BCH #015: Getting Physical
Getting Physical
Summary: A load of pilots descend on Sickbay for physicals and shots.
Date: Feb 10, 2041 AE
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[ Sickbay ]------[ Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus ]

Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.

-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------

"This will be a long wait," Raedawn murmurs exasperatedly. She turns back to Tisiphone, and has to giggle at the question. "I hope not, the way the one back there is going! It sounds like a lot of time to spend on finding out what you already know." She leans closer and whispers to the shaven-headed Ensign.

Alessandra looks up and murmurs, sounding resigned. "I'm going to miss my simtime and am going to be in so much trouble," she half-whines. "Wonder if Mars will do me a favor and just strike me down dead." The line, which is getting steadily longer, is headed by the LT who is still waiting, her patience wearing thin if her expression is any indication.

Nostros stands, "So, can I please put my clothes back on now and get back into duty to prepare for flight?" He asks as he watches the doctor who has control over his flight status and he does not like spending time away from his Viper. He watches the doctor for a moment, "See, no pain. I'll be fine." As he knows other people are waiting he adds for effect, "And that line is getting longer, sir. You can just sign me off and I'll be on my merry."

Stavrian has someone's chart in hand as he heads down the corridor from exam rooms to lobby, the bottom jammed against his hip as he scribbles across the back page and flips it shut. Metal hits metal with a gentle clang. Completed paperwork and board handed off to the duty nurse, he strips off his gloves, balls them up, and makes a very underwhelming three-pointer into the basket under the nurse's desk. And…good lords, a crowd, which the nurse reminds him of by jabbing him in the back with a new chart. "Lieutenant…Sophronia?" The name read, before blue eyes look over faces.

"Right," Hawke says. Go ahead and stand up, and…" Silly pilot. Never turn your back on a Doctor. The chart flies forward with a slap, hitting Nostros right on the bum. "That is about a single gee of force, Nostros. How many can your Viper pull?"

"Oh thank the Merciful Mother." Looking over her shoulder, she casts an apologetic look to those left waiting but she's also hurrying to where Stavrian is, not keeping him waiting any longer than it takes to get to where he is. "That'd be me. I'm here for my yearly." Looking over to where Nostos is, she has to press her lips tight together, not wanting to succumb to laughing after the sound of the smack really registers.

Whatever Raedawn whispers to Tisiphone, it causes her to poorly stifle a single bark of laughter. She looks down very purposefully at her booted toes, muttering something back to her fellow Ensign.

The pilot starts out looking normal enouogh but when a hand hits a cheek there is a sudden and loud, "SWEET HERA'S TITS!" Angelus jumps a bit in the air since that clearly hurt him a bit. Angelus turns and looks at the Hawke and his head tilts his head, "Fine, you caught me you crafty doctor you." He doesn't look angry or embarrassed since this Caprican takes his lumps in stride, "So, bottom line this for me. How long are you going to keep me off flight status?" Again his tones are civil since he doesn't have any wiggle room anymore as his sudden ruse has been seen through. "Please say a week, please."

Sophronia, check. Stavrian glances at the giggling Ensigns she left behind, half turning to grab a new pen off the duty nurse's desk when the man isn't looking. Right then Nostos curses that loudly and his blue eyes cut that way, brow raising. "You pilots' pain tolerance has sunk since the last time I saw one," he comments to Lucky. "Ought to cut down on the gluten." Pen clicked, he half-smiles and gestures Aless back towards one of the curtained-off gurneys.

A needle plunges into Nostos' shoulder, giving the booster shot. As it is swabbed off, the doctor smiles. "It should be a month, for the lying, but I don't know your CAG well enough yet. A week. And next time I ask you if it hurts, you tell me the frakking truth, or I'll have you hauled off for surgey. Now get dressed." Walking out from behind the screen, he smiles to Stavrian. "Lt, hello. Okay, who's next?"

Daphne arrives from the Deck 10.
Daphne has arrived.

Hearing that /smack/ from behind the screen and the very emphatic response, Raedawn has to clap her hands over her mouth, her eyes going wide with surprise. Then they narrow and her nose wrinkles as she smiles, trying not to burst out laughing. A few giggles escape as she leans close to Tisiphone and whispers again.

"Hey, my pain tolerance is just fine," Alessandra murmurs half-assed like to her exam-giver-to-be on her way past, her hands already lifting to undo the various fasteners on her flightsuit. "I think the majority just get soft because they're lazy and let themselves go." Once by the gurney she yanks the curtain closed, her disrobing begining in earnest once she affords herself some privacy. "Think we should start a Pyramid league. Whip the pussy-asses into shape."

Korwyn arrives from the Deck 10.
Korwyn has arrived.

Daphne joins the queue, holding a few sheets of paper in her hands and looking vaguely tired in the process. She filters in right behind the other ensigns, effectively causing a newbie powerblock in the line. She smirks at the two, "Hey."

