PHD #317: Fish and Snipes
Fish and Snipes
Summary: Mark finds Sofia. And promotes her.
Date: 09 Jan 2042 AE
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Sofia Mark 
With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.
Post-Holocaust Day: #317

Another evening on the Obs deck. Sofia has allowed herself a small treat of herbal tea and is sitting and reading on aquarium fishes. Brightly colored piscine faces decorate the pages, smiling and encouraging people to love them! She is sitting near the window on a couch, and watching people come and go. It's remarkably quiet, with an airman sleeping beneath his hat stretched out on a couch. Two knuckledraggers play chess and seem stumped. Marines are quietly reading here and there. It's a nice place.

Its a nie place until MARK rolls in. Now its a party!! ..Or something. He's (for once) in his blues and looking clean. Except for that lack of a shave thing. He looks around, patting a folder against the palm of his hand. Eyes narrow. Target acquired. He ambles on over towards Sofia and baps her on the knee with the folder as he flops down in the chair beside her. "Well, well, well. Crewman Wolfe. Been lookin' for you. You're in a load of trouble, Missy. You have any idea what kind of brig time you're looking at for what you did in the Berthings a few weeks ago?" He only pauses for a moment. "Oodles." He seems dead serious until a grin cracks. "Just joshin. Whatcha doin?"

Paaaaaaartay! Sofia looks up as she's bapped, eyes widening briefly. She looks horrified as he mentions brig time. Uh oh. He's got her hook, line and sinker. "What!" She squeaks. Did in the berthings? Oh nooooo. Then a pause at the just joshin' comment. She almost deflates a little. Horror. Then a deep breath. She sticks her tongue out. "Reading about fish. Ximena has this really cool idea for fish tanks. How about you sir?"

"Sounds pretty cool. Me?" He shrugs. "Just wishin I had time to read about fish." He taps her knee once more with the folder. "Anyway, got something for ya seeing as how our forty-eight hour stand-down ends in, ohh.." He checks his watch. "About two hours. Figured I would dump this on you BEFORE work starts again so you could have a chance to look it over." Mark grins. "According to this pretty nasty rumor I heard from Captain Belgoin over on the Areion? You kick a lot of ass. The man thinks really high of you and I don't blame him. But he asked for you personally on a project we have coming. Something that is really important. And its something I think I can trust you with also. Think you're up to a challenge, Miss Wolfe?" He waggles his brow in a dare.

"Yeah?" Sofia tilts her head. "I can help if there's anything you need," She admits. Sofia seems a bit concerned. She looks amused though. "You have it down to the hour. Bless Engineering," Her expression twists. She grins back then pausees. A deep blush. "He's a kind Captain," She shakes her head. "I'm just a Crewman." She looks wide-eyed up at him. "He was nice to work for," She smiles. "And he gave a cigar to someone here. And oh? Er? Well, sure. I can try." She nods, grinning at the eyebrow waggle. "Can't be any worse than working on deck cameras."

"Just because you're a Crewman doesn't make you less valuable than anyone else. When I worked for Denniger-Gram, I had an intern that worked for me. Lowly guy that nobody bothered to try and get to know or remember his name. I bought him lunch one day because he saved my ass on a deadline and lost contract work. Turns out he had re-organized our entire system and streamlined it. Saved the company two hundred thousand cubits in six months. And he never got paid. That man, Caleb Browins? My frakkin hero. I held that job for him for two years. Came back out of school and we gave him eighty thousand to start. I'll never forget him." Mark smiles inwardly at the memory. Moving along.. "But! The project involves extending the range and capability of the Areion's massive EM gun. You know the one that basically kills swaths of Cylons before breakfast?" Yeah, that one. "Belgoin wants us to install a bunch of these amplifier systems on the Cerberus. The other ships are getting them, too. Including the Raptors. Deck is going to be overseeing the Raptor installs but I'll be dealing with complete oversight of the Cerberus. Now keep this secret: I might be okay at my job, but I'm not sure I can juggle the Cerb as a whole and oversight of this project. So I'm going to ask you to work directly for me for a few weeks. And its going to be tough. Good with organization?"

Sofia is a good listener. She frowns and tilts her head. "I see. What a nice guy. He sounds fantastic," She smiles along then, perhaps picking on the memory. She nods. "That was pretty crazy," She admits. She takes a deep breath, listening intently. Her eyes are level on Mark and she quirks her brows. "Directly? Well, that's pretty important," She seems unsure. Even a bit fearful. "Yeah, I - I can. I think I am." She offers. "If nothing else, the cap on my hours to keep me from setting off my caffeine allergy means I have plenty of time to help," She smiles up wryly at him. "I'd be honored."

"Good. Its settled." Mark baps her once more on the knee. Then one more time just for good measure. He certainly seems in a good mood. "What I'm going to do is have you be my point of contact for the rest of Engineering. I've gotta keep my focus on this gun thing. You'll be taking reports from the Section Chiefs - including your boss - and getting me whats important and when. It means you're going to have to decide and prioritize some pretty important stuff but I believe you can do it. In the meantime, when you're not doing that, you'll be assisting me with installs. Personally. Got all that?"

