PHD #117: Finding Pipe
Finding Pipe
Summary: Bannik reveals his plan for bringing sewage to the Starboard Hangar Deck to Sofia and enlists her help.
Date: 23 June 2041 AE
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Recreation Deck - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post-Holocaust Day: #117

Another day onboard the Cerberus. Despite the love and care needed by engineers, deckies and their ilk, there is a set cap on hours for some folks. Sofia is among them and seems to be contentedly reading up on ECM, Marine Fishes (Fins and YOU!) and sipping some oddly mint scented tea. Good times. She's settled into a chair and seems to be happy absorbing the atmosphere, reading and watching people from time to time. A few folks are shuffling here and there, but it's fairly peaceful this day.

ECMs… hmmm. Blink! Sofia straightens and almost flaps her arms to take off into flight as Bannik appears behind her. She looks up and smiles. "Sure. I'm just hanging out a bit. My hours are still capped so I'm not tempted to set off my allergy. Though turning purple IS a cool party trick yeah?" She winks. With a grunt, Sofia turns and folds her legs in the chair to look up towards Bannik better. "What's up?" She doesn't really seem to think twice about at least listening to the offer.

"Well. Okay." Bannik shows her the pad. It's just a bunch of scribbles right now, really. Almost indecipherable. "You know the refugees in the Starboard Hangar Deck, right? They don't have any plumbing. I mean, none. It's a military latrine, which is to say it sucks. Has to be cleaned out manually every day. Now, I did a little bit of work …" He flips.

Sofia blinks. She nods and cranes her neck to see. Fortunately, folks who deal with paper and such really get used to scribbles. "Yeah…" and woe to the poor soul on Latrine Duty THERE. Probably punishment duty really. "You did? That's really thoughtful of you," She peers at Bannik and is in full listening mode.

"Now, it's /possible/ to hook the latrines into the sewage system, using some of the pipes from the firefighting and other water systems that used to run to the hangar deck," Bannik explains. "It just hasn't been done yet." You can see where this is going now. "And — I mean. I can't imagine us not using the Starboard Hangar Deck to store people anytime soon. Wouldn't it be better if they at least had sewage, if not running water?"

Sofia is listening, her wide green eyes intently on Bannik. "Hmm. That makes sense although - how would you deal with it if we needed those pipes for say - firefighting? It's not a possibility I like to think of but so far the Cylons are fond of screwing with us as much as shooting us. Or like the time someone left a burning cigarette on the floor. Though I suspect there are some redundant pipes in there in case something blew and we couldn't get repair teams there in time," She considers. Then a smile. "But you are right. It would be a nice idea. I could see what spare pipes and pumps we have," She takes a deep breath. "If the redundant pipes aren't enough anyway."

Sofia nods, and listens. She tries to follow the pointing, but seems to be lost for a moment. "I think that's true. I'll see what I can find out for it. It would probably at least help with health concerns." Mmmm, diseases. "I'll look into what I can find, although raw materials are precious since well- not too many pipe factories around tehse days. But I promise I'll at least look and dig around." A smile. "I am impressed by how thoughtful this is though."

"Well, with the attacks, I bet we have a lot of scrapped metal floating around," says the Deck hand, as if he's thought about that. "You know, material pulled away from the damaged area that aren't good for the hull anymore might be good to try to forge some pipes." Bannik's mind is racing a mile a minute and it comes out in his speech. "We can try to get some spare hours in Viper fabrication. I just — I just want to do something to make it a better place. Or even call it really self-interested, like it'll lessen discontent."

Sofia nods. "I suspect that's true too. I wonder if we know anyone who can forge?" She lifts her eyebrows. She smiles at him. "We'll work on it. I'm sorry if I'm a little busy. The Cerberus took quite a few hits when we went to pick folks up. I understand though, I bet they'll appreciate it a lot," She bobs her head again. "Or at least the thought. You're really a kind person to consider it amidst all this mess," She notes. "So I'd be glad to help out as much as I can."

"Well. I'm learning a bit of everything, so maybe I can use it as some practice before I go work on Viper parts," suggests Bannik. "I know your hours are capped, but maybe as a part-time sort of thing?" He looks pleading. "Maybe if you can just find out what kind of scrap there is out there?"

"Sure. It couldn't hurt. I'm not like MEGA busy," She considers. "I will see what pipes and spare metal we have," She nods. Sofia grunts softly, "I'm sure with all the repairs I'll be up to my ears in inventory anyway," Sofia seems to be willing to go along with it. "You know I have a hard time saying no," A faintly amused sigh. "At least to nice people. The rest can deal with paperwork." One can almost hear Sofia wiggling her toes and going 'Dohohoho' at some poor soul condemned to requisitions forms. "I promise I will look," Nod. "What kind of pipes are you after exactly?"

"Obviously, plumbing pipes are best, but anything we can sterilize and use for sewage and incoming water would be best. Lower grade can be outgoing, higher grade should be incoming." Bannik nods his head. "But yeah. I /really/ appreciate all of your help, Sofia. It's just — an idea I had."

Sofia shakes her head and smiles. "I think we can make it more than an idea. It might not be the fastest project, but something can be done." She takes a deep breath. "Plumbing pipes then look for others as needed," She notes, curling her fingers as if taking notes. "I got cha." She keeps her smile. "I'll do my best then. I'd hate to see you sad," She admits rubbing the back of her head. "And I suspect it would mean a lot to people."

"Aw. Thanks, Sofia." And Bannik's smile says he means it. "I won't be sad. But I'll appreciate anything you an do." He flips closed his pad. "I'll catch you around, okay? I need to get to the Deck!"

Sofia smiles back, touched. "Okay. And I will do my best." She nods. "Sure thing. I'm not really going anywhere," She promises. "Be well," She waves at Bannik and picks up her books again. Readin' times.

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