PHD #028: Hail to the King!
Hail to the King!
Summary: A visit to the Marines in Recovery goes horribly awry when a young ECO fails to pay attention.
Date: 26/Mar 2041AE
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Glory King Lunair Marko 
Recovery Room - Deck 10 - Sickbay - Battlestar Cerberus
Post Holocaust Day: #28
A much more quiet area of Medical, this elongated room is also lined with beds. Each is similarly outfitted with privacy curtains as necessary and even the paint on the walls has been lightened in an attempt to help lift spirits. Chairs are readily available all over the place so that visitors can pull one up to talk to the patients during their recovery. Near the entrance, visiting hours are posted with a very conspicuous 'No Smoking' sign.
Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close

Sitting upright quietly in a bed, it's Lunair! She has a stylish bandage headband on. She seems to be typing away on a laptop with her left hand. Can't keep an officer down. At least she is mostly quiet for her part.

King is flat on his back and grumpy. Things are simple in the marine enlisted world. If you're so hurt you have to lay down it's time to lay down and just be angry. Grr.

Marko enters Recovery quietly and gives a little wave. "Evening." he offers. "Thought I'd come down and see how everyone was faring."

Tikatikatikatika. Typetypetype. For better or worse, so long as there are neurons left, threads of muscle cells, so long as there is a spatter of blood and oxygen to fuel them, Lunair will struggle. She's the sort who would die clutching a gun. She blinks and looks up. A little smile and she waves with her right hand. Hissssssss as she realizes that one has a wound and IV lines in it. Her purple eyes water. She offers quietly, "Hello there." Paaaaaaain.

"How do you think we're faring?" Comes the low, pained growl of Staff Sergeant Jeremiah King (HERO OF THE COLONIES). "We're beat the frak up and laid out in here while that Anchorage is still not fully secured. Faring pretty poorly, I would say."

"Eh…yeah.." Marko replies, wincing visibly at King's well-deserved retort. "Okay….um…Wow…that was a spectacularly stupid question." he ventures, trying, and failing to laugh it off. His concern, however, does seem genuine enough.

Lunair starts to shake her head before thinking better of it. "It was kind of you to ask. You were thinking of us," The officer replies. Her bearing is still strangely regal, as if once nobility ran through her family's veins. She offers a faint smile to him. "Thank you." Even still, sadness underpins it. She takes a deep breath. "Have we met?"

It's right about that time the hatch opens with just a little more force than is probably necessary, admitting a uniformed-and-lab-coated CMO whose brows are drawn so close together that they could be mating. She stops just inside. A nurse who's taking care of things on the other side of the room looks up, smiles, and seems about to greet Glory until she catches sight of the Captain's face. The smile fades into a definite "Oh, SHIT" look. For her part, Glory's eyes go first to Lunair, then to Marko.

King would nod if it wasn't for the fact that he has deemed this one not worthy of him moving. "Yes, a pretty stupid question. Did you need something, sir?" Somehow, the way he says 'sir' kind of sounds like 'private'.

Does Marko need something? Yeah, in point of fact he does. A way out of this social disaster that entails retaining the admittedly slim amount of dignity and honor very junior officers need to walk down the street. No one here would happen to have any of that, would they? And then the hatch squeals open, and, later in life, Marko will tell his children and grandchildren that he actually felt the temperature in the room drop out of it's ass as the CMO enters the scene. "No…eh…no, you were on the other Raptor, sir." he replies to Lunair.

Workwork. Unfortunately, Lunair is friendly, but probably a pain as a patient, pushing herself. She frowns at King's reaction. A polite nod. Her eyes twitch a moment. Damn that being shot in the face does a number. "I see. May I help you with anythi— … being a quiet patient now," The smile fades and her eyes go wide as saucers.

