PHD #239: Becoming Official - First Hoop
Becoming Official - First Hoop
Summary: Cameron's first step to becoming a civilian contractor (in order to be able to medically minister to both civilian and military personnel) is to meet with Captain Remick for the initial interview process.
Date: 23 Oct 2041 AE
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Cameron Remick 
Judiciary Room - Deck 7 - Battlestar Cerberus
This is the official Courtroom for the Cerberus. JAG and Officers meet here when there are disciplinary measures to be accounted for within the crewmembers. A semi-circular panel sits at the head of the room. To the right side is the witness stand and to the left is where the court reporter sits along with any security in the room itself. Prosecutors and Defense attorneys have their tables and behind those, there six lines of benches for others to watch the proceedings.
Post-Holocaust Day: #239

He made an appointment, filled out the basic paperwork, and now it seems he's been granted an interview to start the process to becoming a civilian contractor. Or a civilian with the rights and permissions to work for the Fleet. He's not quite certain what the distinction is exactly, but he's gotten the impression that there is one. Perhaps the former suggests he works solely for the Fleet while remaining a civilian? The latter allows him to work for both? Well, that is what this interview will likely determine, he guesses as he walks through the corridors of the battlestar in the wake of an MP. He's been doing his best to pay attention wherever he goes, trying to learn what is where and how to get there without getting lost. So in a way he's grateful that he still requires an escort. It would be embarrassing to miss an appointment just because he ended up on the wrong end of the ship. When they arrive at the Judiciary room, the MP knocks on the door and waits till an invitation to come in is offered. "Have someone call for an MP when you're through," he tells Cameron, who nods in return. "Of course." Placing his hand on the door, he opens and enters, closing it behind him and then waiting just inside to be told where to go and what to do.

"Sit," Remick calls when she hears the door open, gesturing to opposing council's bench, which isn't far from hers. This room is not built like an office, but she's laid it out as one for the time being. And her brusque nature seems to indicate she hasn't spoken with civilians in a while, "Let's talk." At present she's engrossed in some paperwork of her own, and for some reason a young girl of about ten or twelve is sitting on the other side of the room playing a small handheld videogame and completely disregarding the pair of them.

Cameron takes a seat as indicated, sitting tall and soberly, even though his clothes are casual. A black turtleneck sweater, cargo pants, and boots. He has more clothes than most of the survivors rescued, but none of them were business attire. "Yes ma'am," he replies formally, hands folding before him on the table. "Would you prefer I make a statement first, or would you like to ask me questions?" His eyes flicker briefly over towards the girl, but having an unexpected 'daughter' of his own he isn't terribly surprised to see the girl. The woman before him must be her mother, or perhaps a guardian?

"A statement first," Remick says, finishing what she's writing down and fetching a form from beneath a pile of small-print paperwork and beginning to fill it out, "It's basically a formality. We need to make sure you aren't going to kill anybody on purpose."

Cameron blinks in surprise, not exactly sure where to start with this statement. A moment is taken to think before he draws in a breath and explains, "My name is Cameron Adair. I am a doctor and a surgeon. Both of my parents were doctors before me, in both traditional and non-traditional practices. I studied at Caprica University for my undergraduate degree from 2020 to 2024. I attended Asclepius Academy on Caprica as well for my medical graduate and PhD degree. I went on to intern and do my residency at Caprica Medical Center and went on to the Pallas Research Hospital afterward to study and specialize in Biomechatronics. I was born on Aerilon and after the Kildare earthquake in May of 2036, I returned to my homeworld to assist in the aid effort. Afterward I remained and worked at the Adair Clinic with my parents up until shortly before Warday. I was traveling on vacation when the bombs were dropped. I managed to survive with a small group of others until just recently." He takes another breath, before continuing. "My wish now is to serve both the civilian population and the Fleet. To do so I have been informed that I must meet with Captain Gracious Bia, to see if she desires my services in the sickbay of Battleship Cerberus. But before I can take that step, I need to be verified and approved by to work in a contractor position aboard the Fleet. And that is why I am sitting here now."

