Haeleah Parres
LT Haeleah Parres
Jasika Nicole
Jasika Nicole as Haeleah Parres
Alias: HayHay
Age: 27
Features: Dark skin; dark eyes; very curly dark hair
Colony: Libran
Rank: LT
Department: Engineering
Position: Engineering Officer, M&R

On December 18, 2041 AE, LT Haeleah Parres and three members of her damage control team were killed-in-action in an explosion of a Cylon 'dirty bomb'.


LT Haeleah Parres is a young engineering officer, native to Libran, specializing in Mechanical and Repair work. Prior to being assigned to the Battlestar Cerberus (she was tasked to the ship just before she left drydock) she was working the Scorpia Shipyards. She also earned her master's degree (Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Mechatronics - on the Navy cubit no less) at university while on Scorpia, and it was the cross-training in software and electrical engineering she received through that program that primarily got her the Cerberus gig. She talks little of her past, or about herself at all beyond her military record.

On the job she's competent, confident to the point of occasional pushiness, and loves getting her hands dirty.

Immediate Family

  • Maura Parres — Grandmother, retired secretary. Presumed dead, killed on Libran in the Cylon Holocaust
  • Andrea Parres — Mother, artist. Presumed dead, killed on Libran in the Cylon Holocaust


  • High School Diploma — Palladian Union High School in Palladian, Libran (Go, Prosecutors!)
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering — Libran State University
  • Master's of Mechanical Engineering (concentration in Mechatronics) — Scorpia Institute of Technology, through the Military Extension Program Cooperative

Service Record

  • 2032-2036: Libran State College ROTC
  • 2036-2038: Escort Carrier Pasiphae (CEC-254) — Engineering Officer, M&R
  • 2038-2041: Scorpia Shipyards —Engineering Officer, M&R
  • 2041-PRESENT: Battlestar Cerberus — Engineering Officer, M&R

Recent Logs


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