PHD #119 Get Angry
Get Angry
Summary: After Tisiphone's outburst in the berthings, Coll rips Allie apart for it.
Date: 25 June 2041 AE
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Alessandra Coll 
Right outside the pilot berthings, Deck Four.
Post-Holocaust Day: #119

Leaving the pilot berths, Coll follows close by Alessandra. She's sans her cane this time, but she's moving a little slowly. She uses her hand to keep herself steady on the wall as they move. Its difficult, but she starts talking as they travel. Those words come slowly, but there is grit behind them. "Sir. That was bullshit." She looks over to the LT from her slight hunch. "I'd have nailed that bitch to the frakking wall. I just about had it out with her in there." She finally has to stop and catch her breath. Apaprently that cane was really helping. "You can't take that shit. You gotta pull on your big girl panties and meet that.." She's finally out of breath and sits down on a crate, breahting heavily. "You gotta meet it head on. Otherwise they are going to walk..all over you." She lifts a hand to her chest. "It'll burn you out." Raised bloodpressure with the adrenaline and trying to have a conversation like this while moving? Probably not a smart thing.

Allie is moving slow so Coll can keep up, mindful of the other's state-of-being to the point where she doesn't hurry ahead despite her mounting level of anger over what happened. The only indication that she's got an emotional maelstrom raging inside of her is the steady, rhythmic clenching and unclenching of her hand, balled into a fist only to be opened….lather, rinse, repeat. "I know," she concedes with a nod, that said in full agreement with the still-recovering Crewman. "I'm just…at a loss." Green beyond any real measure, the fact that Alessandra's new a glaring fact. "I was told that I could go to some of the other Squadron Leaders for advice. Think this is a good time for that, hmmm?" With Coll having to rest, now, she simply halts, watching her worriedly when she sees she's winded. "I do apologize for her having done that to you." Putting shoulder to bulkhead, she watches her friend as she adds, "And hey, if you…well…" Yeah. Asking for help with pulling up her 'big girl panties'? Can you say 'awkward', much? "Yeah. So now what?"

It takes a bit for her to start getting caught up, a slight wheeze at the edge. That cane must have REALLY helped. But she doesn't wait until she's caught up before saying anything else. "No. Frak no. You..You go to them as a last..resort." Coll looks up at Allie's eyes from her lean forward, hand clenching around her tanktops. Coll seems more determined than ever. "Next time she does that, you take her aside. Someplace private." Coll isn't letting herself get caught up. There's some sweat on her brow. "And you tell her..that she..that she has three options. Only..three." The woman swallows, finally pausing for a second to catch a little more while her fist clenches around the tank again. "One, be an officer. Two..frakking at least pretend.." A cough and she leans forward. Yeah, that hurt. "Or three, you tell her to turn in her frakking wings. Ya- You're the squadron leader for fraks sake." Lauren finally leans backwards against the wall. She looks exhausted. "Act like it, yourself. This ain't her problem..alone. This? This'll..happen..until you take charge. Or Hahn..replaces you. read me, Lieutenant?!" It would seem the Crewman is hot-tempered about this. She isn't just confident, she damned near sounds like she's talking down to Allie despite being crippled to hell - And enlisted!

Alessandra takes a deep breath and then rolls her eyes, succumbing to the urge in effort to distract herself from snapping back at Coll. "It is kind of a last resort already," she grits out from between teeth and throat that have been clenched tight. "As for Money Shot? Do you think she cares? Do you think anything I have to say will matter? Frak me, Coll. You saw how she reacted to me when I tried to put my foot down…" Sure it was a weak attempt but Allie did try to exercise some form of authority then. "She's insolent and petulant at best and at the worst she's a perfect example of what an officer shouldn't be. And of course everyone just frakking loves her." Snorting, she finds her having to calm down. She's not going to allow herself to tear down people even when they're not present. "She'll probably turn in her wings," Allie concludes after a minute.

Coll just seems to get angrier, he face reddening further. She's sweating now, trying to keep her breath calm with the anger and adrenaline. Its really not working. "That's exactly the godsdamn..problem..Lieutenant!" Yeah, there's something biting in her tone. She's definitely talking down to Allie. So frakking what..if she..turns in her wings. let the CAG deal with that. Your job..isn't to be frakking liked, Sophronia." She holds a wicked gaze at Allie. "Its your keep..your people in line! They step out? ..You smack them down." She reaches up and grabs Allie's shirt and pulls her down with some surprising strength so they are face to face. "Don't you..frakking dare..try and blow me off with this either, Lieutenant. If..if you think I'm going to let this go, are godsdamned mistaken. If you won't handle your shit like a big girl?" Coll looks like she's on the verge of passing out but that grip on her shirt isn't weakening. "Then I..I'm going to go to the CAG..myself. I'm going to tell her I want your squadron. Because..because someone like you obviously can't frakking..hack it! …Is this getting the frak through your head?!" That hand clenching her own tank top reaches up and pokes Allie repeatedly in the forehead. Hard.

