he stands slowly, "Hold on, ego is still in tact so lots of ego and no pride. Yup, I'm fine." Angelus says as he rolls with the punches of his most recent failure.

"Lords Above and Below…" Tisiphone murmurs, the occasional laugh still sneaking out. "I'm glad you're okay. You could've tried to put your chin through the floor." Which probably would have, in turn, converted a few vertebra to calcium shards. She considers Nostos's frame for a second, seemingly deciding he's telling the truth about his wellness, then shakes her head again. "I wonder if the MPs have restraint devices you haven't seen yet. Maybe you could convince one of them to-" An idle glance around the room lands on a clock, and pale eyes widen in alarm. "Oh, frak me, I'm late. I've gotta book it. You- See you around, okay?"

Angelus looks at Tisiphone, "I'm fine. Just a bit of a bumpity ride to the floor since gravity reminded me that the only way I can fly is in a Viper." There is a grin as he considers his chin hitting the floor first, "Are you kidding me, I think my chin might crack the metal floor." He says poking slight fun at his square jaw and strong chin, "As for the MP's trust me, I brought up the idea with the CAG of testing out the MPs security and she didn't seem to thrilled at the idea but she said she might mention it to the Master of Arms." Nostos looks over at the clock, "Take it easy then and um…good hunting, Tisiphone." Angelus says not knowing if Tisiphone is going on CAP or not. "And sure, I'd love to see you around. Come and find me, whever." He rubs his chest and he hasn't bruised hardly but there will be a nice small red mark on his chest when he gets to the showers later.

Tisiphone dips a nod to Nostos and turns, breaking into a jog. Whatever she's late for, she appears to be /really/ late for.

Did someone say 'restraints'? It's almost ironic that Sofia enters at that moment. A pause. "Uh." Sofia blinks. Stares at the two. Takes two steps back out the door. Pauses. Two steps forward. Peer. Ok, it's hard not to look. Her green eyes go wide as saucers as if expecting someone to be ridden around like a horse or worse. "Uhm. … hi." Yeah, there we go. Sofia's eyes shift, as if surveying the area. Sneaky looking git.

Angelus looks over at Sofia and there is a pause as he looks over at the Middle Man, er Woman and there is a kind greeting, "Hello." Alexander says softly as he picks up a pair of handcuffs from the floor and he puts them in his bottom left pocket to which there is a clinking sound of metal against metal. Nostos suddenly recognizes Sofia, "Oh, I remember you, Sofia, right? You were there the other night when the punching bag fell on me." There is a half smile that comes from Angelus as he looks utterly amused remembering the bag falling on him, "It is good to see you again."

Nod. Sofia smiles and blinks at the handcuffs. "Just … just be careful okay?" She'd rather not write up an incident involving hand cuffs. She just smiles and nods. "That's right. I felt really bad about that, but we got it fixed. It should be more secure now. You're not still hurt are you?" She tilts her head. Believe it or not, there may be /some/ concern there. Kind of. Possibly. "The um, Angelus fellow right?"

Nostos watches the smile and the blink at the handcuffs and he says, "Ah, once upon a time I was an escape artist and I still practice my old skills since I like to keep them up to date." The pilot makes his way over to where Sofia is and he says, "Would you like a demonstration, Sofia?" As for the heavy bag Angelus comments, "Please, I'm just glad I was the one who found it and not someone else. Imagine if some stick thin person found it and got crushed by that bag?" Though as Sofia remembers his name the pilot with the big shoulders and the square jaw says, "Angelus Nostos, yes. I am glad you remembered."

"Uh huh. That's neat," Sofia nods. She seems dubious, but accepting. She prefers not to think of her shipmates up to shenaningans. "Um. That's okay. Were you flying in the thingy last night?" She tilts her head, curious. "And I guess that would be pretty awful," She admits. A shrug and a smile. "Thanks. I'm surprised you remembered me too." She goes quiet for a moment, fidgeting a little. "Um. Nothing fell on you today did it?"

Angelus rubs his chest, "Nothing fell on me but I managed to fall on the floor a moment ago. I forgot I had cuffs on my ankles, sadly." This brings a slight chuckle to his throat which is short lived as he stops to rub his throat. "I was not part of last nights events, I've been on medical leave after inhailing some toxic gas from the fire that happened in the Storage Closet. I've been on two days rest and medicine to recover." Nostos stops to look at Sofia, "Why would I forget your name? You are very memorable you know, in a sneaky and shady sort of way, though I think that might be your job more than who you are."

