PHD #422: Food Break
Food Break
Summary: Devlin, Gallagher, and Mitchell chat over some food. Probably food, anyway.
Date: 24 Apr 2042 AE
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It's like a cafeteria. Because it is a cafeteria.
Post-Holocaust Day: #422

Devlin is up in the food line, making his way down the buffet, sliding his tray along with him. He doesn't look particular enthused by any of his choices, and, given that there isn't really a line at this off-hour, spends a while lingering in front of the 'entrees', apparently stuck on the choice between chicken in some sort of sauce and pork in some other sort of sauce.

Making his way into the galley, Mitchell looks around for a few moments, shaking his head a bit as he enters. Heading over in the direction of the food line, or what would be the food line with more people here, he starts humming a little bit to himself, otherwise quiet for now.

Food. There's nothing quite like it. And when you're on a short break from work, it can be one of the greatest reprieves around to just sit and eat a little bit. Entering into the galley and starting through the line not too far behind Devlin and Mitchell, Gallagher picks up a piece or two of bread for herself, as well as some of the chicken.

Devlin is still frowning at the chicken vs pork conundrum as Mitchell and Gallagher approach, apparently not noticing that he is now holding up the line until the latter steps in to acquire some of the chicken for herself. "Oh, sorry," he says, stepping out of the way, "I couldn't pick. I guess that means it's pasta and salad night," he decides finally, spooning some penne in yet another sauce onto his plate and then side-stepping down to fill the other two-thirds of the space with salad. "Can you tell what that sauce is?" he asks the engineer, gesturing at her chicken, "There wasn't a card and I couldn't tell."

Mitchell gets himself some of that chicken himself, before he offers a bit of a grin to the other two. "Probably safer if you don't know, right?" he offers a bit lightly.

Gallagher shakes her head at Devlin. "It's no worries. It can be hard to make the decision, right?" She offers him a little smile, offering a sly grin over in Mitchell's direction. "Yeah, I've learned not to ask what the sauces are. If there's nothing describing what it is, you probably don't wanna know. Just…go with it." She gives them both a playful wink. "It's probably a safer bet going for the pasta and salad. At least you know what they're putting in those!"

"Yeah, I don't know why I keep asking," Devlin shrugs, "I mean, it's not like they ever taste much like what they're supposed to be anyway, right? I guess maybe it makes it easier if I know what to pretend. Like, 'oh, that's a dijon mustard sauce? Sure! I can totally taste that, I swear.'" He smiles crookedly and continues down the line, grabbing up a container of chocolate pudding and then a second as well. As for the safety of his pasta, he shrugs, "Ehhh… you never know, right? Great disguise, tomato sauce."

"That's not tomato sauce…" Mitchell deadpans, as he gets himself something to drink now. "How are you two, then?"

"Never hurts to ask, I suppose. Just…you know. Sometimes it's better not to." Gallagher chuckles. "Although, I guess you could always go asks the cooks. They might tell you…or they might not. They may say that it's a 'secret sauce'. But that'd make anyone wanna know even more!" She sighs, looking down at her plate, deciding if she wants to grab herself any more food. "Hmm?" She looks up at Mitchell. "Oh. You know. Can't complain. On a break.

"Yeah, probably safer all in all. And hey, it's red," Devlin replies to Mitchell with a chuckle, "So I am going to taste tomatoes. Whether they're in there or not." He gathers up a half dozen of the little plastic water glasses, piling them onto his tray and filling them up one by one at the machine. He glances back at Mitchell and Gallagher and then says, "Oh, we've never actually met, have we? Sorry. I'm Alex Devlin. What're you guys on a break from?"

Mitchell grins, "Break's good. Every time." He then offers a bit of a nod to Devlin. "Zack Mitchell. And the break would be from trying to keep the electrical stuff running around here. Wouldn't be good if we suddenly lost the light when we're about to eat, would it?" A look to the food, and a chuckle. "On second thought… Maybe it would." Spoken a bit lightly.

Gallagher laughs. "Well, whatever works, right? I'm not about to judge a person's eating methods." Grabbing herself some cutlery and looking around for a place to sit, she looks back at Mitchell and Devlin. "Isabella Gallagher. And yeah, what he said." She bobs her head in Mitchell's direction. "We keep the electrical stuff running." She smirks. "Well, you know, if the lights fail well we're eating, I'm just gonna order you to go fix them, right?" She says slyly to Mitchell. Looking at Devlin, she asks, "What do you do?" Finding a seat relatively close by, she sits down and starts eating while listening to the others.