As he is finished he makes a mad dash to get dressed, "Sure thing, Doc, no more lying about pain. Ever." He says as he is still rubbing the back of his pants, "Man, you should have been a school principal." As he makes his way back out he looks at everyone who is watching and he says, "You all just heard that." He then stands up straight since there isn't any denying it, "Yes, I bruised my ass and yes I am on flight." He looks at the rooks and he says, "First rule of medical, never piss off the doctor." He then looks at the brass and he says, "Also, I know I look like an ass right now but if it is consolation my real ass hurts like bitch. So, laugh now and get it over with 'cause come on this is a bit funny."

Stepping through the door to the Sickbay, Korwyn is about to stride purposfully through and into the back Daphne who makes it into the line ahead of her when the line itself registers. Her steps shorten, she nearly trips, but rights herself quickly. "Frak. Didn't know it'd be such a hullabaloo'n here."

Stavrian signals hello to Hawke in passing with a casual salute, then draws the curtain shut with metal snicking on metal. He offers Alessandra a faint grin and marks the bottom of the chart while she gets ready. "My name's Junior Lieutenant Jesse Stavrian, PA-C. If you have any questions about what I'm doing, you can ask me whatever you like. And just have a seat on the gurney there when you're ready. Have you had any tobacco, caffeine, or strenuous exercise within the last thirty minutes, sir?"

Hawke's fingers rub at his temples as he looks at the collection of people who are waiting. "Well? Who is next? Aww, forget it. You." He points at Maia, and then points to another examination area. "Go on, get in there."

"Thought you found a way out of this," Tisiphone mutters to Daphne, giving the sick bay another restless scan. Nostos's comical shout of pain seems to have agitated her all over again. Quieter: "I frakking hate this."

Alessandra shimmies out of the constricting flightsuit once her boots are removed, leaving herself in a single tanktop and her skivvies once it hits the deck along with her shed footwear. "The only exercise I've had is the exercise to my patience," she quips dryly, her voice lifted for the benefit of the patient who kept them all waiting. "But otherwise, no. And I don't smoke and only had one cup of coffee before making my way down here." She sits down on the gurney, prepared for the examination.

Daphne mutters back to Tisiphone, "Of course not. Making sure we're physically fit for duty is, in and of itself, an important part of our duty and the duty of the medical staff. I wouldn't miss this for anything. It's a very exciting time for me." That Daph manages to maintain a straight face for longer than 5 seconds before she suddenly bursts out in a stifled giggle is probably a testament to… well, it's a testament to something, anyway. But laugh she does.

Raedawn, hearing Nostos, just shakes her head, smiling. "Some of us have been trying not to laugh for some time," she calls, suppressed laughter giving bounce to her voice. She moves forward and quickly speaks to the PO at the desk, getting her appointment printout marked, and hurries back to give the agitated Tisiphone a hug. "Be strong. We're Ensigns. We undure." She gives a quick waveto Daphne and hurries out, apparently to catch her appointment later. Her musical laughter can be heard all the way down the hall.

Korwyn lifts her chin in acknowledgement of Nostos when she catches sight of him. His comments spark a faintly sympathetic smile, but no laughter. "Frak, dude… Flyin' with a bruised ass? That's gotta suck." Her gaze turns to measure the line and she sighs softly. Gradually, she redistributes her weight until it is even, crosses her arms before her, though she does wave to Raedawn briefly in passing.

Stavrian sets the chart down, pen on top of it. He takes her wrist, the one that doesn't bear a watch if she's wearing one, adjusting his fingers over the radial artery. "Pilot that doesn't smoke. That's an increasing rarity." Fifteen seconds of pulse and he lets go, reaching back for his pen and scribbling down the number. Blood pressure cuffs next - everyone loves those, and he offers her hand to support her elbow. "Right arm please, sir."

Raedawn heads through the exit labeled <O> Out.
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"I have other vices. Like drinking. I do that every once in a while. But smoking? Never saw the need to destroy the very same organs I need to get air into me, you know?" Everything's taken in stride, the taking of her pulse not even getting so much as a blink out of the pilot. When instructed to extend her arm Alessandra does so, it held out to the front of her instead of to the side, the limb kept at a height that is just shy of level with her shoulder.

Tisiphone is one of those people that doesn't hug well; she accepts it awkwardly and does her best to make the embrace as quick as possible. Pale eyes follow Raedawn's departure, lingering on the door long after the Ensign is gone. To Daphne: "I checked out the Library. You know they have diseases on record that only break out on Battlestars?" Evidently one of those people who relaxes before a flight by brushing up on crash statistics, she.

Angelus looks over at Korwyn, "I'm on desk duty for a weak." He says and as Raedawn cackles on her way out there is a slight twinge in his eye, one of, 'well, saw that one coming'. Still though he doesn't look angry about it as he turns to look back at Korwyn, "Even desk duty is going to hurt since I will be sitting at a desk all day." He then shrugs his massive shoulder, "Still though we get chairs here the Pegasus was a different story since the Rear Admiral always had us standing."

"Or not," Hawke says, after having apparently misread the line. "I don't really care who's next just…" Glancing down at the charts that the nurses have brought out, he grabs one at random. "Ok, Ensign Apostolos?"

