BCH #008: Future Plans
Future Plans
Summary: Alexander and Callista meet to discuss future plans as siblings meet.
Date: 2.18.2041
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Alexander Callista 

Psychiatry Office

A small office with a desk, chair and lounging couch.

Lexi looks back over at Callista, "Please, if I wanted to swing toward men you and I both know I could do much better." This brings a mischevious grin to his face as well which is followed by the actor plopping himself down into a chair, "And besides you and I both know that I don't date. It would be bad for my career. So long as I am single people will see me in the movies." Lexi then reaches into his pocket and he pulls out two round suckers, both of them cherry flavored with a chocolate center, one is held out for Kaycee to take, "Want a sucker?"

Callista snatches the sucker away without a moment's hesitation, "Like you had to ask!" Ripping the wrapper off with all the enthusiasm of a small child, she takes a few moments to enjoy the flavour of her sweet little treat before asking, "So, on a scale of one to ten my dear brother, how much do you hate the ship?"

Lexi processes how he feels about the Cerberus first as Kaycee should well know that as an actor he has always been trained to think first before answering a question, however, he is in front of his sister so the answer comes out quickly. "Well, I can't get a decent cup of coffee around here and I would kill for some diried salmon with cream cheese on a garlic bagel. Also, a beer would be nice." Lexi shifts in his seat as he pulls out his sucker and he teases his sister, "However, I kind of like this place. It has that new Battlestar smell. you know?" After having teased his sister a bit he says, "I do like it Kaycee, I would imagine you like it here since you are far away from, Mom and you are taking care of people here on the ship. Now, here is my question how do you dear sister, like being here?"

Callista lets a rather dramatic sigh escape her lips, ever the actor and drama queen when she puts her mind to it, "To tell you the truth, I've been thinking about resigning you know? The fleet is great and all, except the million flaws, lack of a nice place to sleep, no good food." Her words are followed by another sigh as she bites her lower lip briefly, "It's just that, I think I could do more elsewhere and really help some people that need it. Maybe work with children, I don't know…"

Lexi looks suprised, "Seriously? Kaycee, Mom was just warming up to the idea of you as an officer in the Fleet. Last time she even mentioned you as being stationed to the Cerberus." Well, that is a revelation since their Mother is normally quiet about Callista these days. The sucker goes back into his mouth for a moment as there is a brief pause so that Lexi can process this, "Alright, Kaycee, I'm behind you. If you want out of the Fleet I will support you. If you really want to work with children I know a good childrens charity stationed in Sagittaron."

Callista has a brief look of surprise when her mother is mentioned, but she doesn't even comment, seemingly ignoring the revelation about her mother. Charity on Sagittaron? That gets a very snobbish response from her, her high class roots showing, "Eww, Sagittaron? I was thinking of asking Daddy to help me set my own charity on Caprica, I even sent him a message to see if he would, you know him." She smiles and looks towards her brother, "He's always happy to hand us money, so long as he doesn't have to do anything."

Lexi shrugs as he has never been close with his Father then again who among the Aurelia children have been close with their parents. "Sagittaron is a place full of good people. Don't let their religious ideals get in the way of understanding how wonderful they are. Kaycee, you and I have both seen the Colonies." It would seem that his time living off Caprica has humbled him significantly in regards to the other Colonies, "Though if you want to go to Caprica and work with children there are those that need help there as well." It is Alexander's turn to ignore his Father.

Callista purses her lips momentarily before replying, her tone sullen, "Oh give it a rest Lexi, every colony is full of good people that need help. It's not just Sagittaron that has good people, it has just as many bad I'm sure and that's the same for every other one of the twelve colonies." Looking over at Alexander she sighs, "Just trust me, I've seen all sorts in the fleet, people from every single colony at their best and their worst. We as human beings, regardless of where we're born have the same capability to be good or evil. Let's not bring religion into it either, it's another excuse for people to justify actions." Despite her momentary rant, she smiles sweetly at her brother, her voice honey, "Nothing against your precious Sagittarons of course my dearest brother, you know I love you."

Alexander looks back at Callista, "And I love you too, Kaycee." He then takes his sucker ouf of his mouth again, "And I agree with you. Every Colony has good people. I've just recently gotten involved in a charity to bring some relief to Sagittaron and I was thinking you and I could work together on that. I mean, I had this idea that maybe you and I could take a trip across parts of Sagittaron by motorcycle and have a crew film us so we can show what a good time you and I are having, show parts of Sagittaron, and bring awareness of what is going on there to the rest of the Colonies."