Devlin laughs at Mitchell and nods, "Yeah, might not be too bad, if it came to it. Nice to meet you guys," he smiles to both of them. "Electrical engineers, huh? Cool, cool. I don't meet many engineers," he admits, "A couple here and there that do some deck work, I guess, but you snipes seem to keep to yourself a bit, huh? Oh, I'm a pilot," he offers as he joins them at the table, taking a seat, "With the Black Knights. Nice to meet you guys. How come they call engineers 'snipes' anyway?" he asks as he forks up a bite of pasta, "I've always meant to ask someone that."

"Curse you of higher rank," Mitchell offers a bit lightly in Gallagher's direction, before he offers a bit of a nod to Devlin. "Ah, a living, breathing, eating pilot," he offers, after having seated himself with the others. "Thanks for the good job you guys are doing out there." As for the snipe question, he shrugs a bit, "Don't know."

Gallagher nods to Devlin. "We don't often venture down to the Deck all to often. Or…well, when we are down there, anyway, we try to keep hidden." She smiles. "Or at least I do. Don't wanna get in the way of all you pilots, after all. You're the guys who ward off the attacks. And we're grateful for it." She nods a little, taking a bit of her food. She gives Mitchell a slight smirk before turning back to Devlin at the question. "Yeah…I don't really know why we're called 'Snipes' either. I'll have to ask around."

Devlin glances at Gallagher's lieutenant pins as if just noticing them and smiles, "Sorry, guess I should've been calling you sir too, huh? But most don't care if it's off-duty in the galley, right?" He takes a sip of water and another bite of pasta and then smiles at both engineers, nodding, "Thanks, thanks. I mean, I just do my job like you guys do. Wouldn't be much point to us flying around out there if the ship was falling apart from the inside anyway, right?" He shrugs, "I'm just an ensign anyways, only been in the wing for a couple…" he trails off and lips move as he counts back, "…wow, almost seven months. Not a couple. It feels like a couple. That's crazy."

Mitchell eats a little of his food, rather thoughtfully, before he grins a little bit. "Only came aboard after you guys so helpfully picked up those of us that was stuck down there," he offers.

Gallagher waves a hand dismissively at Devlin. "Yeah, I'm not so worried about rank right now. I mean, we're eating. If we were both working and on duty, that'd be another story." She says, shrugging. "I guess we're all doing good work, eh?" She says with a tiny smile, eating a bit more of her food. "I've been here on the ship, myself, since the beginning. Took part in the wargames straight off the bat. I'll tell ya, some days I prefer those to the real thing." She says with a rolling of her eyes.

"Cool," Devlin smiles at Gallagher's response and then looks curiously to Mitchell, "Oh yeah? Where were you picked up?" He eats another few bites before chuckling at Gallagher again, "Only some days?" He takes a sip of water and offers, "I came aboard at Picon myself. Was making a delivery on my way down to the planet, happened to be on board. Damn lucky. Joined up with the Air Wing a couple months later."

"Southeastern quadrant," Mitchell replies with a bit of a shrug. "I got to Tauron a few days before things went bad. Rented a motorcycle and headed off to some caves down there. When I found out, I ended up joining the first group I encountered. And we got picked up by you guys later on." Nodding a bit to Gallagher. "Sounds quite better than what we're doing these days."

Gallagher snorts a little. "Okay, so pretty much every day." She shrugs. "But hey, at least we're still alive, right? That's a total upside." Sometimes it's good to look on the bright side of things, right? At least that's what she's telling herself. "No offense meant if either of you are Taurian, but I'm glad it wasn't mean stuck on Tauron. It's not exactly the friendliest of colonies. Wasn't before Warday, and no doubt less so now." She lets out a long sigh and takes another bite of her chicken.

"Oh, you were one of those from Tauron," Alex nods to Mitchell, "Gotcha. Where're you from, then?" He asks, before glancing over at Gallagher's comment. He looks somewhat pointedly down at his left arm, covered from shoulder to past the elbow in Taurian tatau. His smile is crooked and wry as he shrugs, "I mean, Tauron gets a bad rep. There are some nasty areas, sure, but that's true for every planet. Sagittaron's the place you really didn't wanna get stuck. With the terrorists still active down there and everything. That was crazy."

Mitchell shrugs, "Wasn't that bad, except when everyone tried to shoot us," he offers with a light grin. "And I'm from Caprica, originally. Family ran a few restaurants. High standard stuff. Willie, my older brother was running them back then." He sighs a little bit, before he adds, "I should be heading off. Got a few things to take care of now…"

Gallagher glances at Devlin's arm as he does so as well, shrugging. "Nothing against Taurians in general. Just…the colony has one of the worse off reputations, I guess." She murmurs. Finishing off her food, she moves to stand as well. "I hate to say this, but I should be heading out too. Gotta get back to work. Wires to rewire, lights that need checking, consoles that are constantly loosing power. You know. All the fun stuff." She smiles slightly. "See you guys around."

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