BCH #018: Getting to Know You, Again
Getting to Know You, Again
Summary: Maia and Nostos meet for the first time, hilarity ensues as two former Pegasus crewman meet.
Date: BFH 38
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Maia Nostos 

Woah. What a long ass day. "Almost getting killed twice in three days. Godsdamn I hope the Major approves my shore leave to the Serpent's Dream Incubator." the young lieutenant says softly. She's coming up from the hangar deck still in her flight suit. It's partially peeled down halfway,and there's smudges of sweat seen on her shirt. Beads of sweat drip from her brows as she lets out a soft phew.

"Just calm down. Nothing else bad can happen for now." she says sounding hopeful.

Nostos is off duty at the moment and he stops as he looks at the Lieutenant and the new face on the ship makes note of who is who and eyes stop to look at the sweat and he doesn't say anything for the moment since superior officers are superior and he is luckily off-duty for the moment though he does stops as a fellow pilot and the look he gives is utterly charming though then again Angelus is a charmed man with a charmed life, so to speak.

Maia's lost in her own thought for a few moments when she spies the unfamiliar face. She forces a cheery smile onto her lips even though she isn't really in the mood for it and she bows her head, giving a friendly wriggle of her fingers in a wave.

"Hello there. Haven't seen you around before." she says matter of factly.

Angelus gives a charming smile, "And I haven't seen you around before either so that puts us both at a disadvantage. Angelus Nostos, JiG, Halo." He spits out all of the normal information, "And I was formerly on the Pegasus, I was reassigned here because I'd have a better chance of promotion." He says as he studies the woman in front of him, "Now, I believe it is customary to tell me who you are."

Maia says, "On the Pegasus as well? You seemed slightly familiar. Didn't know we had a lot. I was under Cole Taylor. Captain Hellicon was as well. Then Captain Archer was a marine officer there leading a squad. But I'm Maia Westfield." she says, introducing herself while extending a hand out towards him. "Gadget." It would be familiar if they were there at the same time. She made the rube-goldberg esque devices for pranks and odd little objects that didn't do much but blink for no reason. "I was reassigned here because I got promoted." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath."

Nostos nods his head, "Ah, so you are another of the famed Pegasus crew. Sorry, I never got to see you." He says and when she mentions the promotion the younger pilot simply nods, "Good on you then." He says as he says, "And good to see you earned it there. I got farmed out because of the competition." He says with a smile, "Funny how things work out." He says with another charming grin, the man exudes it, swims in, rolls in it, or maybe he is made of it. "This place seems much less, how shall I put this, direct then the Pegasus."

"There's a good number of us on board here. And what do you mean less direct?" she asks curiously, her brows furrowed as she peers towards him. She idly runs her fingers through her hair and bows her head once more.

"I mean this place feels, calmer, since the Read Admiral isn't here." Nostos offers simply, "Though I just got here recently so I am not sure." He asks also curiously, "Why are you sweating?"

"I actually liked Cain. She was scary, but she taught me a lot." she says matter of factly. Then at the question she smiles sheepishly. "Well, it's the second time I almost got blown up somehow in three days. One of the tankers out there blew up and while coming back rom a shuttle trip, I had to perform a SAR. Good thing we had extra flight suits for the passengers." she says with a nervous chuckle.

Nostos thinks for a moment, "I never had much contact with her so I can't say. Though I know she busted everyone down for even the smallest things which can be interpreted in many ways." Which way he interprets it he doesn't say, "Second time in two days you almost got blown up?" This causes him to look a bit concerned for a moment, "Wait…a tanker just exploded?"

"I don't know. She kept us on our toes. Helped me a bit. I was obnoxious when I first came in." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath. "Well, the first time was a fire drill and I stopped a Viper from blowing up but almost got electrocuted. This time I was bringing back some new recruits and a tanker exploded. I think I may be badluck." she says self-depricatingly. "But at least Captain Abbascia was there during both incidents. So we may be both bad luck together."

Nostos nods his head, "Right, remind me never to fly with you." He waits a beat for comedic effect, "Never." He then smiles, "Glad to see you made it out of the fire though and you survived and kept others alive so you can't be that bad out there." He says as he doesn't comment further on Cain.

"i'm not really that bad. To be fair, anyone could've been there during the fire drill. And any other Raptor pilot could've been doing shuttling duty. I think the gods are conspiring against me." she says with a soft grumble. "But I'm still alive, so it can't be that bad. All lessons for humility I guess." she says with a shrug of her shoulders.

Nostos nods his head, "Well, like I said you are alive and that is something." He says admirably, "And if the Lords conspire against anyone I'd like to reckon they'd be dead before they knew of the Lords dislike of them." He gives another charming grin as he says, "So, no need to grumble." He offers, "'Sides if you are here and behind anything in a Raptor we can't be in to bad of a position, can we?"

Maia shrugs her shoulders at that and nods. "Well that's true. I'm typically an ECO, but I'm qualified to drive the busses, especially when we're still drydocked. I had a green Ensign ECO with me with the Silverhawks and I was showing him the ropes. Didn't think I'd give him his first spacewalk and SAR in the same day, but it was a good lesson." she says with a sage nod.

Angelus nods his head in agreement, "And there you go a person has gotta do what a person has got to do." He says as he plucks something from his sleeve, a stray hair. "And how many people do you know in the fleet have done a spacewalk? It isn't common so it was good experience."

"A couple of us did on board the Pegasus. There was that SAR mission we had to do when there was that spacestation that was having problems." she says, scrunching up her nose, which is why she was able to talk the ensign through it. "Either way, everyone's safe and in the end that's all that matters."

