Frederick Adrastos
Mr. Frederick Adrastos
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Frederick Adrastos
Alias: fr
Age: 29
Features: Impeccably well kept.
Colony: Libran
Rank: Mr.
Department: Civilians
Position: Businessman


Frederick had been a businessman of no small affluence before the worlds ended. The Adrastos name is prominently connected to one of the oldest Banking houses on Libran, and Frederick had been the latest in a long line of Librans well schooled in law and finance. He had represented the family Firm on Tauron for several years when the bombs dropped.

Among those who survived long enough to be retrieved by Cerberus, Frederick- who meticulously manages to stay well groomed, even as a refugee- is among the civilian volunteers who administrates the distribution of supplies to the population of the Elpis, under military supervision, of course.

Immediate Family

  • George Adrastos (Father), missing on Libran
  • Hera Adrastos (Mother), missing on Libran
  • Phillip Adrastos (Brother), missing on Caprica
  • Thomas Adrastos (Brother), missing on Libran
  • Elektra Adrastos (Sister), missing on Libran
  • Diana Adrastos (Sister), missing on Libran

Work Experience

Year Position Institution Notes
2034 AE Graduate University of Libran Bachelors of Science in Finance
2036 AE Graduate University of Libran BS in Law, Masters in Finance
2037 AE Legal consultant Adrastos Firm Minos, Tauron
2039 AE Executive Adrastos Firm Minos, Tauron

Physical Features

This tall gentleman has managed to remain immaculately well kept since the end of the world. Walnut brown hair is meticulously combed, his jaw and throat closely shaven. Blue eyes are under expressive brown brows, while a straight nose and strong jaw compose a rather handsome face. Perhaps a few fingers' width above six foot, he has an athletic build that speaks of regular exercise, but hands are uncalloused.

He wears a well tailored overcoat- black leather that was even finer before enduring more weather and exposure than a designer weather-coat typically sees. Buttoned closed, with the collar turned up to just beneath his jawline, the gentleman wears dark trousers beneath, and well polished leather shoes that can't quite polish over the deep scuffing they've received. Keen eyes might note a watch on his left wrist. Gold might be worthless now, but not so long ago such a watch would have been a status symbol.

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