Blink. Sofia /eyes/ Angelus carefully. "Oh. Um. Well, be careful. Those're some sturdy floors," She nods. She just doesn't seem sure how to react to Angelus at the moment and tilts her head at him. A deep frown at his comment about leave. "Oh. My sympathies entirely. We've been looking into that actually," She admits. Then a blink. "Thanks… I think." Her eyebrows furrow. Was that a front handed or a back handed compliment? Oh well, she'll take it. "Have you been feeling better I hope then? Toxic gases kind of suck."

Angelus in turn watches Sofia as she eyes him aparently being amused that he is a hard person to figure out. "Well, these are sturdy floors, however, I'm a fairly sturdy guy." Nostos for his part is full of charm since that is part of who he is an it reads all over his body, the half grin on his face and the way he holds himself confidently but not aggressively. "I am feeling a bit better. I was taken care of by the CMO herself. She is a good woman, I suspect. Though yeah, toxic gases do suck. If O'Sullivan hadn't pulled out Ekonomo and if I hadn't pulled out that woman with her legs on fire I suspect that they might have died." The pilot shakes his head as he looks back at Sofia, "And no sympathies needed, it wasn't your fault that the fire started." There is a pause for a moment as Angelus looks at the floor since this has clearly been on his mind, "Do you know anything about the fire? How it started or what happened? We found it all too late I think."

"Yeah, but in a fight, I'd put my money on 'freaking rock'," Sofia points out. And charming people seem to perturb the engineer. Charming at middle management? SOMETHING is amiss or she's about to get a request. But she warms up slowly. "I see. I'm sorry. I'm glad everything came out alright," She taps her chin. "A bit yeah. I've been working on it. I'm not sure what I'm authorized to let out but if you see ANY sparks, or power flickering please find an engineer immediately, okay?"

Angelus listens to Sofia for as she explains that she isn't authorized to reveal any information to him regarding what he saw and he nods his head twice. "I see. Well, people are starting to wonder and there is concern that some of these recent mix ups are possibly connected. You might want to pass that along to engineering since people are starting to get worried. Myself included, Sofia. I'm not saying engineering isn't doing their job but I'm nervous that something else might go wrong I mean we've got all these contractors and civilians walking around here."

"Well… they are," Sofia admits with a frown. "But like, I don't want everyone to bug out and panic and get in the way you know?" Sofia shakes her head. "My job is hardly popular, and we're getting to the bottom of it. I'm just not 100% on what I should say and not just yet," She bites her lower lip. "I don't like, want any crazed mobs or stuff." She almost crosses her eyes and shakes her head. "I'm sorry. It is being worked on." She seems a bit resentful at his comment. "It's not like I wave a wand and faeries fly out my butt and fix everything for free." Unfortunately, she also has the ignoble duty of keeping gossip from getting out of hand at times.

And then something odd happens, the pilot nods his head and smiles, "I know you are working hard. I was just curious, well, as curious as anyone else. I'm not trying to start a scene or spread rumors but I am afraid you might hear about this a few more times." Angelus says with a sudden smile on his face, "Consider me the canary in the coal mine. I'm just letting you know that some people are concerned. No one is panicking but some of us are just putting things together, shadows in the dark, so to speak." When Sofia mentions wands, faeries, and things flying out of her butt an eyebrow is raised as Nostos says, "If you could do all of that then our problems would forever be saved, luckily, we do things the old fashioned and labor intensive way here."

"It's not just sending someone to fix things, it's finding other places the same work was done, managing the man-hours - you can only work people so hard, managing pay, tracking down who was responsible for the work, handling the budget," Sofia shakes her head. "Sometimes I think I wish it was just 'fix it'," She smiles back, somewhat ruefully. "Logistics brings down armies. Funny how that all works. And I know," She folds her arms. "But there's other instances and you're the funniest looking canary /I've/ ever seen. I can tell you that you should pay attention to sparks or power flickering. If something doesn't seem to be working right, tell us like ASAP. Especially… say … in a head or a storeroom," She pushes her fingertips together uneasily. "Okay?" She nods. "I'm sorry. It's had me a little tense lately."

"Well, I am certainly the biggest canary I know." Angelus says with a bit of a chuckle and he listens thoughtfully as Sofia explains herself and he doesn't say a word to interupt at all as she explains herelf. When she is done Angelus says thoughtfully, "We are all victims of logistics. The same is true of any portion of this ship. I'm sorry if it seemed like I thought you were the only one who could fix things." A beat, "Fix everything." There is a moment of silence where he voice remains quiet though not introspective as he says, "And I would imagine that all of this has been stressful for you. So, the question is this. What do you do to relax?"

