BCH #006: For Realzies Versus Pretendy Fun Time
For Realzies Versus Pretendy Fun Time
Summary: After Juno meets Alexander, Marko, and Margaret, opinions are offered on Alex's chances of surviving a spar with the marine. Thoughts on matters theological are also discussed. (Please note: some adult language.)
Date: 20 Feb 2041
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[ Raptor Squadron ]---——[ Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus ]
The Raptor squadron pilots and ECO's call this place home.
Berths line the walls with a locker between each one. A table and chairs sit in the center and there is a hatch to the Pilots Head, which connects to the Viper Squadron Berthings.

There is a bag slung over Alexander's shoulder as he makes his way into the Raptor berthings looking for a place to bunk down since he has been assigned to work with the LSO. He stops by the table and he starts to look at each empty bunk as if to find the best one. He places his bag on the table as he stands there in his blues.

Juno is laying in her berth, prone with a typed letter in her hand. Facing the little shelf at the head of her berth, it's been arranged as a tiny altar with the Lords Aurora, Artemis, Athena, and Ares in a half circle. The way she's splayed out, the edge of a tattoo can be seen under the edge of innermost offduty tank. Her gaze slides to the new entrant, and she remarks oh so casually, "Hot or cold?"

Alexander looks over at Juno, "Hot. I'm always hot." The blonde man with the blonde hair and the crystal blue eyes says as he is easy enough to spot. How many celebrities join the air wing after all? He finally finds a place that isn't used to dump his stuff off in a bunk. "Ensign Aurelia, pleasure to meet you and you are?" Alexander asks as he starts pulling things out of his bag to put in a locker as he has been given standard issue everything and it is all being stowed away.

Markoshipboard duffle on his shoulder, makes his way into his assigned berthing space, looking around at his new surroundings curiously. The dark-haired, fair complexioned young man looks a little shagged out and ever so slightly disheveled. "Eh…hello?" he asks, wicing a bit as he says the words. Awkwardness…always a great way to introduce yourself!

Juno hasn't really noticed him yet, but remarks, "No, rookie, I mean, do you sleep better when the air's warm or cool, and frak me, you're Alexander Aurelia!" She shifts into a seated position, leaning forward so she doesn't bang her head on Bunny's bunk. Her eyes flick to the even more recent arrival. "Raptors or Vipers?" she queries Marko, but is still kind of eyeing Alexander. "If you're looking for Raptor berthings, you're in the right place. If you're a hyperactive stick jockey, bugger off - two doors down on the left."

Alexander looks over at Juno and he smiles sheepishly, "Right now I am Ensign Aurelia, and I'm not a hyperactive stick jockey. I've been assigned to assist the LSO so I won't even be touching a stick of any kind or an ECO board." The actor turned Ensign says as he finished putting things in his locker. Alexander buttons the top of his navy blues as he looks over at Juno, "And I prefer cold air when I sleep." There is a bried smile, "And you still haven't told me who you are?" As Marko makes his way in Alexander turns and he waves, "You are new too then I take it? Welcome aboard."

Margaret arrives from the Deck 4.
Margaret has arrived.

"Huh…son of a bitch…" Marko grunts, shaking his head a little at the sudden appearance of a media magnet like Aurelia. "I think I'm in the right place." he adds, shrugging a little, "The map they gave me didn't make a lot of sense." he says, holding up the little plastic bit he got at Orientation. "Sorry, you're not really catching me at my best." he blushes slightly. If he has one.

"You'll want a bottom bunk, then. Warm air rises, cool air stays lower to the floor." Juno explains, adding, "I was talking the new guy who is slightly more new than you by about ten seconds." she explains, and then offers, "I'm Deep Freeze. Juno Orestes, El Tee, Jay Gee, Ee Cee Oh." It's like a little chant, and it amuses her.

Tromp, tromp, tromp comes the rhythmical tread of four pairs of combat boots as a marine patrol in full combat gear sweeps through. Taking point is Meg, her expression serious as gunmetal grey eyes scan around carefully, although some of her fireteam look a little bored "Evening sirs, everything fine?" she asks politely in her heavily accented voice.

