The Twelve Colonies: Gemenon
The flag of Gemenon.
Important Notice about Canon Material
Material from the television program Caprica is NOT automatically considered canon, although players may adopt individual bits and pieces from what's depicted on Caprica into the regional cultural background of their character(s). When in doubt, please ask.

To avoid contradictions in established RP, a policy of "localization" has been adopted. Apart from the Staff-written Overview and items firmly established in the main BSG series, there should be no all-encompassing tidbits for any of the Twelve Colonies. Players are wholeheartedly encouraged to create regional write-ups. Those seeking to deviate from the general "flavor" of the Overview should first consult with Staff.


Gemenon is a poor colony by choice as well as by circumstance. Blessed with very little in the way of natural resources, this mountainous world's primary export is its faith — and that it basically gives away for free. Home to a fundamentalist tradition that promotes a literal reading of the Sacred Scrolls, Gemenon has earned its reputation as the most conservative of the Colonies, but to say that all Gemenese are Scrolls-thumping fanatics is a gross exaggeration. Indeed, the Kobol Colleges are some of the Colonies' most prestigious institutions of higher learning, having expanded their original mission of providing religious education to encompass secular subjects of all kinds.

Places and Regions

Players are encouraged to add their own write-ups. If you'd like to add to something already listed, please speak with the player who created the region.

Cultural Details

  • One particularly fundamentalist Gemenese sect instructs its followers to wear 'faith bracelets' around their left wrist: a plain band of steel that's studded with iron rivets, meant to signify their position as a servant — some might even use the word "slave" — to the Lords of Kobol. The wearing of such bracelets created a major ruckus in 2037 AE, when a number of public schools and universities on Gemenon caved to pressure to ban such bracelets from being worn by students. This triggered a rash of sit-ins and minor demonstrations, particularly in the conservative province of Dryope, though none managed to get the law overturned.

Gemenese PCs

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