Dominic Gabrieli
Captain Dominic Gabrieli
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes as Dominic Gabrieli
Alias: {$alias}
Age: 39
Features: Brown hair; green-gray eyes
Colony: Gemenon
Rank: Captain
Department: Engineering
Position: Deputy Chief Engineer


Physical Features

Forty years have not been the kindest in the world to Gabrieli, nose slightly crooked where it was once broken, skin not really smooth any longer. But when it does occur to him to smile, uncommon as that may be, there's not a hint of bitterness in it. About six feet tall, he has short, pale brown hair that in some light looks dark blond, thin but with not a bit of gray to be seen. Encroaching middle age has prompted his hairline to start a dignified retreat, leaving a very slight widow's peak in its wake. High forehead is lined with furrows that never quite go away, leaving the level of severity in his expression almost completely to his eyes and mouth. Those eyes are a startlingly light grayish-green that often picks up other colors, crow's feet starting to etch their way into the corners. His nose is very prominent, as is a thin-lipped but wide mouth. His hands are rough where one might expect for a man who works with them often, and two fingertips on his left hand are also quite well-used - writer's callouses.

Immediate Family

Details here.
Presumed Deceased

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra "Toast" Hahn: TBA.
Trask_icon.jpg Captain Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: TBA.

Random Other Things

Gemenon-born Also lived on Tauron and Picon.
"Mustang": Began his career as enlisted, received commission to Ensign in 2025.


  • Father of two boys, divorced.
  • One of the southpaw crew.
  • Heavy smoker. Has never even pretended to quit.
  • Hard of hearing on the right side, which he claims is due to an accident.

Recent Logs


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