Alexander looks over at Juno and he repeats as he begins to memorize names and faces, "Juno Orestes, JiG, Deep Freeze." There is a moment as his brain memorizes this bit of information and then there is a, "It is a pleasure to meet you Juno." Alexander says and he turns to look over at Marko, "When is one ever truly their best?" It is a philisophical question but there is a shrug as asks Marko, "And you are?" Though he looks over at the boots that come in and he spots Margaret and this is a face he knows as he waves to the marine. Margaret might be suprised to see that Alexander is now in a blue Colonial Fleet Uniform in the Raptor berthings with the top buttons of the jacket undone. "Hey Margaret."

"Marko Scaurus." the young, dark haired man replies, offering a handshake. "Ensign, ECO, fan of some of your work and too frakking tired to think straight." he chuckles, turning as the Marines enter. "There was a time when such as that worried me." he yawns, stifling it behind a fist.

"All clear, Corporal." Juno offers the marine easily, and adds for Markos' benefit, "Oh good, another bear, even if you're a cub. Ensign, no callsign? You fresh outta flight school then?" She looks between Alexander and the Corporal, starting to grin. Aww, they know each other! How adorable.

"Sir" Margaret says crisply to Alexander, well as crisply as the raspy Aerilon accent can sound. She offers a nod and polite smile to Juno and then looks over at Marko with a faint hint of a smile "No need to worry Sir, we are harmless" says the hulking heavily armed grunt.

Alexander takes the offered hand and he shakes it with a strong and firm shake, "Good to meet a fan though, please, for now just consider me an Ensign in the Fleet. Really, I am here to serve, Marko." There is a grin on his face as he looks back over at the Corporal and he says, "I think this means that you and I are good for that sparring match now, right?"

"Yes, sir." Marko replies to Juno, nodding politely. "Orders were cut…eh….some time ago after graduation at Athenos." he says, returning Alexander's handshake firmly. "Good to meet you, Aurelia. And you, too, sir." he adds for Juno's benefit. Ensign's disease, if it looks higher in rank than you, call it 'sir' and salute if at all possible.

"Harmless my extremely well toned butt." Juno snorts, and remarks to Marko casually, "You only gotta sir me if I'm giving you an order, Rook. Now, when the squadron leader or the CAG show up? You can sir yourself until you stain your pants or they tell you to stop." She nods her head, gospel truth, folks. She eyes Al and says, "I have to ask, though…for real? This isn't research for a role or something?"

"Wouldn't 'urt a bleedin fly sir. And I beleive it is against regs to comment on an officers arse" Margaret protests mildly to Juno, belying her currently rather lethal looking set of acessories. She looks towards Alexander, eyebrow arching mildly "Not quite frakkin dressed for it now sir, but I will bear that in mind sir" she says with a respectful nod.

Alexander finishes shaking Marko's hand and then he turns and looks at Juno as he takes a seat in his bunk on the bottom, "I started doing research for a role but I decided it might be better to do the real thing in order to best play an Officer in the Fleet. As soon as I can I plan on going to Flight School or perhaps studying to be an ECO but for now I'll be assisting the LSO, it may not be as glamorous as being a Fleet pilot but I suppose we all have our parts to play on a ship such as this." Alexander says casually as he adjusts something in his bunk and then he pokes his head back out and he smiles at Margaret, "I could quickly change into something for a work out if you wanted?"

Marko seems to take Juno's slight rebuke in stride, nodding a little as he holds quiet while the rest of the conversation plays out, ears pricked up.

"Seriously? You're going to through a year and a half to two years of training for a role?" Juno honestly doesn't know whether to be impressed or laugh her head off. She settles for shaking her head, and suddenly grins, a bit feral. "Oh hey, wait. You two are going to spar?" She looks at Alex, then Margaret, then back. "You know she's a marine, right? Marine." she points at Margaret, "Actor." she points at Alexander. "Realzies." finger points at Margaret the Marine, "Pretendy Funtime." finger points to Alexander the Actor. Conclusion: "She's gonna wipe the floor with you, man. Are you a masochist?"