The grab to Allie's shirt begins to kick something in her head, the instincts she gained while playing Pyramid when a teen. Forearm leveled at Coll's upper-body, she basically makes with a shot that might very easily knock a bigger person on their ass and could very easily catch the deckhand and push her against the bulkhead if she's close enough and doesn't think to try and stop her. "I fraking got it, Coll. Now let the frak go of me or you and I are going to come to fistacuffs and I can't say I'll feel any godsdammed sorry for doing so while you're still frakking gimping about like a godsdammed…" Blinking, she glares at Lauren and then down at her hand, her body trembling for how angry she is. "I got it, alright? Yes. I'll frakking lay down the line. But frakk me…get the hell off of me!" This is a level of emotion Alessandra has been trying to fight off for days now, this not just ire for how Coll has decided to manhandle her to bring her closer to face level but the sadness and everything else that has been bottled up inside of her. "Let go, Coll, otherwise I'll frakking write you up."

Coll slams back against the bulkhead in her seated position, that angry expression holding Allie's gaze even as her head hits the wall. "You sure?! You got this?!" Coll isn't backing down either. "You think I care..about getting written up?! I'm an E-2! Gonna demote me..again?! What're you this, huh?" Coll is barely holding it together, her skin soaked with sweat. Its beading off her and dripping to her tanktops. "Think I've never had to deal with..with..a Lieutenant who..can't handle..her shit?! Hell..I should just walk..All over you like..that Jig! Probably get away! Maybe start getting..critical..of your family..Wonder what..they might think? Little girl..Servin' like this? Gettin her ass..pushed a frakking enlisted! Real proud!"

The last straw is Lauren mentioning her family, that being the one aspect of her life she's very protective of. Allie balls up her left fist and draws it up, looking for the life of her like she just might give the other woman a sound thrashing but something stays her hand. "Wh…" The anger is as quick to lower to a simmer and her arm which has been braced against Coll's body slowly begins to be drawn back. "Excuse me, Crewman. I got something I need to do." It's so anti-climatic, that, but Allie just can not bring herself to hurt one of the few friends she has.

Coll just looks at the fist angrily, almost daring Allie to let it fall. When it all falls away, Coll just looks more angry. "Frakking bitch! Don't have it in you?! I knew it. Yeah, walk away. Get frakking used to it." Coll is on her last threads, slumping heavily as Allie lets her go. "Real..real proud. Can't even throw a punch. Lieutenant Coward." She puts her last bit of energy into that last word, putting as much venom into as she can before she devolves into a coughing fit. Those eyes, full of fire and burn, do their best to stay on departing woman.

Alessandra takes a deep breath and then looks at Coll, her expression baffled. "Wouldn't I be proving myself no better than those like Money Shot?" Coll does get her to visibly bristle prior to that but, for as much as she'd like to slap the smug out of Lauren, she doesn't. "I am going to take care of matters with the JiG," she explains. "Wasn't frakking cowarding out, Coll. I am…" Sitting down, now. Right next to the one who she's been fighting with. "I'm not going to let them or you or anyone else walk over me, Lauren. But I'm not going to stand here and hit you, either. It's not going to prove anything except I can't control myself. And that's the most important thing I need to exhibit. Self-control with everything else falling in place behind it." Leaning her head back, she pivots it slightly so she can look to the side Coll's sitting on while adding, "I wasn't running away. I was going to go and tell her to meet me in my office."

Coll just doesn't have it in her anymore. She slumps onto her side, hang clutching her soaked tanktops. She doesn't even seem to be looking at anything, those eyes just focused on the wall across the way. "You.." Its a few minutes before she catches her breath. The woman doesn't move except for the heaving of her breathing. "You missed the point." Her eyes close, the sweat still glistening on her brow. "Completely." A swallow is taken on her dry throat. "It isn't about self control. ..Its about getting mad. These people..aren't your friends. This..this is combat and you're their leader. Pull the panties up and zip your flightsuit. When a.. when a jig ramrods you like that? And you fold?" Coll shakes her head slightly. "That's weak. Insubordinate. Brig her. Remove her from flight status. Hell..send Deck for two weeks." She finally rolls up and off the crate, barely steadying herself on the wall.

Frowning, Allie puts a hand on Coll's nearest arm for a second. "You're misunderstanding me. I am mad. I'm very mad. But not at you. Not for this. And I'm not going to hit you when all you were doing is trying to get me to see what I need to do." The touch ends and she looks back across the corridor, unable to look at the state she's in now. "And trust me. I know they're not my friends. They've made that abundantly clear." There's little in the form of regret to be heard when Allie mentions that, it simply being one of 'those things' in her mind. Alessandra is quiet for a long while, not sure what to say. When she finally does think of something it's said with a low chuckle. "Thanks, Lauren."

"You should be." Coll braces herself with both arms against the bulkhead. "Mad, I mean. What I said? I'm sorry for the content. ..But I'm not sorry I said it. If you don't fix this..this situation? This will of the nicer conversations you've had…on this topic." She looks to Allie for a long moment before reaching for her binder. "Don't thank me until this is fixed." She takes a long breath. "You shoulda hit me. I need to find that Jig, though. I'll find you for..this project stuff..later." A push off the wall and she moves to walk/hobble the opposite direction.

"Yeah…can't change other people, Lauren. I can brig people and yank their wings from them but if they remain the same way…then what? Going to hate me?" Watching Lauren, Allie is slow to get up herself, her expression drifting, the mask of resolve back into place. "And I am still thanking you," she grumbles, now getting to her feet. Now's as good of a time to get onto it.

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