Daphne blinks, "Really? I had no idea. Like what? I…" And then Tisiphone's name is called, "You're up. Give 'em hell, Tiss." She lightly punches her friend's shoulder. Give 'em hell? Wait, what?

Korwyn blinks once and turns to Angelus once more. A faint smile returns and she nods, "A'least th' chairs've got cushions. Most've 'em. Sorry t' hear yer grounded, though. Hate that. It's like a wee part've y's died. No fun. I'll be sure t' swing by an' harrass y' if you'd like, though. Won't be as boring tha' way, seems like." A brow lifts then and she tilts her head just a little, "Y' had t' always stand on the Peg? That's harsh, dude. Harsh."

Stavrian wraps the cuff around her arm, the bottom about two inches above her elbow. "I'll have the oncologist send you a personal thank-you card." He smiles a little at her, the expression only moving half his mouth, and tugs the earpieces of his stethescope into his ears. He breathes a puff of air onto the metal disc and presses it into place on the brachial artery, bulb of the cuff squeezes to inflate it. Hiss hiss hiss hiss. Hisssssssss the pressure's let down. Paused. Let down again, paused. Then he tugs off the stethescope and pulls the cuff off with velcro rip, a small penlight pulled from his pocket. "Look straight ahead for me, sir?"

Oh god. Oh god. Tisiphone looks bleakly at Daphne for a second, then calls, "Here. I'm here." Her voice breaks partway through, and she has to clear her throat to finish. She heads straight over to Hawke and stands in front of him, clasping her hands against the small of her back.

Alessandra is not quite so quick to comply with the PA's request this time as she's looking Stavrian in his eyes, her own narrowed thanks to the rather large smile she's in posession of. "You can call me by my name if you want. It's not like I'm on duty at this moment." With the suggestion made, Alessandra looks forward, her gaze widening now as she tries to relax her face. No sense in making things difficult if she doesn't have to.

"Come on then, behind the privacy screen." A hand goes to the Ensign's back, to calm her. "Come on, Ensign. You take Vipers at top speeds into flak screens. How scary could an older doctor be?" Closing the screen, he gestures to the table. "Down to your skivvies, then up on the table, as I look up your information."

Angelus grins to Korwyn, "You come and visit and I will make sure the paperwork is all done so we can shoot the breeze." He says as he rubs the area he got the shot in, "Well, good to see new blood is getting their first medical. I remember my first doctor had very cold hands." He then adds to those gathered, "The turn the head and cough moments were a bit…how can I put this awkward." He says looking down, "So, I learned to fear the doctors. Places like this mean pain." He says rubbing his self-inflicted recently slapped ass wound, "Good luck in there kiddo. They are crafty like foxes."

Daphne loudly snorts, another failed attempt at holding back laughter.

Quinn has arrived.

"Are the kind that prefers your name or your callsign?" Stavrian clicks on the penlight, moving the beam int Alessandra's right eye and back down. Then the left. "I knew a pilot once that would break into hives if one used her real surname. Of course, one couldn't blame her. It was 'LeCock'." The light's clicked off and held up at the left side of her field of vision, then moved towards the right side. "Follow this with your eyes, please."

The line is long, but reasonably well behaved. At the moment, Korwyn is dead… er… alive… last, but this does not seem to bother her. Angelus' assertion is met with a warmer smile and a nod, "Far out. I'll try t' bring some coffee when I come. Jus' lemme know when an' where you'll be." She blinks, then laughs. The sound is as easy and relaxed as her manner, "First? Dude, this ain't th' first time I've done had a physical. It ain't s' bad if y' don't put it off. Know what I mean?"

The most dreaded time of the year. Somehow, Quinn hoped she'd get out of it this year. But especially with a new assignment… there's no way. So, heart pounding, eyes just a bit too wide, the middle aged Raptor pilot makes her way into the room, just in her off-duty sweats, trying not too pass out. She'll get through it. Somehow.

"I wouldn't say I prefer them," Allie answers easily while letting her eyes track the small bead of light. "I just don't think it's necessary to dote on military protocol 24/7." When he mentions the other pilot's name she can't help but to guffaw, the irony of it not lost on her. "Poor dear. No wonder she would break out! I probably would as well if I had such a horrible name."

Yes. Obey the good doctor and be a dear, Tisiphone. She ducks her head in a nod and starts shedding her fatigues as ordered. Quietly, as she starts kicking her discarded clothes into a heap before climbing onto the examination table: "I don't like medicators." Pause. "Sir." The way her eyes are flicking around the examination area, you'd think sawblades and rotary cannons were about to pop out.

"Neither do I." Hawke says with a smile as he reads over her chart. "I'm a surgeon, actually. Why treat something with medicine when you can just remove the offending body part?" Deadpan… pure deadpan. "Hmmm… looks like you've had some flags of iron deficiency. How has your stamina been, lately?"

Nostos looks over at Korwyn and he says, "Coffee would be good. I'd offer to bring a media player but duty areas frown on that." He grins as he adds, "Though I believe I can find some diversion. Ooh, twenty questions. That is always a good one." He says as he stays behind for a moment to watch fellow friends go through the maw that is known as sick bay. Then he looks over at the older pilot and he gives a two fingered salute to Quinn, "I don't believe we have been introduced, Angelus Nostos, JiG, Halo." He puts the important info out there. "And you are?"

