Landing Ship Hairetos (CLS-329)



After the Sagittaron insurgencies had wracked the Colony for a few years, the Marines realized that they simply didn't have the deployment capabilities in numbers and speed they needed. Thus, the Dalton class was born. Designed from the bottom-up as a landing ship, it took cues from wars long in the past. Heavy gun systems were installed along the top for orbital preparation of the battlefield and recessed medium gun positions along the side for defense once on the surface. This was done to facilitate its main purpose: to drop from orbit and land troops directly onto the surface of a planet. Many pundits referred to this class as a 'battlestar for Marines' and it wasn't a far off assessment. While it was commanded and staffed by Naval personnel, its primary function was to land and disgorge an two entire heavy battalions of Marines rather than Vipers. This would normally include organic armor, antiaircraft, and heavy weapons groups. The Hairetos also had the honor of carrying the Division HQ from the 173rd Marine Infantry Division in addition to its two heavy battalions. Ultimate command of the ship rested with the ranking naval officer, despite the admiral leading the division whose troops were aboard. Thus a delicate balance of trust had to be established via the two command structures and the officers selected to command these ships and units were chosen very carefully.


CLS-329 was assigned to BSG-87 Themis during almost the entire time it was deployed. Due to the nature of the ship and its mission, the Hairetos would generally stay around the colonies and transit the shipping lanes as a show of force. It saw combat landings of Tauron during the uprising seven years ago, during peacekeeping operations in support of Sagittaron's government, and after the Kildaire Earthquake on Aerilon with its following coup attempt.

Command Staff

  • Commander Pyotr Felton, Commanding Officer: At nearly sixty, Commander Felton is one of the most experienced Commanders in the fleet. He started his career as an enlisted gunner aboard a cruiser and was given a brevet promotion to O1 after his team officer was killed at the Battle of Kossa Straights near Gemenon. Since then he has excelled through the fleet and was promoted to Command out of Weps - an unlikely feat. His aggressive spirit and roughshod determination flirts with crass occasionally but he is a tough man to please and rewards well when it happens.
  • Colonel Ralph Higgins, Executive Officer: "Rowdy" Higgins is a legend in some circles. He's a hard-charging officer that seems to have been mated to Commander Felton with the same careful placement that the RADM was. The man has a reputation of a helluva gambler and a big drinker. The Colonel's been known to challenge various squadrons to drinking competitions, taking on all comers but selecting the best. Not exactly the pride of the fleet, Rowdy is said to have been assigned to the ship because he seems to gather the respect of Marines where he walks. Nearly 50 and single his whole life, the man seems to have no intention of slowing down. He spent the first twenty years of his career flying assault ships to land Marines in some of the worst LZ's known, eventually holding a CAG post before finally getting promoted out of the cockpit. Colonel Higgins is also famous for his zero-tolerance policy on impairment on duty which is a policy some have accused him of being hypocritical about. However those complaints are usually voiced from the brig.
  • Rear Admiral Evelyn Manning, Marine Division CO: A career Marine from the start, RADM Manning started in Infantry and still hasn't left thirty-five years later. Like Colonel Higgins, she has never married as if the idea was just too frivolous to consider. Her piercing blue eyes seem to leak confidence that is only expounded upon by her strong demeanor and unflinching courage. Often leading from the front lines, Manning made a name for herself as a Major during the Tauron Uprising where she personally led more than a few incursions deep into enemy lines. The desire to lead and set the example for her junior officers has always been the driving force in her life and she isn't shy about saying that the only reason she refuses to leave is because she believes in saving the lives of the Marines under her command and she trusts nobody else with it.

Prior Crew

  • LT-CPT Clive Tillman: Tillman served three years on this ship, all in the TACCO billet. He participated in the planning and execution of more than two-dozen planetary assaults in that time — most simulated but a few were actual combat drops. Tillman's duties had him interacting with the Marine command structure as well as the Naval quite often, as well. Commander Felton eventually referred to him as the unofficial Marine liaison officer. It was on this ship that he first met Admiral Strye (then a commander) during an exercise. He received his promotion to Captain just before Strye recruited him for her next command. (Deployed Early 2033 - Mid 2036)
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