PHD #309: Fixing the Birds
Fixing the Birds
Summary: Wade informs Khloe that he wants to talk with the Chief of Deck, for clearance to work on the Vipers.
Date: 01 Jan 2042 AE
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Khloe Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #309

Everyone has been busy, that's for sure. Wade is on alert mode so he has his flight suit on. The man is at the Berths, sitting on a chair, leaning back against it and staring at a wall, not doing anything else. He looks a little tired but not overly so, so it's not something that would cause worry. In front of him, there's a half full bottle of water and from time to time, he takes said bottle and takes a sip from it. It seems that nobody else is there at the moment, at least nobody awake, some curtains are shut so perhaps, some pilots are sleeping.

Khloe comes into the berths, also wearing her flight suit. There's a rare time when pilots have any down time lately, with the Cerberus in the condition that it is. Helmet is held in her left hand, gripped by the chinguard, and in her right hand is a clipboard and a small stack of papers. "Going to work while talking, Drips, but you wanted to see me?" She sits down at the center table and starts to fill out what appears to be wing and CAP assignments.

Wade looks up at Khloe as she appears and he nods in silence, at least at first. He takes another sip from his bottle and clears his throat "Yes, that would be correct. Don't worry tho, this should be fairly quick I think" He takes a deep breath and rubs both hands on his face. "I wanted to tell you, that I will go have a talk with the CAG about the possibility of talking with the Chief of the Deck, to get clearance to work on Vipers while I'm there. When I was a teen, I used to fix the shuttles I was flying on and…you know, I'm not the greatest of course but if I can give a hand with the Vipers, the better." Yep, he seems to be want more stuff to do. "The way I see it, I could be at the deck, fixing birds while on Alert Viper…so that works, right?"

Khloe begins signing documents, initialing where documents are correct and lining out and scribbling correctios as she goes. "I trust you've thought this out and aren't bucking for a promotion, because this sort of thing is exactly what I'd do if I had the skills," she observes dryly. "Still, I can't say I approve. Alert Viper means you are suited and ready to go at a moment's notice. If you're in overalls and work gear, you'll have to change. Can't say it's a quick change." Sign, scribble, sign.

There is a very faint smile that forms on Wade's lips as she mentions the first and he says "The way I see it, if I can help with something, I'll do it, specially now in condition two. The promotion thing is a bit….eh…let's say my promotion to LT was already slowed down by my asshole CAG, from the Chimaera of course." Yep, he is well 2 years over the LT mark…stupid CAG, stupid stupid CAG. "Well yes, I agree with you on that last…so I was thinking that maybe, while in Alert Viper mode, I can actually wear my flight suit while fixing the birds? I mean, I can always wrap the upper half around my waist and all"

Shaking her head slightly, Khloe lines out something on one of the reports in front of her. "Sloppy, sloppy," she mutters, and jots down some sort of correction. "Hmm? No, Drips, work down on the deck means you'll be exposed to sharp objects, which could harm your suit. Never mind the grease and whatnot that could compromise your suit, affect your grip inside your gloves, and gods know what else." She sighs, putting her pen down. "I can't approve of you monkeying around like one of the deckies. But if you can find work to do that isn't going to get your suit frakked up, like machine work or something, with your suit jacket around your waist, then I'll consider it. Have you spoken to the Chief?"

Well, he can't really say she's not right about that. "True enough" words out the man and then takes a deep breath, taking a moment to look at what she is doing. "Well, I guess the Chief of Deck is the one to ask for that kind of work and…no, I haven't spoken with him yet, gotta go through the right channels, right?" Regulations and stuff. "Like I said, I'm not really awesome at fixing things, I have the skills I need to at least help a little bit, and to fix the bird when out there in space, should something happen." He shrugs at this and then shakes his head "I can talk to him, see what can I do while on condition two and then see to get clearance for Condition three as well. With use of overalls and all that" He peers at her work and asks "So what are you doing? That's a lot of paperwork"

"Just the usual BS," Khloe responds, a little informal for her. "Things get kind of crazy during Condition Two, as an SL. You have a lot more personnel and gear readiness reports to shuffle through." Finishing the last page, signing her name, she glances up at Wade. Giving a faint nod, she says, "I appreciate you coming to me, first. See what you can do. But the bottom rule is, nothing that can or could jeapordize the integrity of your suit. Clear?"

"Gotta love BS…" says Wade, a bit of sarcasm in his tone. Now, he looks at the SL and nods faintly "Sure thing. And yes, nothing that could jeopardize suit integrity, got it" The man rubs one hand over his hair and leans forward a little, looking at the floor before moving his gaze back to Khloe "Captain, do you know where are we headed next? After Cerberus is fixed and we can do an FTL jump?" He takes a deep breath and leans back "It's a shame that Picon is so fraked up right now"

Khloe shrugs lightly. "I don't know, that's up to Pewter and Tillman to figure out," she says flatly. "It's none of my concern, and it's none of yours, Lieutenant. Just focus on pulling your weight and let the brass make the decisions." She moves to stand, taking up her helmet and clipboard. "Fly safe, Drips. Inspection, then CAP, for me. Again."

"I always do" replies Wade, about pulling his weight. He nods flatly and he presses his lips a little before saying "Very well then" He keeps his eyes on her as she stands up and taps on the table with his fingers "Clear eyes and steady hands out there, Poppy." He nods to this "Should shit go down, I'm with the Alert Vipers, and then I have the next CAP" Fun. The man takes his bottle now and downs the rest of the water, placing the empty bottle on the table again.

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