Daphne stands around on line, and finally notices Quinn. She flashes her a smile that degenerates from bright to puzzled. "Hello, sir. Are you, uh, feeling alright? I guess this would be the place if you're not, huh."

Stavrian watches her forehead as she laughs, rather than her eyes, taking a mental nose. Another cranial nerve tested. The back of the pen's moved across her field of vision, up and down, then in close enough to force her to cross her eyes, then he grabs his pen to scribble. "Lucky you don't. Your callsign's accurate, I suppose. 'Alessandra' is nice though…'defender of man'?" As he talks he picks up his otoscope speculum, moving to her right side. "Just going to get in your ears, here." Right, then left one inspected.

Surgeons? Remove the offending body part? Margaret Quinn's eyes widen, her head almost too quickly turning to see who the hell is talking about that already! This place really -was- a chop shop. And then she catches sight of the new, rather handsome, doctor and she just frowns. Quietly, the Captain begins to back track, just about to hit the door… when Nostos' catches sight of her. And Daphne. Frak. Caught. Quinn swallows back faintly, "Yes… yes… Jig. Ensign. I'm fine. Just late for a meeting… Captain Margaret Quinn." SHe offers curtly to the JiG, her voice all clipped upper class Caprican.

Korwyn snickers lightly, "Aye, well. Gotta follow th' regs. Twenty questions?" She shrugs, "A'right. I s'ppose." Turning slightly, she nods to Quinn, "How do, sir. Margaret Korwyn. Junior Lieutenant." Then, her tone softens a bit as Daphne's query sounds. Once more her brow lifts just a little, "'S it a pilot's meetin', sir? I didn't hear tell've one…"

There is a bit of a wry grin at that, Alessandra unable to keep some little sign of pride to show through. "I guess it could be said that I was destined to be a pilot with a name like mine." Reaching up, she rubs her nose, the tip of which suddenly itchy which is quickly quelled thanks to the application of the heel of her thumb. "What about you? Do you prefer to be called by your rank and last name or do you have a nickname you like…" she starts to drawl while leaning her head over, trying to make the ear exam easier.

Tisiphone relaxes as much as should be expected, given Hawke's soothing repartee. "I'm fine. Sir. I just finished Flight School. I didn't sleep well before exams. That's all." She curls her fingers tightly, then slowly relaxes them, letting out a slow breath. Relaxation techniques, don't fail her now.

When the Captain speaks he pauses for a moment as he takes in that Caprican accent and tilts his head something is off but then again his ass is still stinging so it could be the pain getting to him. "Oh, look at that two Margarets and who says the fleet isn't a small place after all." He gives a charming grin as he turns to look back at Korwyn, "Well, I can't get out helmets and triad cards then they would know something is up." They being command and Nostos just skirted a bit of trouble a moment ago so pushing his luck isn't going to help him. He then turns to look at Daphne, "I think it is a case of hospital jitters." He turns and looks back at Quinn, "What part of Caprica are you from?" He says in pure Caprica City, Caprica tones and by the sound of his voice he comes from money.

"You can call me Jesse, that's fine." Stavrian squints an eye shut as he peers through the otoscope, the light turning the entire outer shell of Aless's ear a warm glowy red until it's clicked off. More notes recorded, efficiently quick, and he moves around behind her. "Going to touch your neck, don't elbow me." From the slightly dry tone, this has probably happened before. His fingers, not cold, settle up around the back of her jaw, checking swelling, then down towards her clavicles, pressing inward once. "Swallow, please."

Callista has arrived.

"You often suffer from these kind of nerves, Ensign?" Taking the blood pressure reader, Hawke wraps it around the ensign's arms. "Now calm down… take deep breaths." His hand takes one of hers. "Otherwise, we'll think you have heart problems and you'll have to spend even more time in Medical." He gives her a calming smile. "Just calm down, there we go."

The examination of her throat is allowed to happen before Alessandra speaks, the poking and prodding of glands and whatever else Jesse's aided as she swallows, still quick to comply. "Jesse. It's a name. It suits you." Blinking, she gives pause to that and then chuckles, waiting to make sure he's not going to stick her with anything or jab his fingers into anymore bits of her anatomy before laughing lightly. "'The name suits you'. Always wondered why people started saying that. It seems silly, doesn't it?" Leave it to her to want to discuss the subject of how certain phrases has come into being while being checked out.

Frak her. A Good Old Boy himself, straight from Caprica City AND physicals on the same day? The normal, sane, completely professional Captain Quinn is now on the edge of being in the nut house. She has to get out of this room and fast. She keeps a polite, almost warm smile on her features, doing her damndest to stay as professional and composed as possible even if something beneath the surface is in overdrive-panic mode. "…Oh… out in the country. We had a lovely estate to the north, very rural, family coming out in the summer time, you know that sort of thing." She offers casually towards Nos, and then to the other Margaret, "Always good to meet another Maggie. Sadly, I have no time for these lines today. The brass never waits, you know!"

