Ground Vehicles

M6A18 "Carballa" Main Battle Tank

Crew: 4 - Driver, Gunner, Loader, Commander
Armaments: 120mm Smoothbore Main Gun. Commander's Hatch .50HMG.
Armor: Front - 14" Marzas Composite Armor Plating. Sides - 12" Marzas Armor Plating. Rear: 9" Marzas Armor Plating.
Targeting Systems: M33 Floating Point Ballistics Computer w/ Laser Rangefinder. V92D4 Templecast Thermal Targeting Package.


First designed during the initial Cylon war, the Carballa was late to the game and only saw minimal service with the Colonial Marine Corps. The system was put through the paces heavily, though, and saw enough front-line deployments for the CMC to have learned their lessons. Throughout the service life of these tanks, they evolved to be more focused towards dealing with engagements versus other Colonies and the occasional uprising. Thus, over a period of roughly forty years, they have seen eighteen different evolutions with the current model being the final. It relied on heavier armor rather than active defense systems to deal with the more prolific threats of urban warfare and the danger of molotov cocktail and flamethrowers. Thus, it was able to be produced in larger numbers.

Currently these tanks have seen extensive deployment with reserve units though they have been fielded less-heavily in the recent years because the Colonial Government has been reluctant to commit something so large and threatening to uprisings due to the bad PR they can generate. However, they are still a highly formidable defense system that is capable of dealing with almost any threat on the battlefield save for the current generation of tanks held by the Colonial Marines.

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