PHD #130: Finding Duncan
Finding Duncan
Summary: Lunair interviews Wade "Drips" Duncan to start the background check.
Date: 06 Jul 2041 AE
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Lunair Wade 
Deck and Marine Offices
A place full of survivors!!!
Post-Holocaust Day: 130

While mayhem attacks Cerberus in many different ways, there is a group of people that is patiently waiting for their Interviews and Background checks. Potentially, there aren't many left, the Leonis survivors are slowly -but surely- starting a new life aboard Cerberus. One of the few that haven't been interviewed so far, is Wade Duncan. The man, is sitting on the floor right now, legs extended. Around him, there's a group of children -possibly survivors as well- that is doing exactly the same thing, sitting down with legs extended. "So!" starts the man, offering a smile to the kids "We are all on our Vipers and? What do we do?" All the kids are thinking about different possibilities and throwing different ideas to the table "Pre-Flight?" asks a shy looking girl "Exactly! Brilliant Sharon, very well done" says Wade now and claps for the girl, all the other kids doing the same. Adults are gathered as well, probably the parents of the kids.

Lunair is among those helping with the new interviewees, a dark green headscarf tied around where her hair once was. She's really got to stop that getting shot in the head thing. She has a small clipboard and manilla folder under her arm. She looks to be in a decent mood, humming softly and looking around. She seems to be peering about. There's a polite smile to the civilians. She even has some rock candy for any who ask really. "Excuse me?" She offers quietly, politely.

Wade stops what he's doing when he hears a new voice. The man looks up and offers a polite smile in return "Oh, Hello" His attention returns to the kids and he stands up. "Alright kids, salute!" With this, he offers a quick salute to the kids, they do the same in their own fashion and then go back to their parents. Future Nuggets! Now Wade turns around and faces Lunair again "Sorry about that. What can I do for you?"

A smile to the kids. She salutes back and even seems duly respectful of the Future Nuggets! Lunair looks to Wade. "That's alright. It's good to talk to one another and share what you know. It can't be easy all the time," Not staying here is the part she politely omits. "I'm on interview duty today," The JiG explains quietly. "I'm looking for um… A Wade Duncan?" Headtilt. "I'm still learning all the new names. I suspect it's from my running career record of being shot in the face a lot," She jokes wryly, gently.

Wade listens to the woman and nods "Well, I think it's good to get the people to get their minds of the problems at hand, specially the kids." He clears his throat and then nods once again "Yes, Wade Duncan, that would be me." He smiles at this and moves his hands into the pockets of his jeans, compliments of a general store down in Leonis. About the joke, Wade just opens his eyes a bit more and offers "Oh, that…sucks. I'm sorry to hear that."

Lunair smiles and nods. "I can give you some rock candy if you like for them later. I eat it, but I'm sure if i didn't exercise so they'd roll me around Marine Country," She admits. A shrug at his sympathy. "Part of the job. I suppose they're just jealous of my dashing good looks." That too, a joke. She nods, "I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Raine Lunair. Lun is fine if you're all informal. Otherwise whatever suits." She seems fairly regal and polite, probably a product of an upper class that no longer exists. "And oh! Good. Pleased to meet you a bit better." She bobs her head. "I am sorry I did not get to speak to you more on Leonis. Did you wish to do this here or I can escort you to the Marine deck?"

Wade laughs softly at Lunair first comments "I'm pretty sure they are jealous, yeah." he nods in acceptance of his own words and then takes a deep breath, exhaling after that. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Wade Duncan, Drips." Yep, Drips is his callsign. "Likewise, likewise" says Wade showing a gentle smile, he shakes his head after this "Not to worry, I think everyone was focusing on getting the frak out of Leonis and it worked" Now he looks around the place "We can go to the Marine Deck, need to stretch my legs anyway"

Lunair nods and smiles. She adds, "Pleased to meet you." Her eyebrows lift at the callname. "Yeah." Not Cuddle Cylons they were dealing with. Either way, she seems glad to speak to him and leads him to the Marine Deck easily. "Right this way. And nothing wrong with that. Are you thirsty? There's fleet coffee and water. Otherwise, into the office we go." She'll lead him to a desk where he can sit in front of it.