Callista enters the sickbay humming something softly to herself, even if the tune is off it's tolerable anyways. A clipboard in hand, she pauses at what seems to be the busiest she's seen the place since she arrived onboard. Shaking her head, she smiles warmly at the group of officers towards the back of the door, asking in a friendly tone of Quinn, Korwyn or Nostos, "Is there some kind of outbreak going on?"

Korwyn turns a bit more and leans back just a little. She nods to Quinn, "Aye. Meetin' another Maggie's like findin' kin. Don't be a stranger, y'hear?" There are hints of sympathy in her gaze and long fingers briefly brush the other Margaret's arm, sort of in passing. Her attention is then caught by Callista and she shakes her head, "Nah. Jus' physicals. You c'n take Cap'n Quinn's place." Nodding once, she adds, "Margaret Korwyn, Junior Lieutenant. Viper Pilot, if y' care." TUrning, she takes a glance toward the front of the line to see how much longer… And… the line is as it has been for some time now. A faint sigh.

Daphne gets bored. It's in her face. Sure, this is all interesting and new and exciting, but… but her eyes begin to scan the medical area, almost as if casing the joint. With a practiced fluidity, she just sort of drifts off the line, and then uses the generally packed nature of the medical bay to creep towards Hawke's examination area. She slips against a large piece of medical equipment on wheels, slowly rolls it in front of herself to provide some cover, and then leans over to peek inside.
Callista has disconnected.

"I don't suffer from nerves. Sir." Tisiphone sounds more than a little touchy. "I just Don't Like Medicators." After a number of deep breaths, stubbornness wins out over stubbornness and a semblance of calm appears. Eventually, she adds, "No offense. Sir. I know you are a skilled professional." Maybe she's got a mental checklist of things to remember to de-spaz herself.

"Don't worry, I get that all the time." Hawke reads the blood pressure and marks it down on his chart, before pulling out ths small flashlight. "Now look straight ahead, please. So what happened? Did a Medicator mistreat you once, or maybe fail to help a family member?"

"A little," Stavrian admits. The work behind Alessandra is mostly palpation, checking her spine now. His fingers lightly percuss around the bony nubs, and thumbs check the costovertebral angles. No spasms. "Words have a certain personality too, I suppose you could say. I read a psych study once that said that words that end in vowels strike people as 'friendlier' than words that don't." He seems to find the though a little amusing, pulling his stethescope back on. The metal disc's warmed again with breath. "Open your mouth, please, and breathe normally. Try not to yawn."

The Caprican know as Angelus Nostos, one of three found in the Caprica City phonebook is now looking at Quinn, "Out in the country, huh?" He nods in agreement, "We had those back on Caprica and my parents loved visiting them in the summers. I didn't really enjoy them so much. Yours was in the North? Ours was near there and we were a bit more North Eastern. "You and I should catch up on that some day. I'd like to see if you and I had the same experiences." He looks at Korwyn, "Man, this is a really long line." He says, "I mean, I never thought I would see something like this on a Battlestar ever since even the mess is staggered." Angelus looks back at Korwyn, "Anyway, so long as you aren't wounded you should be fine." He says rubbing his butt for a moment and he speaks to his ass, "Don't worry everyhing is going to be okay don't let the big doctor scare you." As Daphne darts off he clearly isn't looking since he is preoccupied with other things.

Vision test. Here's one she knows she can pass with flying colours. Tisiphone looks straight ahead and tries not to chew further gouges in her lip. Her first answer to Hawke is an eloquent, "Um." So much for passing the vision test — she looks at the doctor for a moment, or more accurately into the hatefully-bright light, then blinks rapidly and looks away again. "I'm from Sagittaron. Sir." She starts to say more, then decides against it. Probably better to just leave the statement there.

Daphne stays hidden in her medical equipment fortress, spying on her friend while she gets her examination done. Oh, the fright. THe fright is just so precious.

"I had never thought of it. Probably because of the fact that words that end in vowels sound softer." Not having ever read such material herself, Allie can only speculate. With another shift in focus, Alessanda hurries to catch up, this time putting a delay in between the time Jesse tells her to do so as she has to parse out what she's being asked to do, it further delayed when she does exactly what she shouldn't do, that be yawn. Rolling her eyes, she eventually takes to leveling a playful glare at him, doing so while keeping her mouth open and while fighting off the urge to yawn a second time.

"Eyesight fine," Hawke says with a smile, marking it down on his chart and putting the flashlight away. "I guess that does cover some of it. I've met a few Sagittaron Medicators… can see why you wouldn't be a fan." Looking over the chart, he pulls out his stethocope and puts it against her chest. "Deep breaths, please. Did anything happen to you personally, or just the usual Saggitaron discomfort?"

Stavrian snickers triumphant laughter thrgh his nose as Alessandra falls for that. Granted, he has to clench his teeth to keep from catching the yawn contagion. The disc of the stethescope moves around her back as she breathes, around her middle and lower chest on the back. Then right, then left. He tugs an earpiece out and comes back around the front, pulling the rolling stool up close to her. "Could very well be it. I'm going to listen to your heart, then we have a short range of motion exercise to do, and then you'll be free to go back to defending men." Though first, he has to grab his pen and scribble down about her breathing, the pause of which he fills with: "Do you fly Vipers or Raptors?"

