PHD #137: Get Well Tea
Get Well Tea
Summary: In lieu of flowers, Bannik brings Sofia get well tea.
Date: 13 Jul 2041 AE
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Sofia Bannik 
Enlisted Berths - Deck 4 - Battlestar Cerberus
Rows and rows of bunks run along the outside and center of this room which is quite a bit larger than the Officers' Berths. With multiple hatch entrances to different sections of this area, the complex has spaces for armored doors similar to the ones on the Hangar Deck that can lower in case of fire or depressurization. Tables are set up along the spaces between the bunks and lockers divide each over-under sleeping area. Each bunk is a standard military size and has a deep blue curtain to seal in some privacy for the occupant.
Post-Holocaust Day: #137

Bannik is balancing. He is /very carefully/ balancing a small tray he's gotten from somewhere that has on it the following: Tea kettle, two cups, tea bags, tea accoutrements (or at least the ones he could dig up). And he is on the hunt. He is on the hunt for a Sofia Sidekick. He heard she was released from isolation and so where can he find her? He hopes her bunk.

Yay for less radiation! Tyr turns at the sound, and wobble, wobble, wobble goes the tray. "Hey! Sofia! I couldn't get you flowers or anything, but I could get some tea!" He places it down on one of the conveniently nearby table. "Come on over here! I need a hug! You're alive!"

Sofia smiles and shakes her head, "That's okay. You wouldn't want to bring them anyway. You'd be in a hazmat and have to be decontaminated," She grins. "If there's one thing that makes you feel like a social outcast, it'd be that." She considers. But she forgets it soon and beams at him. "You're too kind to me. Alright!" She moves over to hug him tightly, relieved. "I'm so glad to see you." She admits, "It was kind of lonely and I dunno. Tea, though. Thank you." She's grateful.

Bannik kisses Sofia on the top of her forehead, holding her close up against him. "Oh, I know," he murmurs. "But you're okay now and you're safe and that's all that matters, right?" He releases her and holds her loosely for another moment. "And we have tea."

Sofia turns bright red at the kiss atop the forehead. Daw. She's happy as a bug in a rug. Pleased as punch to see Bannik. "I- you're way too kind. Yeah, I'm alright. There's - some things that might bother me a bit, but even that should go away," She smiles half-sadly. She doesn't move away as she's held for a moment, keeping her arms right where they are around him in turn. "And thank you! We didn't get the good stuff since we were in that horrible little tent. Personally, I'm glad I didn't melt on that ship. How have you been?"

Bannik gestures to the table and then scoots around to the one side to pull out the chair for her. Aw. Dork chivalry. "I've been okay," chirps Bannik. "Just — you know. Doing the things I do. I volunteered for this religious rite."

Sofia follows Bannik over. "Thank you," She appreciates it and smiles at him. "You are so kind," She can't believe it. Really. "And I'm glad. Though that's a lot of things." In Sofia's eyes, Tyr is a very busy person. "And oh?" She peers at him, after taking a seat. "What does that entail?"

Bannik is a pretty busy person in Bannik's eyes, too. Once Sofia is scooched in, he buzzes about, pouring her tea. "Do you take milk and sweetner? I ought to know that." But he transitions: "Well, it's some sort of pollution-purging ritual. I'm supposed to sit in the Chapel while off-duty and — uh. I'm supposed to sin, I guess. And at the end of the week, they ritually purge me of the sin through some sort of symbolic punishment."

Sofia watches Bannik buzz busily. She smiles, "Sure. And no, it's okay." She doesn't expect him to know that, though she seems quietly flattered. She tilts her head, listening. Her expression quirks a bit. "Tyr the Sinner. I - it's hard to imagine," She admits. "You're one of the kindest, most - non … sinny people I know," She considers Bannik. "But! I think that's nifty and it's kind of you to volunteer. So like, you just sin or do people come in or …" She's curious, if a bit puzzled.

Bannik dutifully puts in the milk and the sweetner, stirring up Sofia's cup for her. He then does the same for his. "I know. It's weird, right?" His nose scrunches at the thought. "But it's part of the build up — taking in all this hubris — and then letting it out in one moment. It's supposed to be cathartic and all of that. And there was something about 'religious pollution' on the ship that needs to be purged. I don't know what that is."

Sofia smiles. Full service here! She looks grateful. "Well, sort of. I can see where they go with it," Sofia admits. "And people sin, then feel bad about it but might not let go or whatever. So you let go for them maybe?" She considers. "Also, there are some people who are even supposedly atheists on board. I don't know about that, personally." A shrug. "It may also be you'll understand more once it's all done," She notes. "Does that mean I should make some rock candy and bring a palm frond to fan you with?" A wink and grin.

Bannik thinks about this. "It's probably not a bad idea." It's as if he's quite concerned at sinning properly. "I mean, I'm supposed to be venerated and worshipped." And then he pauses, quirking Sofia a grin. "And I like rock candy."

A smile at that. "Well, I'll be sure to stop in and venerate you and stuff," She promises. Sofia is glad to help! "Then I'll be sure to bring my palm frond," A wink. Then she considers. "It's easy to make. All you need is like, a pencil, a glass, some sugar and water. You can add flavoring and color if you want but-" Well, a shrug. "What kinds of things do you like?"

Bannik thinks about it. "In my rock candy? Oh, I like the purple ones. And the green ones. But when it's lime. Not when it's apple." Bannik nods firmly at that. It's an important distinction!

Sofia smiles, "Sure thing. Lime is good. I'll see what I can find, though things are kind of precious. Still!" It's a Spoil Bannik week. She will do her best it seems. "Is there anything else you like?" She considers. "This is a tough job."

"I know? Right?" Bannik is actually serious. "I'm not a huge fan of being in the limelight. But it's for the gods, so I'll do my best to be — uh. Sinful and stuff." He takes a sip of tea, already a bit embarrassed by the idea.

"Well. I bet for some people it would be super easy. But you're a sweet, clean guy," Sofia considers with a smile. "I think it'll come more easily once people bring you stuff and all that. I am sure Sister Karthasi would be able to advise you too," She notes. "I'm not really an expert. But I'll cheer for you." She believes in Bad Bannik(TM). His embarrassment is kind of cute. "I'll try to stop by too." Now that she's not in a tent full time.

"I mean, they say sin starts with indulgance and letting go," Sofia taps her chin. It might come a bit more easily to some than others too. She smiles. "That, I will have to see to believe." She nods. "But that seems about right." It really is tough to imagine a naughty Bannik. Still… She smiles at him. "But I'm glad they picked you I think. You deserve to be pampered a bit at the least. You work so hard," She shakes her head. "I'm in awe."

"Aw. But. Remember, I have to purge it all at the end. So I can't enjoy it /too/ much." Bannik winks and finishes his tea. But he gets up. "No need to be in awe, though. I'm just me, Sofia. And you're just you." He comes over to her side and gives her a kiss on the forehead. "I ought to get back to work though. I have so much to tie up before I start being worshipped, my outside projects. But we'll talk soon? I'm so glad you're okay. And if you need /anything/, because you're not feeling so great or something? Just let me know."

Sofia smiles. She nods. "Fair enough. And I can be a little, you're such a good person. It's rare. Like finding a polished stone in a gravelly place," She notes. A blush at the kiss on the forehead. "I'll return that one day," She promises. "And sure, I won't keep you. Let me know if you need any help or get really tired though, okay? I'm free now. Things on the station got pretty weird," She admits. "I'm glad I get to see you again though," She admits. "… thank you Tyr, I'm really really lucky to have a friend like you."

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