PHD #136: Good News
Good News
Summary: In which Marko brings it. Random acts of hugging ensue.
Date: 12 Jul 2041 AE
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Marko Cidra 
Pilot Berths - Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #136

The final CAP of his long day over, Marko returns to the pilot's barracks looking freshly showered and dressed in as clean an off duty set of fatigues as anyone has these days. Pausing to refill his nearly omnipresent water bottle at the fountain, he spots Cidra and gives a little smile and a wave. "Evening, Major." he calls/.

Cidra is just getting ready to go on CAP, for her part. She had a late one the previous night. And, supposedly, an even later return to the berthings proper. But whatever she did to herself she is up in time for her shift, showered, and in duty gear. Getting ready to depart for the hangar deck, and the flight suit that awaits her there. She's looping her still-damp hair back into a bun at the moment. A turn of her head as her rank is called. There's only one 'Major' in residence here. "Flasher."

"Going out on patrol?" the young man asks, making his way over to his rack and pulling the curtain open. "Oughta be pretty uneventful. Been pretty quiet out there all day." he adds. "Say, Toast, I've got kind of a question of a military nature, think you could help me out on it?"

"The space around this Anchorage is a positive soup to fly in. Beautiful in its way, though. Well, whatever is out there seems to do some part to keep the Cylons at bay, so I do thank all gods for its splendor. Hell though it does play with my DRADIS," Cidra says. Her tilts down toward Marko. A little warily. Of course, it's usually hard to read much from her. But many have come to her with some tough questions of late. So she's developed a wariness. Still, she says readily enough, "Always. What is it?"

"Well, I know I'm supposed to go to Bootstrap first, 'cause he's my squad leader and all, but I'm damned if I can ever catch up with the man." Marko says, scratching at the back of his neck. "See, I need to get my CO to sign off before I can get married and I'd kind of like to do that, you know…fairly soon." he admits, blushing slightly.

Cidra waves a hand. "I appreciate Bootstrap's initiative, but some matters it is simpler for me to handle directly if it is outside the scope of your everyday duties. *I* am your C-O, after all. I shall keep him in the loop, of course. But…married?" Blink blink. That wasn't what she expected. There is surprise, but the wariness fades. She turns to face him properly. "Married, Marko?" First name for that one.

"Yes, sir. Asked Lunair night before last, she said yes." Marko beams happily. "I dunno what we're gonna do about berthing spaces, she might just have to stay in Marine Country." he adds, shrugging the notion away. "But we'll still see plenty of each other if that's the case." he smiles. "Working together on the hydroponics project and all."

"Did you now?" Cidra is smiling. An actual full-length smile, rather than one of those inscrutable curves of her lips she usually displays. To the practical matters, she shrugs. "That shall have to be settled at a later date. Battlestars were not really built to house families. But. I shall make any allowances I can and I think it likely Major Cavanaugh will do the same. The heart of the matter we can proceed with directly. I shall stop by the offices and sign off for this matter before my Raptor touches off."

"Thank you, sir." Marko replies, nodding happily and letting go of a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding. "When we get a date and time worked out with the Chaplain, I'll be sure to let you know." he smiles. "She's next on my list of people to talk to."

"Excellent. I shall be there when you do." Cidra seems about to let him go. But then, quite suddenly, she reaches out to hug him. The gesture of affection may or may not come completely out of nowhere. She's not precisely known for those things. But it's one of those moments.

Marko chuckles softly. "Eh…yes, sir." Marko replies, clearing his throat a little. Being randomly hugged by your CO isn't exactly a topic they covered at OCS. Better to just accept it in the spirit it's offered and give a quick hug back. "Nice to be the bearer of good news for a change."

"It is a new day, Flasher, and a better one already. I will take this as a good omen." Cidra releases him, clapping him warmly on the shoulder and letting him go. "I shall copy you on the proper forms when I submit them. Oh. And tell your bride-to-be I shall want to congratulate her personally."

"Will do, sir." Marko nods, grinning so happily one could be forgiven for thinking he might, technically, be an idiot. "Good hunting out there, sir." he adds, nodding politely.

"And to you as well, Lieutenant," Cidra replies. And off she goes.

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