Korwyn is watching the interaction between Quinn and Nos, a faint smile remaining, though it is slowly being relegated only to her eyes. She steps toward the front of the line as an opening suddenly manifests, but the reason for it; Daphne's absence, does not fully register. Callista is given a nod of welcome and the reply to her query is repeated, "Ain't a' outbreak. Jus' physicals. Yer here f'r that, aye?" Finally, when she does not feel the proximity of another person, she turns again to look at the line. Daphne is missing and she frowns just a little as her gaze begins flickering here and there in an attempt to locate the wayward woman. When she is not readily found, Korwyn turns again to Angelus and Quinn, "Did either'f you see th' woman who was ahead've me leave? I didn't hear no names bein' called. They didn't call mine, did they?"

Callista shakes her head in response to Korwyn's question and smiles politely, "Oh no, nothing that dreadful. Best of luck!" Without another word she approaches one of the counters and sets her clipboard and pen down before reaching into the cabinet to remove a box of plastic disposable gloves. Gathering the gloves up into two neat bundles, she has a wicked looking smile on her face as she approaches Hawke and waits a few moments for a pause in the conversation. Patting the trauma surgeon on the shoulder lightly, she sets the gloves down and says loud enough for the men in line, her tone honey-sweet, "Sorry to intrude but Doctor Hawke, please, don't forget to do full prostate examinations on the men. You should be thorough, detail is key."

Tisiphone's expression grows a bit shuttered and wary. It's a long time before she answers. "In all respect. Sir." She's saying this very carefully. "You have trained your entire career to disagree with what I would say. I need this examination to be able to remain a pilot. That's all." She clears her throat.

Okay. Escape time. Especially when the man is talking about the north east. Quinn tosses off a Caprican-casual smile, the sort that should be seen on yachts in the full sun of summer, and a little laugh to match it. "Well of course, I look forward to it…" And then she nods towards the other Maggie about the names. "Not a clue, dear Maggie. Go right ahead… I hear it's painless." So they tell her. So they lie! "I really do have to run. Damn meetings. It was good to meet you all." And with that, Captain Margaret Quinn is turning tail and out the hatch. Freedom!

Alessandra's hands fly up to her face and one last yawn is muffled, the sound coming out as a small, mouse-like squeak due to how she has her palms pressed to her mouth. She doesn't lower them before she answers, her voice still slightly muted. "Vipers. I had thought about flying Raptors but it just didn't stike me as being what I'd find enjoyable." Finally feeling like she's not going to rip her head into two horizontally, her hands are lowered and left to either side of her, palms flat against the gurney. "This has been a surprisingly painless event. Usually doctors just pencil-whip their patients out with very little in the way of conversation to soften things. I might ask if you can be my personal physician."

At Tisiphone's reaction, Daphne at least gets snapped back to reality. She slowly, carefully retreats from her position, first ducking out of sight, then starting to shuffle back towards the line proper. Once her location isn't -alarmingly- conspicuous, she switches to just walking, as if nothing's wrong. Her target is the line… right where she was before. She's on approach, anyway.

Nostos looks back at Korwyn, "I wasn't paying attention, sorry, but I'm sure you can sleuth it out later." He turns back to look at Quinn, "Good it would be good to talk about back home. I haven't been there in a little while." He then watches as she flees and he tilts his head, "Huh? Jitteryest Captain I ever did see." He then looks back at Korwyn, "Good luck in there." He now has no reason to lounge about in here anymore and he slowly makes his way out.

Hawke nods, sighing a bit. "Well then, let's make sure you can do that, then. Just your booster shot, and you are ready to go." Turning his head, he laughs. "Right, and you get the gurney and stirrups ready for the women, as well. Based on the birth control missing from the hatch, we'll need 'em." Taking out the syringe and checking the dosage, he swabs her arm. "Just a quick pinch."

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Callista rolls her eyes and winks at Hawke, "If I can help it, I'll stay away from babies or anything to do with them, thank you." She smiles politely at Tisiphone and then looks back to Hawke, her tone mock-serious "So, where are you hiding all of the birth control Abram?"

Stavrian puts the pen back down and picks up his stethescope earpieces. As the sleeve of the white shirt under his scrubs top moves, there's something visible on his wrist - the side of a soma braid. "I'd love to, but I'm not a white coat. If you get injured in combat though, I'll probably be the first thing you see." He offers her that same sort of ghost of a smile, quite vague. Despite the warm voice and eyes, he just doesn't…smile. "I couldn't fly either of those if you paid me to go to flight school, so consider me in awe." His ears then plugged for a minute with the stethescope buds, he sets the disc against her chest. Standard 5 locations around the heart, lingering a few seconds on each to check for murmurs.