"Viper jocks don't tend to go on spacewalks. ECO's and Raptor Drivers do sometimes." Nostos offers as a counterpoint, "And in terms of the Pegasus that is because if the Pegasus was involved that meant major things were going down. One of the best Battlestars in the fleet." He says as he totes the military partyline. "Still though glad to know you got the kids back safely." He says as he runs his fingers through his hair, check, the hair is still there.

"The tanker pilots are okay too. I'd like to keep my SAR percentage at one-hundred percent. Anything less is simply unacceptable." she says matter of factly before she chuckle softly while peering towards him. "It is, but the Cerberus is pretty nice. Just wish they didn't have to change the decks around. I got used to the Pegasus and now I end up in marine country.." Though if he was there when she was, she was in marine country on the Pegasus as well considering her beau is a marine and an officer.

Angelus blinks, "Wait, you are the one who was dating the marine. Man, I heard someone on the Pegasus was doing that." He snaps his fingers, "Got it." As he places a name and a face together, "So, the question is this what is he like?" He asks the question as simply as he can since he isn't prying…much…okay, he is a little curious. "I can't imagine dating a marine. No offense, they just seem sort of foreign to me." He speaks with clear Caprican tones, almost with a hint of wealth behind it if someone has a good enough ear.

There's no Caprican accent on her, even though she too was raised in affluence. "He's an officer too ya know. Or else I wouldn't be dating him. We met during latrine duty after one of my little gadgets frakked up something or other." she says with a hearty laugh. "And no offense taken. He's a sweat man, very humble and down to earth. My parents were absolutely apalled by him, so naturally wefell in love."

Parents apalled by someone? Hm, this has Nostos' interest, "Ah, so your parents don't approve and yes I know he is an officer. Don't know him personally but I've heard of him from the Pegasus." He takes a second to rub one of his eyes as he looks back at Maia, "You met during latrine duty? You know I've never been assigned to that." He offers in a soft but charming manner, "Go on. Tell me more."

"Kellan's well.." and she hrmms for a few moments trying to put it into better words. "Well let me explain. Captain Hellicon? Yeah, he was the hot shot pilot before and that was my ex. My parents adored him. He was well bred, he was a gentleman and he was everything that a Caprican socialite would expect from the military. My father and I were Caprican Fleet Academy graduates, so you know the officer and a gentleperson mantra stuck. Kellan is the complete opposite. He's from Scorpia, working class, and while he was nervous, he just likes to be a practical joker. Offended my parents and especially my grandparents' good senses, so yeah. It was true love."

Nostos nods his head in approvement because he is the sort of Caprican that came from money and would have prefered not to have, "Good on you. That is the way things should be. Pleasing parents is never the way to go." He says as he looks down at Maia since he is a bit of a mountain of a man. "So, what do I need to know about this new ship? The people here and so on?"

"We're pretty much like the Pegasus expect switched around a bit. There's a lot of green personnel on here, and apparently unlike the Pegasus, ordering non-essential personnel off is not the first thing you do during a drill, so if we end up with civilians dying during a real fire because they were not ordered off, then that is what happens." A little bitter much? Perhaps, who knows. "But other than that, everything else seems the same. I mean except that I'm a Lieutenant now, and Chris and Kellan are Captains. But other than that, same stuff. Now about the people, what do you want to know?"

Nostos takes a moment to remember this as he takes the information to his brainpan and he smiles, "Right, like I said though this place seems much more relaxed then the Pegasus." He quirks his head, "So, nothing important to know about the crew other than most of them are green?" He asks. It would seem the Caprican is making connections as early as he can because on the Pegasus he was famous for getting whatever he wanted and his response was always the same, 'I know a guy."

"Well, the new people I ran into lately are green. Very green in fact." she says firmly and resolutely before pursing her lips to scratch the back of her head. "But the department heads are decent people from what I've seen thus far. Don't really know them well, except for Captain Hellicon." she says with another shrug.

Nostos rolls one of his shoulders, the left one, and he frowns, "So, working with rooks then." He was once green himself and now command has placed him in that tweener stage where he isn't green but he isn't higher up, "On the upside." The Idealist in him speaks, "I don't have to train them or worry about what they do. They could smash into the side of this ship and I don't have to clean their messes." He grins at the thought of that, "I'm about to have a very good time watching rooks make mistakes aren't I?" For his part Angelus never made any mistakes and that is why he was assigned to the Pegasus in the first place.

"Your schadenfreude quota will most definitely be filled." she says with a hearty laugh at that. "But don't be too mean, kay? Remember, we were like them not too long ago as well." she says firmly and resolutely."

Nostos nods his head as the older ECO speaks, "I'm not hard on the rooks I just enjoy watching them run around and be rooks." He says, "And I was never like they were. I was on the Pegasus because…" and he leans in a little bit as he stage whispers, "awesome." He leans back, "My record is so clean you could eat off it, well, in a metaphorical sense because in a literal sense it wouldn't be so clean but you get my point."

"Everyone makes mistakes. The ones who move up are the ones who admitthem and learn from it." she says with a tap on her nose as she looks towards the JiG. "That's something I was told by my ather, and it's a pretty good mantra to have, I think."

"If I listened to my Father I wouldn't be here." Angelus says with a wink, "So who is making the mistake, me or my father?" He then adds, "And besides I haven't made a mistake yet." And his record will show he is clean with top recomendations, "However, if I made a mistake I would own up to it." He says again being utterly charming as he does so, "Though I've often found the people who make many mistakes are the most interesting."

"I suppose so, lieutenant. I should head to sickbay. I know I didn't get hurt from the incident, but Major's orders. I've procrastinated long enough. Evening." she says with a bow of her head before starting to head towards the medical deck.

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