That's a good question. She stares blankly. "There is no relaxing in middle management! ONLY SOUL CRUSHING AND HEARING THE LAMENTATIONS OF THEIR WOMEN!" She rears back dramatically. … she apparently does have a sense of humor. "I dunno. Have tea, read, wander around," She shrugs. Sofia pauses, "It's tough to 'relax' on a ship because I always see things I need to do," Her eyebrows furrow. "Funny how that changes you," She considers. "How about you?"

Nostos goes into listening to Sofia but when she mentioned the part about soul crushing and the lamentations of the women the pilot can't help but laugh, after the dramatic pause of course, it is a hearty laugh and it is the kind that the Caprican probably shouldn't have. "So, tea and wandering around? Maybe you should find a part of the ship where everything is perfect and relax in there. Have a drink? Make out with someone? Write a book or read a book? Play boardgames with friends? You need a sanctuary of your own I suspect." As he is asked what he does to relax Nostos says, "Me? I escape from handcuffs and do tricks. Keeps my mind occupied and it keeps me out of trouble. I also read books though not as much as I used too.'

Sofia grins at the laugh. A headtilt. "I don't really drink. I don't have a boyfriend and I can't schmooze with the Officers. I told you I read. Um." A shrug and a smile. "I have a desk I share. That's where I found the riding crop." A pause. Her eyes almost go crossed in thought. "I don't want to think about that though. She's kind of scary," Ponder. "Er, that's interesting I guess." She boggles at the escaping from handcuffs thing and looks at Nostros like he might burst out in a leather suit and challenge her to a puzzlebox or something. Sofia's rather expressive, if unfortunately poor at hiding it. "I would like a fish tank someday."

"So, you are looking for a fish tank?" Nostos taps his forhead for a moment, "Give me a week. I need to send a letter back home. I can get you a Fishtank." A beat, "I know a guy." With that said he looks at Sofia as she mentions the riding crop and everything and he picks up on her expression as he comforts Sofia by saying, "Really, relax. A long time ago I learned a lot of skills of a slightly questionable nature. I learned them for fun and that is how I used them. I've never done a show but maybe someday I will do a show full of escape attempts and sleight of hand." As Sofia goes through the list of possiblities and as she shoots all but the reading down Nostos pauses and says, "Why can't you schmooze with Officers? Dating is a no, no, but hanging out in a room full of Officers isn't a problem so long as no one objects."

"…" Sofia blinks at Nostos. She looks terrified and confused. "I… wait, what? No, it's okay," She holds up her hands. "I don't know. I - why would you - I'm SCARY!" Yes she is! This throws her whole paradigm off and frankly, that's alarming. Apparently kindness dents armor way better than the usual treatment. She just rubs the back of her head. "No, it's okay. You could like, do stage magic or something." She offers. "And you have to be careful talking to officers or everyone gets in trouble because there's favoritism rules and stuff. It's easy to be nicer to a friend," She notes. "I mean, I'm glad to befriend some of the officers and that nice fellow said maybe I should go to OCS one day but that's all kinds of freaky really and I dunno about that, but uh- just have to be careful is all." She shrugs.

When Sofia gets all twitterpated and confused looking Nostos looks utterly beside himself with amusement since he is one of those nice guy, charming, idealist types with a streak of stubbornness in him. "First, take a breath and get your thoughts together. As for the fishtank, give me a week. I can write the letter tonight but I can't be sure when the tank will arrive. As for the fish, I'm afraid you are on your own on that one. I'll make sure there are the things you will need to fill it and clean it with though." Nostos takes a moment to address the other issues, "Well, favoritism is a nasty thing but that doesn't mean officers and enlisted can't talk. We are all going to be on this ship for a long time and yes, it is going to be a long tour so while we should be careful of favoritism we should also get to know the people around us." Angelus smiles warmly as he asks, "And who recomended you for OCS training, not that I disagree, but between you and me you could learn to relax a bit more before going to OCS."

"Yeah, well, you'd be a bit tense too with all the fires breaking out," Sofia sets her hands on her hips. "Besides, if I'm not tense, I could miss something, then everyone dies in a fireball and we're all on a boat to Hades and glaring at me. That would be the worst feeling in the world, right after the whole burning alive in space thing," Sofia notes. "And um. That's fine if you're sure. I can pay you back," A handwave. Fidget. "I think I might get a dragonet or something. Then I'll be all, fill out the papers or I shall feed you to PROFESSOR FINEOUS VON DOOM, THE DRAGONET," Menacing finger gestures. "But he'd be so cute." With feesh leeps and a tummy! "But not really a PhD. And um. I don't think I'll say because I'd feel bad," She rubs the back of her head. "I guess."