Korwyn shrugs at Nostos, then waves as he heads out. The wave broadens a bit to include Quinn as she scoots. Sighing a bit, she turns to look forward again just in time to spot Daphne. Easing back just a little, she motions to let the woman back in where she originated, "Y'a'right?" Her gaze flickers from Daphne over her shoulder in the general direction she came from. "Y' didn't have t' go throw up, didja? It ain't that scary. Promise." At least Korwyn seems relaxed about the whole thing.

Oh, look. It's needle time. Tisiphone starts to get that wooden look people get just before fainting at the blood donor's. Despite that, she sticks her arm out as ordered. "Yes, Sir." Deep breath. She looks up at the ceiling, lets her breath out, and starts to resemble Joe Average Non-Fainter again.

Daphne bites her lower lip as she slips back into place on the line, "Oh, no sir. I had to find the lady's room. Finding anything on this ship is just difficult. There's so much of it, you know." She chuckles impishly, glancing around. "The ship, I mean. Once you get lost, you just keep getting lost. I found it, though. Bathrooms, I mean. I found the ship a few days ago."

Korwyn can't help the grin that Daphne's words inspire. It begins as a sparkle in her eyes and ends as a warm curving of her lips, "Aye? Y' did didja? Good…" Leaning a hair forward, she adds in an undertone, "Couldja point me to th' bathrooms? I had a cuppa coffee b'fore comin' down an'… Well… Y'know how it is. Don't wanna be prescribed 'R'liables' this early'n life, an' I feel like m'back teeth'r doin' th' back-stroke. Know what I mean?"

In and out, the needle is done almost as soon as it is begun. "You're in good health, Ensign, but I am worried about your iron intake." He writes out a note. "I can't get you any more meat, but take this to Mess and they will increase your iron dosage through other means. It should add to your energy, and let's be honest, what hot young pilot couldn't use more stamina?" With a smile, he heads back to the privacy screen. "Take care, Ensign. All right, next!"

The soma braid gets Allie's attention and that's where her lowered gaze lingers, her expression softening, becoming curious. "Flying isn't for everyone, admittedly but hey. I couldn't do what it is you do so we're even." The feel of the stethescope gets her to wince until she realizes it really isn't cold, Jesse rewarded by a soft 'phew' of relief. "I get queasy at the sight of blood, a fact I learned after seeing one of my team mates get his nose broken. Boy, he bled all over the frakking court. Had to call the game due to a bio-hazard or some frakked up junk."

Callista walks past Stavrian, being careful not to bug the other Doctor given she doesn't know him as well and merely sets the gloves down near him. Continuing on her way, she smiles at Stavrian and Alessandra before heading back to her counter and grabbing her clipboard. Looking eagerly towards those in line, she says cheerfully, "Just think, physicals today, maybe psych evaluations tommorow!"

"Hrm, what? Oh…" Daphne regards Korwyn with a strangled laugh, "You know, I think you go out over there." An arm points towards a door somewhere near where she was creeping back in from, "And you hang a left, or maybe it was a right? I honestly bumbled my way out and them bumbled my way back in, but I think you take a left, then keep going until you reach the intersection, make a right, and then you find a sign. But I'm not sure anymore."

Vanity, the fatal flaw of young twenty-somethings. Hawke's parting comment throws a monkey-wrench into what was a perfectly good Hate The Doctor session and makes Tisiphone perform a visible double-take. "I-" Blink. Frown. This is all certainly someone else's fault. "Thank you, Sir." Grabbing her prescription so tight it crumples, Tis makes a hasty retreat.

Stavrian pulls off the stethescope, draping it around his neck. Her heart sounds are recorded down on the paper, as a series of roman numerals. "Queasy? You?" He sounds honestly surprised. "Well. I suppose one doesn't see much blood in a cockpit. Though…" He holds up a finger. "Weren't you the one suggesting a Pyramid game to toughen people up? Don't tell me I would have to sit standby in case you faint." He glances over as Callista walks by the curtain. "Afternoon, sir." Rolling his stool back, he stands up. "Flex and point left foot and then right, then straighten each leg, please. Then stand up."

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Korwyn watches the young woman for a longish moment after the pseudo-directions are given. Slowly, she nods once before stepping out of line, "Hol' m'place, aye? I really don't wanna wait another hour." She offers a faint smile once more, but something has shifted in her attitude. "Back inna tick." Ducking out the door, she offers Callista a quick, half smile over her shoulder. In a trice, she is out the door and down the hall.

Emerging from behind the screen, Hawke just shakes his head at Callista. "I didn't take it. I happen to like kids." Turning to the charts, he grabs another one, looks it over, and then points to Daphne. "Next?"

"Yes, sir. I'll…" and then she's called. She glances around, finally turning to the person who was behind Korwyn, "She just stepped off the line to find the rest room." Her arm gesturs in Korwyn's general direction, "Asked me to hold her spot but they just called me. Could you?" The words go unspoken, but then she doesn't want to keep anyone waiting, so she heads forward, "Coming, sir. Sorry."

