PHD #088: Flowers, Vipers and Raptors
Flowers, Vipers and Raptors
Summary: Quinn and Ethan discuss art and the downside of seeking dual training.
Date: 25 May 2041 AE
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Quinn Ethan 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #88

Ensign Weber visited Allie just the day before, gave her the drawing he made with the flowers and left another for Captain Quinn, in hope that she would see it when she was released from sickbay. The drawing itself, represents a bouquet of flowers, each one has a different color. Violent, Red, Pink, yellow…and more, it does seem that he spent some time doing it. Now, with that said, the drawing is not the most amazing thing ever, it is, in fact…rather bad. He certainly doesn't have an artist in his blood. A red bow is drawn around the flowers, as if tying them together and a little paper note has been drawn as well. The note reads as follows 'I hope you get well soon, Ensign Ethan Weber' The mix between Military correctness and bad drawing is, strange but still, he aimed for these to cheer her up. So! Right now, he is not there, but will be, soon.

Finally released from sickbay, Maggie is learning how to do things with crutches in her hands almost constantly. Her right leg is completely casted up and immobile, though her left knee is just in a brace and able to take most of her weight. Still, it's not quite easy going. But she's now had two showers since coming back, as many changes of clothes as she owns, and is feeling infinitely more human. So, with that in mind, she's limped back to her berthing, fairly intending on settling in for a nap even if she's only been awake a few hours. She could sleep 20 hours a day, truth be told, right about now. She blinks at the drawing on her locker, a small smile perking at her lips…"What in the worlds…" She mutters, limping over as she scans her eyes down it and chuckles softly, "Oh, Fresh…"

It seems that the word 'Fresh' actually summons the Ensign, because not even a minute goes back and the young man walks inside the room. He looks around for a moment and after spotting Captain Quinn, a big smile forms on his lips and he offers "Captain…" he salutes and nods politely "How are you feeling? I hope they treated you well in sickbay?" Now he steps further inside the place and offers a gentle smile to the woman. "I'm glad to see you again"

Quinn is, by a minute's time passing, actually sitting on the edge of her bunk, her crutches gently resting propped up to the side, the drawing in her hands. She looks up to him, a hint surprised but her smile only widens. "Fresh! No, no… no salute…off duty… probably off duty for a good bit right now so, just relax." She admits, looking a bit tired at the thought. "Thank you for the drawing. That is… remarkably sweet. I'm going to need to start a poster wall between you and Bunny!" The question of how she's feeling gets a bti of a shrug, "Better than expected, I suppose? And yourself… head on straight? That was… damned amazing flying."

Takes a more relaxed stance and smiles even more after he notices he liked the drawing "Ah! I'm glad you liked it…I had to wrestle a kid to take her crayons, she beat me up pretty good but let me have them if I returned them to her after an hour" he chuckles softly at this and then makes his way to a chair close to where Quinn is. The man takes a seat and scans her for a little while "You look better" nods "And I'm certain that with time, you will recover nicely. But I do beg you, don't do anything to hurt it again, as much as I love carrying you around, I don't want you to get hurt again" He chuckles softly at this and then smile "Thank you, it really was a combined effort with the piloting, Knickers did an amazing job" At some moment he wants to mention Emerson and he probably will, soon, but to cause more grief by mentioning the MIA ECO is not something he wants to do to Quinn. "Bunny…" repeats Fresh, he still doesn't know everyone "Harriers Pilot, yes?"

Quinn nods in affirmation about Bunny…"Yes. Evandreus, but… it's really just Bunny after so many years, you know? He's fond of similar artistic expression. When he gets back to the ship, you two should… talk…" Maggie shifts on her bed, leaning back and very gently peeling a drawing taped on her ceiling off before handing it over to Ethan. "His last masterpiece. So… I've got two artists. I couldn't be happier." His comment about not being hurt again makes her frown slightly. "I…I don't have intentions on being hurt again but… we'll see about being back on the line." There is almsot something more she wants to say, but she keeps herself quiet for the time being.

Ethan takes the offered piece of art and examines it for a moment "It's pretty good actually" says the man with a gentle smile. Now he chuckles and says "I'm no artist, I…well…I try to accomplish things with what I have. I had no real flowers around to gather so my next idea was to make a drawing. I kinda enjoyed making it tho, I had you both in mind so it was nice." He looks at the drawing a bit more and smile, offering it back to her "But yes, I will talk with Bunny, you certainly make him sound as a pretty decent guy and, that says a lot" He tilts his head at the last words she said, he nods in acceptance and smiles softly "I agree, none of us want that." But he presses his lips together and finally asks "But there's something else, isn't it?" he tries to figure things out but finds himself unable to do so "Yes, something else. What's troubling you?"