Margaret nods back to her three companions who are armed and armoured as she is, waiting just outside the chamber then back to the others "As you might 'ave noticed sir…" she begins politely to Alexander "…I am pretty much on frakkin duty at the moment" she says then gamely fights off a laugh at Juno's comment, covering it up with a rather unrealistic sounding cough "Me last bloody posting before this was Marine advanced unarmed combat trainin" she adds mildly.

Alexander looks back at Juno, "I have studied boxing ever since I was in the movie The Ring. It is good to keep in shape and if a crazed fan ever jumps me I can defend myself." His eyes look back over at Margaret, "I am not a masochist but I was thinking maybe the Corporal could teach me a few extra moves in order to help me become a better fighter." He looks back at Juno, "I'm full of suprises and skills, Juno, you'd be amazed at what I know. Please, don't let the pretty face and the nice ass fool you." Alexander looks back at Marko, "Are pilots always this defeatist?"

Marko allows himself a little smile at the notion of Actor Boi versus Marine Grrl, shaking his head a little as he moves to find a rack. "If you don't mind my saying, Aurelia." he says conversationally. "The Corporal will kick your frakking teeth in." he observes. "That's what they teach them to do."

"It's really awesome that you learned how to box and you can defend yourself from a crazy fan. This woman, however, knows six ways to kill you with her pinky toe. Are you seriously going to stand there and claim you're to par with a Colonial Marine? You ride an amazing line between crazy, cocky, and braggart." Bet you all didn't know Deep Freeze knew two cubit words like braggart, huh? She snaps her fingers and points to Marko. "What the Rookie said. Smart Rookie. Good Rookie. You've earned your chow for the day." Yes, that's a compliment.

"Stop it sirs you will frakkin make me blush" Margaret deadpans as her eyes flick between the three talkin, her expression entirely serious. She looks back briefly to check her men are not two bored, and they exchange a few hand gestures before she looks back with a faint smile "Just don't put me in a bleedin cockpit though. Would be frakkin bad for all bleedin concerned"

Alexander looks at Juno, "I didn't say I planned on winning, Juno. I did say that I planned on sparring. Every experience we live through is one we can learn from. I think you misunderstand me, I am not being a braggart, I am being a student of life in general. Sometimes we need to get beaten down in a metaphorical sense to keep ourselves humble." There is a flashy smile, "And sometimes we need a physical beat down to remain humble. I have a trainer back home who pushes me beyond all logical reason and it hurts." Alexander looks over at Margaret, "And I was thinking that the Corporal here could be a good teacher." Alexander looks back at Marko and then to Juno, "Life is only good when you are living it to its fullest blessing, that means warts and all."

"Spoken like a man who's never been through Escape and Avoidance." Marko replies to Aurelia. "They ever make me go through that cack again, I will turn in my wings. I kid you not." he says, finding a bunk and starting to unpack his bag into its locker. "Where do you think I learned what Colonial Marines are capable of when they're motivated?"

"I think about seventy-five percent of that statement was made entirely of cliches." Juno notes to Marko, and after grinning past his shoulder to Margaret, she says easily enough to Alexander, "Welcome aboard the Cerberus, Aurelia.

"Can't say I 'ave ever 'ad the bleedin pleasure of assisting young officers through that phase of trainin" Meg weighs in, keeping her face carefully grave "Still as ma always said, where there is life there is 'ope" she says, lips twitching just a little "And ah with all due respect sir…" she begins formally to Alexander "…I suspect you might not find too much 'metaphorical' in the beatin's involved in marine CQB trainin"

Alexander offers to everyone present as he begins to take his jacket off, "I've been through Army bootcamp believe it or not. I did that for Behind Enemy Lines. That was a unique challenge and still though the drill instructor was no where near as bad as some Entertainment Industry producers I know." Alexander then looks back at Marko, "I also did a brief version of Officer Training, though I think I would like to revisit that while I am here." There is a moment where Alexander looks back over at Margaret with an amused look as he says, "I have no doubt you would leave me beaten and bloody but like I said everything is a learning experience."