Nostos listens to Sofia as she again explains herself and that look of amusement creeps on his face as there is a half smile, a tilt of the head, and his hair is parted to just the right side, it is like adorable and hot had a baby and that is the expression on the pilots face. "Well, if you fill the need to feed people to the fish I'd say they must have it coming and if a fish is going to eat someone I would argue that no one would disagree with a man eating fish to see wether or not he has a PHD, hmm?" Angelus then stops tilting his head, "Sofia, are you one of those types that puts the weight of the worlds on your shoulders? As I recall there is an entire department filled with talented men and women like you. If you are tense all the time you will just go all jittery and die young. Think about the dogs at the race track, those poor dogs die at such a young age because they live to race and it eventually kills them, the stress of it all. You need to relax, Sofia, let other people handle some things once in a while."

Ack. Why does he have to look like that. Not normal. Not offensive. Stoppit. She hunches her shoulders, unsure of just /how/ to react to that. Sofia peers at him. "I guess. He would at least, be certified I guess. Maybe an Associate's," She holds up a finger. "I'm not so much talented as I have to bust my backside. I wish I had more natural talent, but that's how life works," She shakes her head. "I'm not putting the weight of anything important on me. I just want to make sure no one dies on fire or stuff like that. And no one likes management or quartermasters, so I have to pin down weasels, chase papers, issue things and it's like whack a mole but with officers and they don't like being hit with rubber mallets." BONK! She sighs. "Are you saying I look twitchy?" Eye. Heywaitaminute. "I do relax just fine. There's a whole department…" She boggles, as if a Type A existence were just what she is. "Really, don't sweat it. I even went to the library yesterday."

"An Associate's sounds good. It sounds balanced somehow." As Sofia hunches her shoulders there is a pause, "See, there you just looked all tense for a moment. I'm not saying you are tense all the time and I know about being in the middle of things. I'm a JiG, in officer terms that means I do a lot of the grunt work and I rarely get the approval I need to get things done the easy way. We all have our moments of stress but we also all have our moments of relaxation. Though maybe bonking some officers in the head could be seen as relaxation." As the library is mentioned Nostos asks, "And what did you find in the library, a good book I hope?"

"Yeah." Sofia pauses. She blinks at him. "Either I'm more wired than I think or we're working on different levels of 'tense'…" She considers. "I'm not allowed to have coffee anyway or I start twitching uncontrollably and- that's a long story," She leaves it at that. "I DO relax, though. Just … differently I guess." She boggles at him. "Nah, I wouldn't hit any officers. That's just mean." She may have a heart somewhere in there. "I had one on calculus, some electrician's manuals, and one on history." Dork. "I also found some people. They were interesting."

"Maybe we are working on different levels of tense. Though not being able to have coffee says something but then again that could be a biological issue so I won't push on that one, Sofia." Angelus maintains eye contact with Sofia though this isn't aggressive eye contact as much as he is sending the signal that he is listening to Sofia. "Well, I suppose those are interesting subjects to read up on. Just so long as you don't bring your work home with you." Angelus adds curiously, "And who are these people that you met? How were they interesting?" Perhaps the pilot is asking to introduce Sofia to other like minded people to the ones she met in the Library.

"What do you mean? I think it is biological, but such is life," Sofia shrugs. Alas! She seems a bit puzzled by the eye contact, but rolls with it. "…" As far as not bringing work home, she says nothing. Sofia just nods slowly. "All sorts. Some pilots, one of my fellow engineers. I think I met someone really important, but-" But alas, Sofia doesn't want to pin poor Tillman down in case she forgot. "Oh well." She's puzzled by his efforts too. It's more than a little alarming, like poking a snail and making it pull back into its shell. Fortunately for our group, Sofia is not slimy though a pair of antennae might be kind of rad. "Why do you ask? You're a curious person." Peeeeeer.

Angelus seems to enjoy figuring Sofia out just as much as he probably confuses her. It is like two animals meeting for the first time and each is trying to figure out what the other one is. "I meant, a biological reaction to caffine that is extreme. Most people drink a soda or a cup of coffee and they are fine but one cup of coffee and then the jitters and that is a bit much." Angelus makes note that Sofia doesn't remark about bringing her work home but he says nothing about it either. "Pilots are good, engineers are good, and important people are often good."And I suppose I am a curious sort. I really just want to see what kind of people you find interesting so that I can maybe introduce you to other like minded types."