Quinn accepts the drawing back and, gently, she retapes it with the old tape to the ceiling of her bunk. Ethan's drawing is given the special spot just at the side of her bunk against the wall until she can beg/borrow/steal some tape off of someone again, but still it's visible and close at hand, something to make her smile when she wakes up in the morning. Then, she sits up again, being catch just a bit as he reads that hesitation right off her face. Her frown just deepens. "I… I probably shouldn't be speaking of it, honestly… It's possibly nothing." The first part is earnest. The second part? She doesn't believe for one second.

Ethan looks at Quinn as she returns Bunny's drawing to it's original place, he smiles at the care she is putting on the one he gave to her. He now focuses on her expressions as she speaks and then presses his lips, nodding slowly. "Captain, if you feel like you shouldn't be talking about something, it's perfectly alright if you don't. After all, you are not bound to tell me stuff" he offers a gentle smile and leans forward "But, it's probably nothing?" he shakes his head, still carrying that smile "That, I'm not so sure about. That frown that you just showed…wouldn't have been there if it were nothing" he sits straight and shakes his head "I revert to my first statement, if you feel like you shouldn't, you don't have to"

Quinn sighs quietly, "I would love to. But… It's not something that's really on the record now." Quinn admits, torn quietly between having a friend about the matter and sticking it out alone. She sinks to the side in her bunk, tiredly curling up there, propping her pillow up under her head so she's not really, fully laying down and is facing, looking him over instead. "… I promise I'll tell ya as soon as I'm allowed…" She finally settles on.

Ethan smiles at Quinn and nods "Sounds good" Now he leans forward and gets closer to the woman "Here, let me help you with that." The Ensign tries to get her pillow positioned in a way that would create the most comfort for the woman. "By the way? Cold? I could certainly get another blanket or something like that…" there are after all, many empty spaces around. He sits down and leans back against his seat "Captain, there is something I wish to tell you. I had a quick talk with the CAG, I requested for Viper training, but of course, aimed to /not/ interrupt my work with the Harriers" he smiles gently at this, and adds "Please don't think that I want to leave the Harriers, nothing like that at all. I only wish to broaden my skills, and perhaps, in a future, score some kills in the name of the Green Gulls. Be that either on a Raptor, or a Viper."

Quinn nods in quiet understanding, "Don't worry about the blanket, I think I'm fine. Thank you, though." She settles into that pillow that he's adjusted, her smile earnestly grateful. "…As for viper training, I'm more than fine with it. But yes…I… I can't afford to lose a pilot like you out of the Raptor's seat. After what I saw the other day… you practically fly a raptor like it IS a Viper. Why would you want to move?" She asks earnestly, that protectiveness of her squadron flaring out once more.

The Ensign can't help it, he smiles widely when she speaks so nicely about his flying. "Thank you Captain, it really means to hear that from you" He shakes his head after that and says "I don't want to move, at all. I love being a Raptor pilot, and I'm planning on staying with the Harriers." he nods to this, presses his lips together and explains. "After Warday, I decided that I should aim to train myself in both areas. To continue developing myself as a Raptor pilot, and to get Viper knowledge." he shrugs at this "I guess I just want to have /every/ skill I can get to beat the crap out of those toasters" He smiles at the Captain "You won't lose me Captain, I promise. I'm going to keep pushing the Raptors to their limits, and maybe a bit beyond if we can afford the repairs after that" to this, he chuckles lightly.

Quinn listens quietly to that, "Yes, but…do remember, you might often turn into a jack of all trades and master of none at that rate. It's taken me 18 years to fly as skilled as I am and that's with all my focus on a Raptor. If your training is suddenly split, your muscle memory changes, your focus changes… That's my only worry. but I understand your reasoning also." It does make her frown, just a touch.

Ethan listens to what the Captain says, while doing so, he lets his fingers run over his shadow beard "Mmmm…I do see what you are saying. I guess I haven't thought of that" he nods in acceptance to his own words and adds "I certainly don't want to lose my handle on Raptors." he takes a deep breath and nods again "I'll tell you what, I will /certainly/ be mindful of this during first lessons on the simulators, if I see that something like that happens, I will stop. I promise." He offers a reassuring smile and says "Like I said Captain, my top priority…the Harriers. And besides, I met with my babygirl again (this would be the Raptor) I can't leave her, you know?"

Quinn smiles a touch to him, nodding. "I hear that. And it's all I can ask… but it will slow your progress on Raptors, I know that… split focus always slows the leaps we could be making." Maggie doesn't seem too bothered, but she's discussing it all practically.

"I agree, there are several things to take in consideration that I will admit…I hadn't when I first spoke with the CAG. I was…enraged, to say the least…after what happened during warday." he smiles softly "I guess that same feeling hit us all" Now he tilts his head and in order to remove potential worry from her, he asks something offtopic "Captain, if you don't mind me asking. Why is Jugs, your callsign?"