"Yes," Remick says, half to herself, as she fills out a small section of the paperwork with dates, names, and all manner of delightful little details like that, "Well, it's a pretty simple process. Of course, you'll need a security screening and you won't be permitted to carry any weapons nor have access to the armories. But you're a doctor, so I don't imagine that matters much to you. Any prior criminal convictions?"

"I don't own any weapons and never have even fired one, so no, that won't be an issue." Cameron does wonder, though, at Ximena's insistence that he would need to learn to shoot. Well, that would likely be supervised or some such thing. Shaking his head, Cameron returns, "Other than a few minor parking and traffic infractions, no." Clearing his throat, the doctor notes, "I don't know how much is still available in terms of gaining information for confirmation of my history, but thought I would note that while at the Pallas Research Hospital, I co-authored a number of papers on Biomechatronic developments. It is possible that either the library or the medical department might have these papers indexed under research materials, in which case my credentials could be verified."

"You'd have to talk to the CMO and see if she can verify that, because I don't read many medical journals," Remick says, ticking and crossing a few boxes on the form, "Essentially, this is just the stuff to make sure you're going to legally submit to a security screening. What security screening they can actually do without any sort of records to use as reference. You'll probably need a military representative with at least passing medical training to accompany you to make sure you don't do anything … out of order."

Nodding, Cameron murmurs, "Right, which I guess is why I was mentioning the possible reference material that someone could check for? Perhaps if the people in charge of the security screening were made aware of the possibility, they could look into the matter and thus simplify the situation for themselves, if there is in fact available records that could be used to prove my credentials." He ponders her latter comment for a moment before asking, "Whom should I report to for the security screening and how should I go about finding a military representative with medical training so I don't make a fool of myself?" Well, that's what she really meant, isn't it?

"Lieutenant Vandenberg is in charge of the MPs, so I imagine if she's not coordinating the security effort then she'd know who was. I'd suggest making an appointment with her, tell her you signed the contracts that clear you to be a contractor. Essentially," Remick pushes a few papers in the direction of Cameron, "You agree that while aboard a military vessel you are subject to military rules and regulations as laid out in the Colonial Code of Military Justice. Basically, if you're going to be acting on our behalf then you do what you're told and follow security protocols. Just because you're a civvie doesn't mean you get to cut corners."

One brow lifts at the very familiar name given to him, a small smile touching his lips as Cameron nods and replies, "Duly noted. The lieutenant and I are already acquainted, so I'll ask her to whom I should report." Cameron nods at Remick's words, but still takes the time to carefully read over the contract she pushes toward him. Fortunately he's read enough of them over the years that he can make sense of the sometimes stilted and formal language used therein. He takes his time, making sure that he misses nothing before signing the document with a nod. "No ma'am," he concurs, "I wouldn't expect to be able to cut any corners. Not really my nature to do so." He pushes the papers back over to Remick before folding his hands before him once more.

Remick takes the document and slips it into a folder with Cameron's name emblazoned on the tab, slipping it under a book for safe keeping, "Well, that's our side of the deal dealt with. You'll still need that security check, which you agreed to take part in, but other than that you should be ready to go. Heal, young man, heal."

Smiling wryly at Remick's final comment, Cameron rises to his feet and offers the woman a salute, replying, "Yes ma'am. Healing ma'am," before bringing his hand back down. "Thank you very much," he offers after, reaching out his hand to shake her in thanks. "If there's anything else you need from me, please don't hesitate to ask."

"Well," Remick says with a grin, "Next chance you get you can give my daughter a check up? We're both fine but I want to make sure she didn't catch any sort of sickness … radiation or otherwise … on Leonis." She nods her head towards the girl with the video game.

Ocean blue eyes flicker over to where the girl is seated, studying her quietly for a moment before turning back to Remick. "Of course," he offers earnestly. "Though I'm sure you could have her examined sooner by the medical staff already in place? But if not, naturally I would be more than delighted to assist. I'll check in with you once I'm officially placed and, if you haven't already managed to make one, I'll see your daughter first thing." Offering a final smile and a dip of his head, Cameron adds in closing, "It was nice to meet you. Thank you for your time and your assistance. Best wishes, Captain." And with that he heads out of the room, pressing the com just outside the door to request an MP for an escort back down to the hangar deck.

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