PHD #239: Ghost Logic
Ghost Logic
Summary: It's a clash of ideologies as Sofia, Cidra and Leyla discuss the 'haunting' of the head on Deck 4.
Date: 23 Oct 2041 AE
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Ships Library
Racks of books extend deep into this room, nearly darkening the overhead lights towards the back. The shelves are neatly labeled to each category with nearly everything represented here. Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance, and everything down to comic books has been loaded up onto the shelves. A smaller research area at the back has a large table for maps to be opened-up. Nearer the door is a small library of movies that covers some of the most recent blockbusters and flows through some of the more campy movies from about two decades before. Next to the door, a Petty Officer can usually be found at a desk to help someone checkout their selections.
Post-Holocaust Day: #239

Library! Library! Full of ghost stories right? It's a quiet evening onboard. Sofia is tip-toeing amongst the shelves, past the tables and 'round the river— err, well, past a disgruntled looking PO1 with the last name of River at any rate. She does not look amused by an orbiting snipe and glares in passing. Sofia has a book under her arm: 'I see Dead People: Communicating with Those Beyond.'

Cidra is off-duty, and is actually spending some of her downtime in a reasonably recreational state. She's back in the stacks, browsing the ship's selection. Or poetry, specifically. She's not noticed Sofia yet.

Leyla, for her part, has only just arrived, stepping in before she closes the door carefully behind her. Silence in the library and all that. But it's towards the research are she seems to be heading, specifically towards the section on theoretical and applied sciences. Nerd alert! Quietly and carefully, she's stepping her way closer to the required area.

Sofia pauses. She's wandering that way, towards Cidra. She smiles. "Hello sir," She offers quietly. "How are you?" She tilts her head, curious. She pauses, noticing Leyla too. It's a pair of Air Peeps! She seems cautious, but curious for the moment. "Um. Do you remember how I mentioned the haunted Head before…?"

Cidra looks up from her perusal of the poetry section, over her shoulder at Sofia. "Wolfe. Hello." There is something approaching warmth in Cidra's tone as she speaks to the snipe. Or, at least resembling it. "I do recall this, yes." Leyla is spotted, and receives an inclination of her head from the CAG, though she interrupts not the Raptor pilot's book hunt.

Leyla pauses, just as she gets to the section on biochemistry, but as she isn't looking through any of the books, it's unlikely this is the section she was looking for. But she does turn back at the sound of Sofia's voice, "Sofia. Yes, I remember." Since she was turned away from the crewman, she doesn't know whom specifically Sofia was addressing.

Sofia smiles at that. Approaching warmth is pretty darn good. "I … figured I didn't really want to give up on it, especially not after gathering all those numbers. So I might start interviewing people and doing research. Like, on how to talk to the people beyond. Does that seem kooky?" She seems hesitant about it, but willing to help. "I mean, I thought it over and - it would kinda suck to be stuck in a Head for all eternity-" She really gets the strangest thoughts caught up in her mind. "So maybe I or someone could help them find peace or at least move to the Chapel…" She bites her lower lip. And a smile at Leyla too. "Really? Cool." Then she speaks to both!

"I think that a very fine idea, Wolfe," Cidra says. "Unfortunately I have never had much…spirits to do speak to me." She sounds rather disappointed in that, but there it is. "I studied theology at the Colleges, and spent some time pursuing ordination in the Cult of Athena. But I never did learn much concerning the rites of the dead. Still, if there is anything…corporeal I can assist you with in this endeavor, I would be most glad to."

"And you're sure that it's a spirit? Now, I can't imagine what it's like to actually be a spirit, but if I were, I would hope I could find somewhere better to haunt than a head. You're sure there's no anomalies with the air conditioning units, or anything of the sort?" Leyla moves a bit closer, to make conversing more seamless and less loud. This is the library.

A smile at Cidra. "You never know. I'd be glad for your help," Sofia offers. "And I don't know how often you'd use the Naval head anyway," She rubs the back of her head. "Still, I think more insight would be wise. I'm not really all that wise or versed much in it," She admits holding up her hands. Then a glance to Leyla. Her voice is soft. "Honest!" She promises. "It felt like someone was touching me. Sometimes like a caress others like a poke. And it's happened to random people, there's no real pattern other than it might be more in the morning and stuff…"

"It is very similar to some spirits I…encountered down upon Sagittaron," Cidra says, as to the description. Mention of that makes her frown. Troubled. She does not elaborate, but seems to believe in the ghost theory readily.

