PHD #253: Getting Ready
PHD #253: Getting Ready
Summary: Andrea gets ready for a Triad game, Wade gets ready to become a Flight Instructor.
Date: 06 Nov 2041 AE
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Andrea Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #253

Andrea is looking a little bit out of sorts as she rushes into the berthings, stripping out of her flight suit with little ceremony as she tries to get a nice looking uniform together. Triad games were one thing, but this was a game with superior officers, and… crap, where was her comb?

Wade is on his bunk, the privacy curtain is open so he can see everything outside and everyone can see him. At the moment, he is doing a bit of reading and flips through the pages of a small book. When Andrea walks in, he lifts his gaze and looks at her "Lost something, Hosedown?" asks the man with a faint smile.

Andrea looks over at Wade, startled, but doesn't slow down. Instead, she gives him a broad grin. "Just my marbles, Drips. I signed up for the Colonel's Triad game, and then got scheduled for CAP right before it. I don't think the Captain really approves… so all the more reason to do it, right?" She hadn't been around, but Andrea's bold and oddly tolerated baiting of Captain Vakos was quickly becoming legend. "Taking it easy, I see?"

Wade ooooooo's at the mention of the Triad game and says "I forgot about that game. Mh; maybe next time for me" He nods to this and looks back at the book "Yeah, doing some reading before going out on CAP, I want to teach the nuggets so I'm seeking a Flight Instructor certification, or something similar to it at least." As for the comment on Captain Vakos, he smiles with a bit of amusement and says "I'm sure she'll appreciate that"

"Oooh, training for flight instructor? Interesting. I'd get in on that too, but for right now I'm just happy to be flying again, at all." Dress pants are pulled on, dress shirt given a quick smell test which it apparently passes. "We should hang out more, you know. HALO jump was fun, but I suspect we could have fun even if we didn't have a handy Raptor to jump out of."

Wade nods to what she says and smiles a little "Yeah, I've been flying for 12 years now, I really enjoy it. Flight Instructor gives me the chance to pass some knowledge." at this, he shrugs and then half chuckles "Yeah, that was an interesting jump. And sure, why not" to this, he smiles and finishes with "Viper Pilots always have fun!"

As she pulls her boots on, Andrea grabs a bottle from her bag and blows Wade a kiss on her way out the door. "Wish me luck. I saved this for special occasions, and I really don't want to lose it all to a colonel who probably has plenty!"

Wade eyes the bottle Andrea grabs from her bag and smiles "Uh, nice one" he chuckles softly after the flying kiss and he says "Good luck, bring me something" Because really, isn't all about sharing? No? "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine, just don't let the CO scare you."

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