A grin at the bap. Sofia seems amused at least. She nods and blushes. "Okay. I'll… do my best, thank you." She looks a bit nervous, but willing to try. "Ximena's a good person," She smiles. And a pause. "So, take reports… prioritize, install stuff. I think I've got it. I'll write it down if not," She nods. "I have a journal - with even things I can't tell people, in case I die," It's a strange thing to admit - but she's oddly peaceful about it. As if accepting the need for it. "Just in case. You know?"

"Whatever you need to do, Miss Wolfe, you do it. Even if it means putting it to paper. If something ever happens, is that something you want me to take for you?" Mark is sincere with the question. "Regardless, I have full faith in you, Sofia. You've been an outstanding member of this crew for a long time and done some really hard work. Even Captain Gabrieli thinks highly of you. That's why your defacto Chief Engineer is coming to you with it."

"Of course," Sofia smiles. "And if you hear of it, sure. I let a friend or two know, just because - well, I've seen lots and it's probably good to have some record of what I was doing so people can pick it up," She seems to trust him. "It's in my mattress, I hid it there alongside a sketchbook. Miss Eleven - drew those," She is softer spoken at that. Then a big smile at that. "Thanks. It's my first station, I like it here very much. And Captain Gabrieli is very kind. I hope he gets healed okay," A frown. She seems worried about him. "And I should tell him that I think. And oh? Miss Ximena?"

Mark dips his head to her, still smiling. "Consider it a promise that I will look after both those valuable posessions if anything ever happens." He makes a motion over his heart. "Cross my heart and hope to Snipe." The man keeps on grinning but he means it. "Let me worry about the Senior Chief. She will be busy enough as it is. Now, one last thing before I go." He reaches up on his collar and unbuttons the pins there. "Can't be wearing these around. You should probably hold on to them." He takes off the rank pins and hands them over to her. "Congratulations Specialist Sofia Wolfe. Its my honor to have you as my first promotion under me. I only apologize that this could not have happened sooner. You most assuredly deserve more, but I can only bump you one grade at a time. Shame on the rules, right?" He winks at her.

Sofia tilts her head. "Thanks," She grins and smiles. Snipes 4ever! She looks amused. "I suspect that's true. She's awesome at fixing stuff," Sofia does hold some awe of Ximena. Then a peer and a grin. Wait. What? He might as well have dropped a starship on her because she looks startled. You'd think she'd remember these things. Then she eyes the pins like they might explode, but takes them cautiously. "Wha- wha - really? Thank you!" A grin at him then a laugh. "That's okay… There's perks to being down here," She notes wryly and smiles at his wink. "Thank you so much. You guys are so kind to me."

Mark grins, pleased as hell to see her smile like that. "Uh huh. Perks to being down there. Whatever. Enjoy it while it lasts, tootse. If I had my way, I'd be putting Petty Officer Second pins on your hide. But you know how regs are." He slits his eyes. "They SUCK. But don't tell anyone I said that, either." A little sercret between Snipes. "So tomorrow morning, you report to me. Temporarily. You'll still be apart of Three-M, but this will just be a temporary attachment. I might drive you hard but that's only because I know you can do it. I've read prior reports. I've seen you in action. Trust me.. them Specialist pins? They're well-deserved." He reaches into his pocket and produces his normal rank pins and begins putting them on. "Okay. I need to get out of here and go see a man about a horse." He flops the folder onto her lap. "This is yours. Glance over it tonight when you have some time. Its got lots of information about what needs to be done and in what capacity from your end." He slowly rises. "One more time, Wolfe: Congrats."

Sofia smiles back. "Oh I will." Then her eyes widen. "Ack, and I can't even drink coffee. What kind of PO would I be?" She pouts. She does look amused. "I won't tell, promise," She holds up a hand. She blushes at the compliments. "Okay. I'll report to you then," She nods. "Try not to drive me too hard, I'm almost past my warranty. Then you'd have no way to get a refund," She shakes her head. She doesn't seem to mind, despite the jokes. "And oh dear. They flatter me in those." She looks amused. "Thank you again. You guys are too nice. And um, good luck with your horse. If it wasn't for mine, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." She picks up the folder and nods. "Got cha. Might as well get started soon then," As leisure time winds down. She looks up to him. "And thank you too. I'd call you sir but I think you dislike that, so." Smile.

Mark chuckles, only commenting on the last: "Just make sure you call me sir in front of other people. Can't have people thinking I'm not an angry, hellacious slave driver, now can I?" He makes a growling face after he finishes. Grrrrr!! Mean Mark is MEAN! "Alright, Wolfe. See you in the mornin'." he taps his temple to her and swaggers off for the hatch whistling some obscure tune.

Sofia gasps. Oh no! She nods. "Of course! I'd hate to damage your totally ferocious reputation," She promises. Then a smile. "Be well. It was good to see you." She waves at him, nodding and looking back into her fish book. Feesh.

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