Historical Event: Growers' Market


Unlike the great Harvest Festival of Aerilon, which is concentrated in one location, the Grower’s Market is a regional, scattered thing. An hour or so before dawn on most days, local farmers bring fresh produce to the population centers. Stalls are constructed out of pressboard, or lumber. The market typically runs from 6 in the morning until 9; or whenever everything has been sold. This began as an informal affair and has grown to a full-blown tradition. The largest Grower’s Market is in the capital city of Mykenae. Here growers have an equal chance of selling produce to officials, restaurateurs or the occasional tourist.

As with any market, the best produce goes the first in line, so it behooves the buyer to arrive early. Prices are not set to a standard and fluctuate based on availability, quality and demand. The wise buyer will attempt to patronize the same farm, building a relationship with the owner or seller. While this does not ensure better prices, necessarily, it can help when certain items are in short supply. Often, a seller or grower will save things for a favored customer. Occasionally, this can include delivery, if notice of illness or infirmity is received in a timely manner. Newcomers to the market must content themselves with what they can get on a first-come, first-served basis. Aerilon growers are a proud lot, absolutely dedicated to providing the best produce at a fair price and buyers need to be aware that waving fistfuls of cash at a grower in the hope of jumping the line will only backfire.


While there are no set events at a Grower’s Market, each stall is decked with colorful ribbons, while some include dried flower or fruit arrangements. Some booths are dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses of fertility, with Demeter being a favorite. As such, the decorations tend to be in the colors of the patron deity. If the market happens to coincide with the arrival of a traveling minstrel show, both benefit.


As each booth or stall is erected and manned by members of the local grower’s community, with space allocated on an annual lottery basis, no official staff are attached to the market. Each city, town or village hosting a market holds the lottery as a function of City Hall, or the Sheriff’s department, depending on local custom.

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