Eerhn. Sofia is unused to being analyzed so. An eyebrow even twitches a little. Apparently porcupine armor doesn't work on some people. She folds her arms, "Yeah. It seems kind of weird. I'd like to try some of the flavored coffees, but if I do, I start twitching and babbling like- well, a lot," She affirms. Sofia pauses. "And yeah?" Sofia tilts her head. She blinks and eyes him warily. "… introduce me to people? Do I really seem that hopeless?" Sofia looks sheepish.

Nostos rolls his eyes, "No, you don't seem hopeless. I meant, since we are all on the same ship we can help each other out. I doubt you are hopeless by any stretch of the imagination. However, we can help each other out in getting to meet other people. That is the way social circles work out." There is another brief pause as the thought of Sofia babbling seems like an interesting prospect to him, "If you ever decide to bring coffee can I please be around to see it? I'll even bring the coffee, the expensive kind."

"Fair enough," Sofia replies. This whole idea seems absolutely foreign to her though. She just nods though, perhaps unsure of how to run screaming or whether to try it. "I - guess if I see pilots I could ask about you." She has no idea how to go about it even if she tries. She opens and closes her mouth. "Maybe I should sell tickets," She comments wryly, folding her arms. "I mean- I'm curious about all the fancy stuff but, if people want to throw me out the airlock by the time I finish the drink…"

"There you go. Feel free to ask me about pilots. I would be more than happy to tell you who is who." Angelus says as he adds, "And I can tell you who to avoid as well." Nostos for his part is good at being a social creature and he is enjoying the time he is spending here with Sofia since she slightly confuses him and amuses him. "As for selling tickets, I think a smaller more controlled space surrounded by people who aren't going to throw you into the airlock is a better idea, Sofia."

"Fair enough, then give me a summary if you like. You seem to be good at this tab keeping thing," Sofia considers. She's relatively social, not a total shut in. But some people just /confuse/ her and he's one of them. "Perhaps." Sofia shrugs. "Either way." For now, she's fairly still, just kind of watching Nostos for any signs of treachery, alien chest bursters or being a pod person. "Do you ask about lots of people?"

"Well, on the Beast I knew a lot about people, but, I'm not on the Beast anymore. Right now, I'm still getting a feel for who is who. Though I'm working my way quickly through things. Give me another month or two and I will know who is who." Angelus says as there are no chest bursters inside of him, no sign of treachery since he is missing a goatee, and he hasn't raised his hand to point at Sofia to make a squealing sound. "As for the pilots, a summary needs to happen on a case by case basis. Though, the pilot you saw in here earlier, the one who ran off. Her name is Tisiphone and she is one of the good ones. She'd be a good person to get to know." Nostos for his part is simply present and in the moment with Sofia.

"Hm," Sofia nods. "I understand," Sofia tilts her head. "She seems nice, yeah." This in regards to Tisiphone. Sofia smiles. "I try not to get too close to people. Then I won't know when they're angry with my department." She shrugs. "It's like armor in a way." And she pauses. "Fish aside, I'm kind of boring. You'll have to tell me about being a pilot. It looks interesting."

"I seriously doubt anyone is truly boring, less interesting perhaps, but never boring." Angelus shakes his head, "As for pilots, we are pretty much what we appear to be only a little more human and a little less ego driven than people think." Nostos takes a step forward, "And keeping people out isn't a good way to go about things. If someone is mad at your department it doesn't mean they are mad at you personally."

"Maybe," Sofia considers. She tilts her head. "You don't seem all ego-y, but I guess there are egos in /all/ departments." She blinks as he steps forward. Almost reflexively, without a thought, she steps back. How much is Sofia and how much is her job this weaseliness? Hard telling. Sofia shrugs, "I know. Doesn't make it less stressful or stop the glares at mess time. But what cha gonna do?"

Nostos grins, "Oh, I've got an ego, I've just got no pride." The pilot says as he adds, "And yes, we have egos in all departments. The Wing has its share of ego." As Sofia steps back Angelus steps back as he doesn't want to crowd Sofia or make her feel uncomfortable. "Though we all have our own level of stress to bare. Mine ends up with me being dead if I don't do my job right."

"Bah," Sofia smiles and shakes her head. She pauses. "Hm. Well, I would still feel awful if you all died naked in showers or on fire," Sofia shrugs. "Be safe out there then." A little wave. "I guess being an engineer isn't /as/ exciting or glamorous as being a pilot, but what cha gonna do? Extreme engineering never caught on, we broke all the tools." SHe is joking but soon someone calls for the Crewman. A sadface. "Aw… Well, that's my call!" She waves and bounds off. Almost leaving a dust trail.

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