Quinn blinks a moment at that question…"I'll share…only if you tell me why they call you Fresh." She prompts with a hint fo a grin, appreciating the topic diversion.

Ethan considers the offer and after a few seconds, he nods softly "Sure, I can do that, but you'll either laugh, or end up looking at me as if I were completely insane."

Quinn chuckles a moment, "Fair enough, dear. Jugs… well, long story short, I… got very, very drunk one evening as a cadet and ended up falling asleep in some girl's bunk… right on her, well…Jugs." She blushes a bit harder remembering that story.

Ethan takes a moment to process the mental image that he is building, and it ends up with a soft chuckle "I see, I see…" he smiles amusedly and shakes his head. "That's actually a good one. And I can, without fear say that I suck at drinking, I have very low alcohol tolerance, so I get drunk really quick." He nods once again and takes a deep breath, ok his turn. "Fresh. The CAG gave me that call sign." he clears his throat and explains "I…well…I made a comment about her looks, I wanted to say that she looked young, so I said that she looked Fresh…to her" he presses his lips after that, being grateful to be alive at this moment.

Quinn smirks flatly to him…"Cidra gave you that? Cute. And yes, very… Fresh on your part, too.." She chuckles softly, shaking her head and then tucking her cheek back down into her pillow. "It's a good sign, Memorable."

Ethan chuckles amusedly and presses his lips together, still showing a smile "I…well…sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth, in the past I've had problems to express myself in an adequate fashion, still have them sometimes." Now he chuckles again and sits back "Thanks, I actually like it quite a bit, it's a reminder"

Quinn smiles stilly, "That's what all our callsigns are. Hell…reminders of better days these days too…" She admits softly, trying to hold back a strange sort of emotion but she's cranky, exhausted, and just not really up to being stoic and business like right now.

Ethan smiles softly and leans back against his seat. "Oh, by the way…there is a Deck Specialist, name Lauren Coll. She was looking for you yesterday, wanted to speak about what happened the other day, about…" he swallows and nods "Well, about Emerson, and the Raptor I think" He takes a deep breath after this and adds "Lucky and I were here and she stopped by."

Quinn tilts her head…"Lucky said something about that as well. Odd… " She frowns a touch about Emerson, her brows furrowing in quiet worry. "Yes… well… I'll be happy to speak to her. Possibly I should get up and get moving but… gods, I just want to sleep a while." Work. she should go do work. With a sigh she slowly pushes herself back into sitting.

"Whooa there…" says the man, shaking his head "Captain, I think that, what you need now is to rest, sleep and then…after that, you can do whatever you want but really, you shouldn't push yourself" He nods to this, a wise nod, or at least he wants to make it look like that. He makes no comments on Emerson, there are some demons that he has been battling since that day. He offers a gentle smile and a nod "Why don't you get at least a few hours of sleep and then, do whatever you want to do?"

Quinn considers that quietly, clearly her body and mind wanting to SLEEP, but her sense of professionalism is keeping her up. "How…urgent did the young woman make it seem?" She inquires of Coll, her expression all business even as she fights her own exhaustion.

Ethan considers for a moment, that is actually, a good question. "Ummm…" starts the man and then shakes his head "I, can't say I know. She said to mention that when we see you, so I guess…" he shrugs "I wouldn't know Captain. She did however, seem pretty shaken up with what happened, that she doesn't understand how could something like that have happened, that she worked on that Raptor and everything" He clears his throat and nods "Her words sounded truthful"

Quinn nods quietly. "I…should go try to find her. I can sleep after. Could you hand me my crutches, actually?" She accept some help, at least. She's up and ready to move, shifting to the edge of her bed and scooting forward so she can use her crutches to leverage herself off without putting too much weight on her injured knee and useless leg.

Ethan stands up, takes the crutches and places them in a position that would be comfortable for Quinn "Here you go Captain, need help standing up?" asks the man now, without trying to invade her space. He nods at her first words and says "Fair enough, but do try to get some sleep after that talk, please" The man stands up and remains at her side "And if you need help, do call me, I'm not scheduled for CAPs at the moment"

Quinn accepts the crutches beneath her arms and forward she goes, rocking up and onto her legs/arms. But she's standing. "Thank you, Ethan. I've got it. You get some rest yourself… relax, we'll get you back on CAP soon." With that, she gives him a fast smile and begins limping towards the door.

Ethan remains at her side while she stands and then nods "Yes, I should get some sleep, I have to admit that I've haven't slept much…in the past couple days" he nods and makes no further comment "Thanks Captain, looking forward to be out there again" and with that, he looks at her as she walks towards the exit.

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