PHD #127: Good Following
Good Following
Summary: Sofia and Bannik discuss the Hangar Deck plumbing project and muse about the nature of leadership.
Date: 03 Jul 2041 AE
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Hangar Deck - Starboard - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
This Hangar Bay is filled with boxes, crates and other various supplies that are needed throughout the ship. Most have been moved to one end and lashed with tarps to keep them out of the way. The place has gone from extra ship storage on one end and the ability to house over 450 people on the other end. Whatever could be made into cots has been set up like a huge barracks. Some areas have been made more presentable with a few items that belong to the person holding onto their small area in this world.
Marines guard this area 24/7 and food is brought in cafeteria style, feeding people out of vats and buckets as they line up with their plates. One area has been tarped off to the side, that holds canvas showers and sinks. The 'Head' in this area has to be cleaned daily since it is a temporary military bathroom setup, due to there is no way to flush it out through pipes.
Post-Holocaust Day: #127

Operation: Flush the Head. Day — whatever it is. Bannik hasn't apparently let go of this project quite yet, and is mucking around by the toilets in the Starboard Hangar Deck, his ubitquitious octagonal pad in hand. He's in his greens, a half-on-duty, half-not sort of look.

And along came the 3M fairy. Rrm rrm … rattle! She's riding the cart, toes on the bar as she nudges it along. Yeehaw! Although she slows down, nearing the civilians. She pauses, seeing Bannik and smiles. Carefully, she steers over to him. "Hey Tyr!" She chirps, smiling and waving.

"Sofia! Hey!" The 3M fairy is always a welcome sight, at least among those that she does not torture with papers that must be filled out in triplicate. Or maybe fiveplicate. Or however many copies there usually are. Bannik grins. "How are you doing? I've been meaning to hunt you down."

It probably varies with mood and urge to see someone squirm. She smiles, as Bannik grins. "Well enough. They keep me earning my board and keep," She shrugs at that. Sofia moves over to him, parking her cart neatly. "And I you," She admits. "How are you? I think I have something for you too," She nods.

"Oh? Something for me? I didn't have anything for you," admits Bannik. "But you said to find you to talk to you about something. So! I found you." He turns away from the things he's been peering at. "What have you got?" He looks excited.

Sofia nods, and grins. "Well, I didn't ask for anything, so that's no big deal." Sofia shrugs. She looks to Bannik, "It looks like we have bunches of pipes. Definitely enough to make your project a go." Beam. She seems pleased. "So when you're ready, I can start bringing them where you need them. I told some of the others, too. I think you can get it when you like or I can fetch some for you. I'm really glad we had plenty."

"Oh! Wow. Really? Like — we don't have to fight anyone for it?" Bannik seems puzzled more than anything. Well, that was easy! He then breaks into a big grin and leans forward to give Sofia a big hug. "Thank you /so/ much, Sofia. It's such a big help. So then we can get to work right away!"

Sofia blinks, "Well. They'd have to fight me for it - or other 3M." Sofia seems surprised. She shrugs and smiles. "Either way, the plumbing here's definitely been better than the wiring, so it makes sense." His grin makes her blush and more so the big hug. She returns it after a moment. "You're quite welcome, but think nothing of it Tyr. that's what friends are for. You're not even doing this for yourself," She points out. "I'm really glad to help, and yup. Just let me know and I can let you in or bring the pipes to you." She affirms.

Sofia looks pleased. The enthusiasm is contagious. Her wide green eyes settle on Bannik and she nods. "Yeah. I can help in my off-time if you want. Since they've kept me to normal hours, I have some time free after." A shrug at that and she smiles back at Bannik. "I'm glad. It makes me happy to see you enthused," She admits and rubs the back of her head. "Just let me know or I'll leave a note by storage so you can get them even if you don't find me." Always with the contingencies and Plan B's, Sofia. "I'll be sure there's caulk and stuff too. Don't want any leaks…"

"Oh. Yeah. Sure. Of course." Bannik admits, "I don't know a whole lot about plumbing, I'm discovering. But I'm doing some research in the library, trying to do the best I can." He takes off his glasses, cleaning them on his green's jacket. "Guess I've got some bigger plans than my head has experience. Yet, I guess that's what we're all doing these days."

Sofia shrugs, "I don't know a lot about it either. I just know what supplies often go into it." This is an admission. "And I believe it. You seem very determined," Sofia smiles. "And don't sweat it. That's how you get experience right? So few people have the initiative you do - I think it's a good thing," She points out. "Me, I'm not so much a leader but I really like being able to help facilitate projects. Does that seems strange or lazy?" She ponders. She gives that up after a moment. "Either way, it's an honor to help."

Even though Sofia gives up the line of thought, Bannik seems to fall into thought, as if actually turning the question over in his head. "Well, no. I mean, it's easy for some people to try to be leaders and be bad at it. We call 'em blowhards. And even good leaders wouldn't be good leaders if they didn't have good followers. You're a good follower, Sofia." He grins. "And besides, you're a leader in your own way. You led the hunting down of the pipes all by yourself. No one had to tell you how to do it; and you even figured out the caulk and stuff by yourself. That's initiative in its own way. It's just a matter of degrees."

Sofia smiles at Bannik, "It's easy to find out what you're bad at for most people. You, however," She tilts her head, "Are clever!" She thinks so at any rate. "I'm glad then." She can be a good follower at least. She smiles at his grin, amused. "And it's my job. People need things, I help them find the best way to those things," A shrug. "That's how it goes. Besides, I think it would be bad if we had leaky pipes," Her eyes widen a bit. "There was a poo wagon malfunction on deck and - ick." Just /ick/. She adds, "I'm glad to follow you around."

Bannik winces at the mention of the 'poo wagon.' I mean, really, who can't? It's like the sympathetic wince when a guy gets nailed between his legs with a ball or something. It just happens. "Well," he says, when his eyes finally go unsquinty. "That's what we're working to fix, right? Be good for everyone. Especially the poo wagon drivers and the Crewmen Apprentices on scut work detail." /Especially/ them.

Sofia looks sympathetic at the wince. Yikes. She just nods. "Yeah," A smile. "Hee, I hope they appreciate it." She considers. "At least I know I do and would," She remarks. "Either way - It's good to see you. How's checking things out here?" She looks out over the place, almost sighing softly. "I feel kind of bad. It must be tough doing nothing at all most of the time."

"It's going okay. People are different. Some are just glad to be alive. Others are still shell-shocked." Bannik swivels towards the small mass of humanity here. "Marines are doing their best to get people processed. Some are enlisted or being put back into service if they were military." He sighs. "I know Miss Averies is trying to get some civilian work details together. See if that'll help some."

Sofia nods, in agreement. "Yeah. I brought her a printer the other day. She's nice to talk to," Sofia remarks. "Either way, I hope it all works out. I wonder where we're going after this too, you know? I mean, the CO is still going on trial and …" Well, she's boggled. "I honestly haven't heard much." She wrinkles her nose. "But look at me, gossiping like an old house wife. Next I'll be asking you if someone from Deck REALLY wore those shoes. If I can help though, I am always glad to." Buddies!

Buddies indeed! "Aw. Hey. If we enlisted can't gossip, what is it we have to do with our lives, huh?" Bannik punches Sofia lightly on the arm. Very lightly. "Yeah. It's a mess. But we've just got to keep our heads down and keep doing what we're doing, huh? And speaking of what I'm doing, I guess I ought to get back to my real job."

Sofia laughs softly at the light punch. She smiles, "That's true! And it is. We'll do what we can," She promises. "I won't keep you then. I've got to work with some insulation anyway. Be safe, and let me know if you need anything okay?"

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