"Heh…mention that to the CAG." Marko chuckles, starting to peel himself out of his blues. "If what I've read about her's right, she'll be more than happy to help you out."

Juno leans back in her bunk and claps her hands over her mouth. The Tauron just looks like she's going to laugh herself silly. "Sweet Aurora suckin' on Ares' cock, this tour is gonna be a blast." she declares gleefully.

Margaret coughs lightly as she looks towards Juno "Beggin yer pardon sir, but best to stay on 'is bloody good side on a new frakkin ship" she ventures politely at the comment about Ares. She smiles briefly and looks over to Alexander "I am sure sir you could be findin plenty of frakkers 'oo could train you better than a new bleedin corporal"

When the CAG is mentioned Alexander shrugs, "Well, I am sure the CAG has to look out for her crew in whatever way she sees best." With that the Ensign looks back over at Marko and then to Juno, "Glad to know I amuse you so. I've made a career out of amusing people. So, it is nice to know I haven't lost my touch." Alexander says with a devilishly handsome grin as he turns to look over at Margaret, "Perhaps, but you are the Corporal I know and that makes you better than the Corporals I don't know."

"Did she spit or swallow, Deep Freeze?" Marko asks, finally peeling off the last of his uniform and tucking it into a laundry bag. "I think Pythia says she spat, but Demetrius said she swallowed…I get confused on aspects." he chuckles, rooting through his duffle to produce a flask, which he immediately takes a nip from, then offers it, appropriately, to the more senior officer. "Sorry to seem like I'm ignoring you, Corporal." he adds, nodding politely."Good to meet you."

Juno offers reasuringly to the marine, "Don't worry, Corporal, I doubt Ares is offended. I mean, he's the god of war, so obviously he's got a really big cock. If you think about it, it's quite flattering really, though I suppose suckin' it is more Aphrodite's job." Yes, thoughtful words on matter theological, thank you, Deep Freeze! She then pauses, as Marko asks about a matter of deep spiritual contemplation. "Aurora spits," she decides, "And Aphrodite swallows." She beams at Marko when he offers her the flask, sits up, and takes it for a swig.

"Always found it best not to be bleedin temptin fate" Margaret offers respectfully towards Juno. She straightens up and nods to those around the room "With clothes commin off I will take that as me frakkin cue" she says with a brief smile "Alright lads lets get movin" she says to her fireteam as she starts to back out.

Alexander loooks at the three looking utterly amused now, "Blasphemy and I haven't been here even fifteen minutes, it is good to know that no one is rolling out the red carpert for me." This is said in honest and appreciative tones, still though, he is amused. However, as discussion of the Lords preferences is brought up the Ensign remains quiet for a moment as he shifts some more things around in his bunk and then he settles back in and falls asleep.

"He's got the right idea." Marko says, yawning again. "If this humble rook might be so bold." he adds with a trace of a smirk. "This has been the longest day of my frakking life….By who or whatever the hell or hells is listening, next time some detailer sends me space-a, I'll bite bullet and buy a ticket. Comfy seats, drinks service, in flight movie, the son of a bitch doesn't malf on the ramp four times…" he yawns.

Juno sings a lilting, "Go to sleep, lil' rookie, get it while you can." Shocker of shockers? Juno actually has a rather nice voice, a husky, torch-song worthy alto. She offers Margaret a nod. "See you, Corporal."

"Way ahead of ya, LT…" Marko yawns, burrowing into his rack.."Fun starts tomorrow…." he smiles as he starts to drift off. "Oh, keep the flask….got two more in my footlocker….." Rookie, yes. Stupid, not so much.

"Well I will let the young sir get 'is much needed beauty sleep" says the rather young Marine corporal. With one more nod around she makes a signal with her gloved hand and the three marines file out to continue their patrol.

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