Grenadier Bay (CD-8344)



Originally designed and built at the outset of the first war, the Cygnus-class was designed mainly for patrol and picket duties around the colonies and shipping lanes - thus their naming for ancient naval (water) engagements. Fast and maneuverable for a capitol ship, they were often assigned the most hazardous duties during the first war and thus, their attrition rates were barely below appalling levels. Eventually they were upgraded with heavier armaments and armor and it slowed them down - but their survival rates increased in an increasing number of engagements. Post war, the hundred-odd ships that survived the war were redeployed back to the lanes and colonies for the not-so-glorious task of policing and enforcing trade tarriffs. However, a few of them were assigned to deeper duties to hunt in wolfpacks and attempt to find and kill slavers and drug runners that operated off the normal lanes and grids. Each ship backs a respectable punch, too. With two large-bore siege cannons underneath the chin, the dorsal section of the ship has six twin-barreled anti-ship guns, along with a small missile package on each side near the engines and a battery of 5 twin-barreled rapid fire guns just fore of the missile packs.


The Grenadier Bay had an outstanding record through the first war. The commander would attach himself to battlegroups and wait for the Cylons to show themselves before he would race out ahead as if making a suicidal charge. Just outside of guns range, he would turn abreast of the enemy ships and fire a few volleys to garner their attention. Often the Cylons would think it a weak ploy, but the Commander would seat Vipers onto his hull and have them take off to end-around after they had been sufficiently ignored - a tactic that often caused hellacious confusion among the Cylons. Post war, the GB was assigned to patrolling the space around Aquaria and enforcing trade restrictions and remained there until it was decommissioned more than fifteen years ago.

Command Staff

  • Colonel Edward Murdoch, Commanding Officer
  • Major Michael Lorry, Executive Officer

Prior Crew

  • AE-SPC Robin Merrell: This was Merrell's first deployment where she cut her teeth on some of the darkest and most patched sections of ship left in the fleet. She served a total of three years aboard this ship.
  • PO1 Apollonius Cappella: Served as Head Chef from 2025-2027.
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