Frankie Holquin
Mr Frankie Holquin
Jamal Woolard
Jamal Woolard as Frankie Holquin
Alias: Level Eight Magus
Age: 29
Features: Big.
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Mr
Department: Civilian
Position: Gaffer, TV4 News at Eight

The lovable Magus of the Sepulcher died during the evacuation of Leonis on 18 Jun 2041 AE. Even though he survived a savage Saggie attack on his nutsack, he never managed to reach Level 9 before his gruesome demise.


Born in Kythera to a solidly middle-class family, Frankie dreamed of becoming a movie star, undeterred by the fact that he couldn't even win a supporting role in the dozen-plus school plays for which he auditioned. Coddled by parents who took an altogether laissez-faire approach to raising their child, he dropped out of high school with their blessing to participate in a reality television show chronicling the lives of — you guessed it, high school dropouts.

Alas, his dreams of wealth and burgeoning stardom never materialized. Voted off that show in the second round of cuts, he returned home, won his general education qualifications, and enrolled in the local community college. His electrician's certification soon translated to a part-time job as a lighting technician for TV4's daytime soaps, where he discovered his real talents lay not in front of a camera but behind it. When Colin Ashwood needed somebody to run lighting for his evening news program, Frankie's was the first name the studio recommended.

Unmarried and living in his (now-divorced) mother's basement at twenty-nine, Frankie survived the Holocaust along with the rest of Ashwood's lighting team when dispatched to cover a protest at an H-Train station in Morningvale. He encountered a Colonial advance scouting party on 15 May 2041 AE, saving it from a Centurion ambush with the help of Ashwood, Marty Dames, and Chris Calita.

Frankie is a devotee of role-playing games and refers to himself as a 'level eight magus of the sepulcher,' whatever that means.

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