"Well, I for one have never encountered any spirits. I have, however, encountered charlatans claiming to be able to contact and speak with spirits. You can find those at any penny fair and circus midway. And a gust of air small enough and in the right area can feel like a caress." Leyla clearly isn't buying the spirit line at all. "And if it is a spirit, it seems to me that we have a chaplain's office for that sort of thing?"

Sofia smiles, glad Cidra believes her. But soon it turns to frown as the CAG does. "Really?" She seems curious. "I mean, I won't push the subject but it's good to know," She comments quietly. A look to Leyla and a headshake. "Not JUST a caress though. Like a touch, a poke, and alternating. That's kinda why I thought… and really, if it was the AC, why so many places not under a vent? Though I guess I'll look at that too," She admits. "And I guess. Though catching Sister Karthasi has been hard, she's super busy. I hate to be a pest."

"The Sister is most occupied, but there is more than her aboard in terms of the chaplaincy," Cidra says. "Ask one of her aides, perhaps. They are versed in such matters." No comment on Leyla's words, though she is more apt to believe in ghosts than not, for her part.

"Alright, so…say there is a ghost. Have you been able to make an conclusions, based on the information you've gathered? Are there certain people who are effected more? Does it seem to choose people by gender, or colony of origin? When did this haunting begin? Was there a specific incident after which it began? The death of any member of the crew?" Leyla can still be logical about the impossible, it seems.

A nod at Cidra. "That sounds good. But I appreciate anything you have to offer," Sofia smiles. Then a headshake at Leyla, "I tried to gather those statistics. It began um, a few weeks ago really. I can get my statistics chart and pin it on the Pilot Berthings door if you like. No gender, people or age preference," Sofia is - it seems, quite logical in her right. Or at least thorough in checking what she can. "There was a certain time of day it seemed to prefer and I think it was morning."

"Time of day?" Cidra is curious about that. She plucks a book of poetry off the stacks. Old Libran lyrical stuff. "Well, I shall assist as I can, though I am unsure what I can do. As I did say, I have not had much luck communing with spirits in my days. But good hunting to you, Wolfe."

"I can try to work out calculations for you, if you make the data available. But I'm not going to promise that I'm going to come up with an answer that a ghost hunter might be hopeful about. Nothing in the universe is truly random. And I am quite certain there is a logical, physical explanation for what's been happening." Leyla, skeptic.

"Sure," Sofia offers. "And I dunno… Universe works in mysterious ways," She smiles and wiggles her fingers at Leyla. "Though, more hauntings happen in the morning than at lights out. They seem to happen most often near hatches and sinks than in the showers. At least whomever or whatever it is isn't a total pervinator," She considers. "Other than that… just things like how to contact someone, interviewing someone, going to the Naval head yourself… stuff like that would be helpful."

"Logical explanations are not forthcoming for all things, Aydin," Cidra says simply, and a bit airily, to Leyla. With that, off she goes.

"Only because people refuse to look for them, trusting in supernatural forces, Sir." The atheist and the anti-atheist, and never the twain shall meet. "I'll go over the data and see what I can find, but even the locations seem suspiciously like places where normal activity could cause that sort of thing to happen. I'll see what I can figure, Sofia."

"Maybe. We'll see. I might have myself and another stay in the head for a day or so and see what we find," She offers. Sofia shrugs and smiles. "I could be wrong and if I am, live and learn. It's good to see you though. But it didn't FEEL like a normal whoosh from an air conditioner…"

"I'm sure as long as you don't try to take any pictures, no one will mind if you're in there." Leyla's expression quirks into a trace of a smile, "At least a few of the air wing might actually enjoy the added company. But yes, it was good to see you, Sofia."

Blink. Then a giggle and a blush. Sofia smiles at that. "Yeah. That sounds fair enough. Be well. I'm not gonna chat in here too much or the PO will glare at me in the berthings," her eyes widen a little. "Be well and let me know what you find?"

"I'll get started when I get your data. I can't promise how quickly I'll be able to get the results back to you, but I try to stay on top of things. Take care, Sofia. I hope you do find what you're looking for." Just because Leyla doesn't believe it, is no reason not to wish the crewman well in her search.

"That's ok, there's no rush," Sofia offers softly. "I understand Air Wing keeps pretty busy," She smiles. She wriggles her fingers in a wave. "Be well." And with that, she meanders towards more books.

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