When Callista passes by she waves, a quick raising and side-to-side swipe of sorts, it combined with a warm smile. "Hmmm?" The sound is passed through Alessandra's nose as her attention's yanked back to her conversation partner, her eyes slitting partially-narrow as she feels her face grow warm. "I meant physically toughen people up." Trapping her lower lip between her teeth, she takes the tip of her index finger and uses it to tap that of the aide's, perhaps mistaking it for one of Jesse's tests. "Seeing blood is something else entirely different."

Parting the screen, Hawke gestures Daphne in with a smile. "Ok, strip down, then up on the table while I read your chart. I will be with you in just a moment."

Stavrian's hand flinches back a little as she touches it. His vivid eyes blink at her, the reflex quickly covered up with: "Can hit a small target. Very good." He motions for her to stand. "Roll your left shoulder, then your right shoulder…" Which is followed by a series of other range of motion tests - arms, hips, and back. It all seems satisfactory to the PA, who finally records it all down and pulls the tray closer with needle and alcohol on it. "Booster and you're all done. Left handed or right handed, Alessandra?"

Daphne nods, "Yes, sir." Daphne carefully gets out of her uniform. She sets each article down as if someone were going to march into the examination room and give her grief if anything is wrinkled or not otherwise looking perfect. Miss OCD carefully folds the shirt, keeps the jacket arranged almost as if it were on a hangar, and so on. "This entire ship has that 'new car smell'. It's amazing." She sits on the table and waits.

Callista returns the wave from Alessandra and nods politely to Stavrian on her way back past the two, "Good day Lieutenant." Her travels take her past Hawke and Daphne up towards the front of the sickbay again, where she starts sifting through a stack of charts with little method to her madness, the only sound that escapes her lips as she peruses the charts is a dissapointed, "Hmmmm"

Joints all move as they need to and in the order Jesse asks for them to, sides alternated when necessary. The needle is looked at and then Alessandra sighs, that being the least favorite part of the exam. "I'm a rightie," she answers once the trepdiation passes although she's already squinting in anticipation of the poke-n-burn. With how professional the PA's been it probably won't hurt -too- much but hey, pain is pain no matter how slight.

"Now, Ensign Kolettis. Chart looks fine… did you have Rigon fever as a kid? You'd be about the right age for when that broke out on Picon." Sitting back, he looks up at her and gives her a warm smile. "So, how have you been feeling lately?"

Finally, Korwyn returns from her sojourn into the bowels of the ship. Her movements are relaxed, so she must have found the bathroom. Glancing toward the line, she notes that Daphne is not at the front. Dissappointment begins until the person who is there motions for her to claim her prior place. She affords the person a quick and easy smile, a soft, 'Thanks, pal' and she scoots. Arms cross before her and she focuses on the doctor's stations. Waiting. Waiting… waiting. Joy.

Stavrian rolls the stool around to Alessandra's left side. "This shouldn't cause any adverse reaction." The sting of the alcohol smell is immediately recognizable as he dabs a cotton ball onto her skin. /That/ smell. He keeps talking as he does so, sliding the sterile cover off the needle. "If you notice any skin irritation that -" In goes the needle "- lasts more than two days, or develop a fever -" Out goes the needle. "- come back and let us know. And you're all done."

"When did it break out on Picon?" comes her question. "Why, does it say I'm from.. oh, right." Daphne rolls her eyes, "I guess it would. I was born there. I've spent at least six months on every single colony, so if I was back on Picon when it broke out, that's just pot luck. We moved around a -lot- as kids. And I'm mostly okay. I'm having trouble sleeping, though. Lip's a little raw from chewing on it. I'm just excited to be here, you know?"

"First tour, eh? Mine, too." Pulling up a stool, Hawke sits down next to her, pulling a blood pressure reader over her arm. "Still, our first assignment being on a brand new battlestar… that's not bad at all."

Alessandra doesn't make her discomfort known verbally but she does cringe, it being coupled with a slight hissing inhale of air that's sucked through her teeth which are clenched for the duration. Thankfully it isn't a lengthy process and the needle's drawn out as soon as the serum's injected and she can breathe normally again. "Wow. That was better than I thought it'd be." Taking the injection as meaning it's the end of her exam, she slips off of the gurney and gathers her discarded flightsuit and boots, what she came in wearing about to be taken with her to be put on somewhere else so the bed and exam area can be freed up for the next patient. "Thanks a lot, Jesse. I'll see you around. And I'll let you know if anything comes up as far as the shot goes."

Daphne nods, "I'm fresh from flight school and still have the emotional trauma from quals fresh in my mind to prove it." She goes back to chewing on her lip, which really is starting to get a little raw by now. "Battlestar's a great first assignment, but -this- one? First crew of a new ship still in drydock. I'm used to old gunstars, and carriers for training. Nothing like this. It's just enormous."

Into the sharps disposal bin goes the needle, and Stavrian strips off his thin latex gloves. There's a soft scent of baby powder, barely there. "Not a problem. Take care of yourself, Alessandra." Gloves tossed, he picks up her chart and heads for the curtain edge, making a motion with his other hand for her to stay. "You can get dressed in here. Treasure what little privacy, and all that." He lifts his chin to the pilot and ducks out around the curtain, pulling it closed again for her.

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