Glory's voice is very quiet as she takes in the room and the occupants. "You," she says to Lunair. "Were already discharged. Am I to assume you're that happy being a patient here that I need to advise your supervising officer that you're staying? And you," she turns to Marko, a brow arching. "Am I to assume that you are my new commanding officer, that you could breeze by, into my recovery ward, when visiting hours are over?" Then her attention turns to King, lips thinning. Oddly? She says nothing.

Blink. "Wait, really? I'm free?" FREE! Lunair folds the laptop and bolts upright. Not a good idea. She goes cross-eyed. "No, ack. I'm sorry. I was writing the AAR and time must've slipped by." She rubs her temple a moment. "'m really really really sorry. Wait - did I save that file?" Oh nooooooooo. Her face twists. Aw, heck. She looks dizzy and defeated. "I am going out sir, I apologize again for my mistake." Nod. "I'll um, be out of your hair now."

Hades? Oh, Hades. Look, it's been a long, long time since you and Marko spoke, but he could really use your help right now. Just raise your Lordly hand and snap your fingers and send some kind of awful, 'blood-squirting out of his ear' brain aneurysm. No? Well, okay…he understands. Bigger fish and all that, fair enough. "Um, my..apologies, sir." Marko manages to get out as he remembers that funny thing humans do called 'breathing'. "I…I didn't see you there and…Are visiting hours over?" he asks, trying his best to look like the innocent fool he really is. "'s later than I thought it was, sir." he says as he gets a look at the clock. "Just..just wanted to…you know, make sure everyone here was recovering and okay and all, sir." he says, discovering that the tops of his boots are a lot more interesting than he'd first thought.

King just snorts. He clearly doesn't need to say anything to embarrass these young officers any more. It's better that way because Grumpy King is Grumpy.

"You both have one hour with him," Glory allows in that quiet voice, brow lowering again as she looks at both Lunair and Marko. "He'd best get his visits in now while I decide whether or not I'm filing charges. If either of you need anything, let the nurse know. You will be removed after one hour, and should you not leave when told, you will be facing the same charges he is. Do I make myself clear?"

Meep. Meep. Unfortunately, Lunair is not a roadrunner. She blinks, her jaw drops. "Yes sir," Lunair nods meekly. She looks to King then back. She seems a bit shocked by the announcement of charges, furrowing her eyebrows. that seems to be a surprise to her. She seems to be gauging how badly King wants company and how well she can sprint about now. She does offer an attempt at comforting Marko but goes quiet.

Oh, okay, Hades, so that's the plan. The old 'Sit Back and Let the CAG Eviscerate Him' trick. Well played! See, always knew there was a reason you were the God of Death, you sneaky son of a bitch…Only one move left now.."Sir." Marko replies, coming to full attention and snapping off a salute.

King is perfectly fine just laying there quietly. He gives no sign at all to Lunair whether he wants visitors or not, nor any support in this manner. Punishment, it seems. Payback can be a bitch sometimes. Instead, the ceiling receives the business end of a King Bear Stare.

Glory simply looks at the three officers and shakes her head slightly, offering them all a faint smile. "One hour," she says quietly, then turns to make her way back out.

Punishment? Poor Lunair just isn't winning anything this day. "Thank you sir," Although she looks to King. "I guess I should go. If I'm not killing people off, I'm annoying them," She remarks quietly. Her face is worn with defeat. She scoops up the laptop. "I hope to find you in a happier place," Lunair nods to Marko. "Be well." She trundles on out herself.

"Yes, sir." Marko replies, maintaining his 'at attention' stance until the CMO departs the scene. "Well, that was pretty horrific." he sighs, deflating a little. "Is there anything I can get you, Sargent?" he asks King simply. "Other than my ass the frak out of your hair?"

King shakes his head. "Nothing else, sir." Gotta keep it simple when dealing with young officers. They usually know less than privates but with think they know more. "There are nurses around, you know."

"Fair enough." Marko nods, giving the man a little salute before he turns to go. "I am very sorry for the men and women you lost yesterday…Just thought you should know." he says simply. There's no feeling so helpless as listening to other people die while you're unable to do anything. He's been doing a lot of that lately.

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