PHD #402: Flexible Options
Flexible Options
Summary: Marine S3 comes to Madilyn with requests.
Date: 4 Apr 2042 AE
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Madilyn Vandenberg 
Marine Officer Berths
Almost an afterthought, this is the smallest berthing on the ship. A few short rows of bunks are set one over-top of the other. The lockers here are a bit larger than most elsewhere on the ship so as to accommodate the bulky combat gear associated with the security details of the officers that live here. A single table sits in the center of the room with chairs arranged around it loosely; more available than there are bunks in the room.
Post-Holocaust Day: #402

Vandenberg has been downtrodden with the facial scarring and missing ear sections since she got her bandages off. She's been trying to lightly involve herself in patrols but since the return from the recon to Gemenon the Operations Lieutenant has been busting ass, running all over teh ship and double-checking arms lockers. Its later into the evening when she finally returns to the Marines' Officer Country in her duty greens. Heading towards Madilyn's new bunk she raps her knuckles on the metal frame. "Major? Got a minute? Its in regards to the Gemenon recon, sir."

The shade is drawn back on the bunk, but the light inside the bed in turned on reading of some type or another. A few seconds after the rapping on the frame, there's whisking of papers, a little hacking cough, and then the curtain opens. There's a smell of smoke coming from inside there - cigarette, nothing wacky. "I suspect the amount of time is directly related to the question. If I can answer, I will, lieutenant." While she talks, there's a little waving of the hand to vent some of that smoke out into the berths.

Vandenberg leans against the frame with one arm up, expression pointed at Madilyn's. "Sorta, Major. Look, the details of what we saw and experienced are highly classified but you've seen the AAR. What was left out was the nature of the gathering of Cylons and humans that were mentioned. I know what I saw, sir. We're going back to Gemenon. While no official word on that has been given I am almost positive that Command wouldn't be stupid enough to skip out on it. I need your permission to begin planning a small-scale landing operation. I want to have something ready when Pewter or Tillman give the Go."

"With the intention to kill, capture, or parley, lieutenant?" That would of course determine the makeup and outfitting of any such landing operation. "What exactly was the nature of that gathering? What are you planning for this landing?" The exact nature of the gathering - the very thing left out of the AAR - is what causes Madilyn to sit up just a little straighter in the bunk, setting the papers aside completely now. She looks awfully interested for someone who's never (officially) been to Gemenon.

"Actually, neither, sir." Vandenberg is utterly serious when she replies quickly. "The nature of the gathering on the surface of Gemenon, at a temple of Aphrodite, was most definitely a party. Men, women, kids, skinjobs, Centurions. Everyone looked like they were living the high life. The Raiders that buzzed us sure as hell seemed like a friendly trio, too." There isn't even the hint of a smile. "I need an adaptive plan to cover armed security for a landing team and potentially conduct advanced recon on the site from the ground. Possibly a low-altitude airborne drop ahead of an actual landing party. I cannot in good faith trust that what we saw wasn't somehow orchestrated. Cylons are the enemy, Major. Even if what I saw would seem to indicate that a few are now best buddies with humanity." Never a smile, a loft of her brow, or even the hint of a little glimmer in her eyes. If someone turned-off the war, Vandenberg is going to require more proof than what she saw.

Madilyn says, "And you don't think we should at least give them a chance to arrange a peaceful meeting on neutral terms? I do agree that we need to investigate this location from the ground though, and if we have to do so through force of arms? Well, this is one case where I'm inclined to put more boots on the ground than is strictly necessary for a recon mission." From a sitting position, she swings her legs around out of the bunk to sit up a little more, though bent over to keep her head from hitting the next rack. "Do what you have to do, but I want the area around those falls investigated as much as you do, it would seem. You have permission to start planning the landing operation, with as many marines as you think is prudent, and then double that if you have to.""

"I'm a Marine, sir. There's no such thing as a peaceful meeting with the enemy. If its peaceful, they ain't the enemy. Until I hear from Command that someone or some thing is not an enemy, all Cylons are hostile, Major." Vandenberg could have spouted that from a textbook or the memory of a grizzled Marine Sergeant from years back. "Those people looked happy, sir. I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and not go in guns blazing. On the contrary, like I told Lieutenant O'Hare, I would personally risk my ass to talk to one in person. Given my operational investigation we could blow this war open if myself and a few others could sit down with a few 'friendly' skinners." Its obvious by the tone of her voice that she has no intention of opening fire. Maybe even tentatively hopeful. "Thank you, sir. Do I also have your permission to consult the Air Wing for insertion capabilities?" A pause. "I know that this is all theoretical, sir, until we hear from Fleet Command."

"Talk with them, yes. I might have the recon info, but they're the ones doing the piloting. Lieutenant, if you can find a way to get on the ground with as little flash as possible, I'd appreciate it. Bailing out of a Raptor and sneaking up on these folks might be misinterpreted compared to simply landing an armed security detail, particularly if the bulk of the humanoid Cylons are the Eleven model as it says in the recon." Sitting on the edge of the bunk, Madilyn runs a hand through her loose hair and exhales sharply, thinking but not letting any of it be verbalized for the moment.

"If we want recon, I can put together two insertions: One public and one covert. If Command wants a public insertion I can find a clear area near the temple to land a team. If Command wants covert, we can do that, too." Vandenberg sounds supremely confident. "All the same, sir, I would prefer covert. Its dangerous, but I would voice the opinion that landing a team of Marines publicly presents these Cylons with the capability to take down the lot of that team very easily. If a covert team is discovered then the team can handle it from there with specific guidelines from Command. The Elevens in our experience don't seem overtly hostile to us, Major, and would likely understand our caution - assuming we were even found before. I cannot stress the importance of being able to recon that terrain without the Cylons being aware of Marine or Navy presence, sir."

"Just…do what you have to do. Put together a plan that's ready to go if and when command gives the green light." Now, Madilyn's leaning forward over the side of the bunk, rubbing her temples with her thumb and middle finger, keeping her eyes covered up. She seems to be moderately flustered or aggravated by this, or something.

Vandenberg nods. "Fair enough, sir. Thanks. I should have something in a few days. I'll let you know." She stands off her lean, tapping a lazy salute to her head as she moves back off for the hatch.

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