Callista shakes her head with the sucker in her mouth and replies a bit emotionally, "No way! Cameras? Forget it! I'm not going to sell myself out like some kind of desperate washed up ex-star who wants five more minutes of fame, not for any cause or any ammount." Her expression is dead serious as she looks Alexander right in the eyes, "I'm a Doctor now, that's who I am. I gave up acting and I gave up the spotlight, because it wasn't what I wanted." She slides her legs up under her and sits up in the couch, so she can really look at her brother, "Lexi, I bombed my career purposely. I did it because, I hate the attention, I'm not like you or mom. I wanted to do my own thing and I think a motorcycle ride around Sagittaron is great for you, but that's not for me, not anymore. It's sweet of you to think of me like that, but you're the big star."

Alexander looks over looks over at Callista and he says, "I wasn't suggesting it for fame." He says softly, "I was saying it so you and I could do something together. Kaycee, you are my best friend and one of the few people I really trust in all the worlds." Lexi looks back at Callista, "I know you bombed your career on purpose and I know you wanted to become a doctor. I just want to do something big with you before my next project. You know I never really spend time with anyone else in the family." There is another pause as Lexi takes the sucker out of his mouth, "And I don't do this for fame, I do it for the art, though I appreciate the fame that comes with it." He looks at the door from which Private James is outside waiting for him, "Well, mostly I appreciate it." He hides a bit of his insecurity and the rest of the Colonies will never see it but Callista might.

Callista blushes a little and looks away, "That's sweet, it is but motorcycles aren't safe either, come on those things are death traps! Two wheels, noo way." Standing up and stretching her arms out, she supresses a yawn with one hand before moving to the desk and pouring a couple glasses of water and offering one over to Alexander, "I know you're an artist, I'm sorry, I'm just cranky it's y'know, one of those things and another thing. Seriously though, you should do it, people will love you for it." She laughs softly and runs a hand through her older brother's hair before leaning down to give him a kiss on the cheek, "Who knows, you might start a new trend."

Alexander considers his options, "Well, I am sure I could find someone I know to ask but it still wouldn't be the same without you." When Callista mentions how much she dislikes motorcycles there is an impish look in Lexi's eyes, "Kaycee, motorcycles are awesome since they give us a chance to feel freedom. A motorcycle can go anywhere and do almost anything. It can travel in places where there are no ready roads." Then Callista's older brother tries a new tactic, "Okay, motorcycles are out. What if we traveled using anything but motorcycles? Trains, boats, cars, but no planes or motorcycles?"

Callista shrugs her shoulders and sits back down on the couch, "Maaaaybe we can travel another way but let's not worry about that right now. We'll figure it out, when we get there, we're young and time is on our side." Finishing the choclately center of her sucker, she tosses the stick into a waste bin near her desk and asks the inevitable, "Meet anyone yet?" She glances back to the door and jokes, "Aside from your starstruck private."

Alexander looks at Callista, "Define, meet anyone yet for me?" Lexi asks his little sister curiously as he has taken time with his sucker and he hasn't even gotten near the chocolate center as he is methodical, thoughtful, and almost scholarly in his approach to things.

Callista stares back at her brother, "Oh come on, you know what I mean! Don't try to act all innocent on me, I bet you've had dozens of women throwing themselves at you already." Taking a drink of her water, she waits for the juicy details, if there are any at all to be had.

Alexander grins sheepishly, or more like a wolf grinning sheepishly, "Well, get this, I had a Westfield who was interested in me." Lexi leanss in, "Of the Caprica City Westfields, Maia was her name." Lexi looks over at his Sister, "Though you know me, I don't take anyone home. I'm afraid to ruin the fantasy for them. Remember, if I ever end up in a relationship I will ruin the illusion of fantasy for my fans and for whoever it is I meet." Alexander says quietly and thoughtfully, "I spoke with Captain Diego today, she and I agreed on one thing. If one is to do anything it must be done with passion. Same with love. Kaycee, I'm not going to end up like Mom and Dad in a marriage of convience."

Callista shrugs her shoulders and replies sadly, "Everytime I fall in love, I get my heart broken, I've sworn off love, relationships and anything of the sort." She grins, half-teasing her brother, "I don't know, maybe Mom is smarter then we gave her credit, she has more money then she can use and nothing but time available. Smart move for her, what if she married some poor working class man?? Ugh, I don't even want to think about it Lexi." Glancing over at the time, she sighs and says apologetically, "Lexi, I have an appointment in ten. I should get ready for that, I hope you don't mind.."

Alexander looks at Callista, "Kaycee." This time it is his turn to draw near, "Money at the end of the day doesn't mean much, does it? What good is money if you have no one to share it with. No one to spend time with and enjoy life with. What good is anything if you feel alone and loveless even when you are around others." Lexi smiles softly, "And if she had married some poor working class man we may have had a Father who took more interest in who we were as children." He looks up at the clocks and he squeezes her hand and stands, "And I suppose I should go back to meet my fan." He winks at Callista, "Just, don't do what Mom did, okay?"

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