Fort Dictys

Fort Dictys

Built in 1945 AE to protect the Stovall Peninsula in the north and the Aestonian continent to the south, Fort Dictys occupies a group of large rocks off the steep south-west tip of the Stovall Peninsula. Commanding the narrow passage between the Aegean Sea and the Tanneman Ocean, it is reached by a causeway and was originally designed to fend off invaders during the Great Civil War. Armaments included ten 64-pounder guns in four open batteries, manned by 2 officers and 50 men, an anti-aircraft installation manned by 1 officer and 12 men and a large component of firearms.

The Treaty of Delphi was signed only 3 years after Fort Dictys was completed. This rendered the installation unnecessary and resources were diverted to other, more urgent needs. It stood silent and abandoned for forty years. When the Cylon War broke out, the Aerilon government remembered the old Fort that had served so well during the earlier conflict. Resources were again sent to refurbish the aged installation. While it was never entirely modernized, it did serve proudly throughout that conflict. General Hilde Obscurion, commander of Fort Dictys during the Cylon War was one of Aerilon’s representatives to the Cimtar Peace counsel. Her signature can be seen on the Cimtar Peace Accord, a copy of which is held at the Aerilon Museum of History in Mykenae.

Today, Fort Dictys is staffed with a skeleton crew of only 40 souls. Lead by Major Adonis Forrester, the crew keeps the guns in working order, keep the fort clean, and hold ritual mock-battles staged on the island grouping as well as either continent. These serve as a means for nearby farmers to let off some steam as well as a minor tourist draw. It is rumored that there are plans to convert the Fort into a themed hotel in the hope of bringing in more tourist currency to the region.

Affected PCs

PO2 Cappella, A: Served as Head Cook 2023-2025


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