Mary Hammond
Mrs Mary Hammond
Donna Murphy
Donna Murphy as Mary Hammond
Alias: //
Age: 52
Features: Stately, elegant, poised.
Colony: Picon
Rank: Mrs
Department: Civilian
Position: //


NPC. Mary Hammond was rescued from Sagittaron on the 28th of August, 2041 AE, along with eight other survivors, including G. Rose Ibbhanas. Mary was vacationing on Sagittaron with her husband, Maarten, when the Cylons attacked. She had been with her particular group for approximately a month by the time the rescue team from the Cerberus found them.

Mrs. Hammond was a translator for the Quorum of Twelve headquarters on Picon. She speaks fluent Piconese, Gemeni, Sagittaran, and, of course, Caprican. Now, she has settled into something of a community organizer role, alongside Rose, as being spokespersons for survivors aboard Cerberus.

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