Wade extends his arms and arches his back before he sets himself to follow Lunair "Nah, nothing for me at the moment. Thanks for the offer tho" says the Viper pilot. While they walk, he curiously looks around, after all this Battlestar is newer than the ones he served at. When they reach the office, Wade takes a seat after Lunair does. He leans his back against the chair and claps his hand "Soooo. What do you need to know? I've heard these interviews hold a whole bunch of questions" He nods to that and adds "The right thing to do, background checks and all? Lotta work"

Lunair nods. She's well mannered at least. "Well. Mostly we're making sure people are who they say they are," Lunair doesn't elaborate much further. She sighs, "Though Picon being toasted and most of the backgrounds going with it has made things tough." She nods. "That's alright. We'll start simple. You said you're a viper pilot? Were you stationed there long?" She peers over, curious. She settles into the desk chair though she winces as it squeaks.

Wade listens quietly. He runs his fingers over his chin as he does and then nods, acknowledging that it's his turn to talk "Yes, Viper Pilot and, well, I'll give you my entire service history" a soft smile comes to his lips and he starts "I joined the Picon Fleet Academy in 2030 and graduated in 2034 with a specialization in Engine Propulsion" he clears his throat and continues "2034, I joined Flight School and spent 20 months there, my superiors assigned me to the Battlestar Corvus and there, I was assigned to the VF-27 "Swords". I was reassigned in 2037 to the Battlestar Chimera, to the VF-221 "Horsemen" and that has been pretty much my station since then. I got promoted to LTJG a year after I started there and…when it comes to service, that's pretty much it" He nods, presses his lips and adds "I was on extended leave on Leonis, my brother was getting married."

Lunair smiles and listens. She seems to be taking notes. "I see." There's a pause. She looks unsure on whether she should offer congratulations or condolences. There is only the faintest ripple in her bearing. She asks quietly, "Do you have any criminal history?" She asks. She seems to doubt it, but this is standard questioning.

Wade notices the moment of silence but he makes no comment, after all, the man is yet to learn how to read minds. Now, he shakes his head and says "No criminal history." He stops himself there, presses his lips together and just adds "Altho, I do believe I would have a black dot on my file. The rumor was that I was supposed to be ranked El-Tee but that was paused because I had a bit of a problem with a Viper Pilot from another Squadron." he shrugs casually at this and offers "I don't think it was a big deal if you ask me"

Lunair just nods. "I see. And oh?" Her eyebrows lift. "Well. I'll make a note of it. No one's perfect, but it is good that you are honest," She nods. Lunair is at least a gentle hand when it comes to interviews. "Did it escalate into anything physical or was this mostly quibbling?" She seems understanding enough - that sometimes rank is blocked by politics or arguments. But she seems willing to hear the full thing first.

Wade shrugs casually "Have no reasons to be dishonest. What happened, happened" Now he clears his throat and pats his chest with one hand "Sorry about that" He shakes his head "No, it didn't reach punches" he smiles amusedly to this "We were both stopped by Squadron mates, and we actually cooled down after that." The man shrugs once again and comments "Guess our CAG didn't like that. Same thing happened to the other guy as well"

Lunair nods at that. "That's alright," She smiles back at him. "I'm glad to hear it didn't escalate. But I can understand," She remarks. "I'll make a note of it, but I doubt they would hold it against you - especially since you seem to have learned from it." She scratches something else. "Are you from Leonis originally?" She finally asks.

Wade smiles softly and nods "Thank you, I appreciate that." To her question, he just shakes his head and offers "No, I'm from Picon. My brother moved to Leonis after he graduated from Law School. He was hired by a Law Firm there" That's the reason why the wedding was being held at Leonis really, he met his future wife there.

Lunair smiles. "I see. Well," She will pelt him with a few more mindless questions. Mostly things to be sure his hobbies don't include destroying humanity. "Beyond this, I think I'll pull your file. I will let Cidra know you're interested. I will also find an MP escort for you in case she's available before I run into you again," She nods. "I'm not a fan of keeping people away from keeping themselves working. We could always use more pilots too," She sighs softly. Attrition's hit every wing pretty hard. "But did you have any questions for me?"

Wade nods and shows a soft smile to the woman "Thank you. I definitely want to get back to work." he tilts his head at the mention of Cidra and he presses his lips as if trying to remember something "Major Cidra Hanh, right? I think I've heard that name being mentioned. I don't know her in person really. But hey, if she's the CAG, then she's the one I need to talk with." The Viper pilot nods to that and then considers "I…don't think so. I mean, basically after talking with the CAG, she would decide if to reassign me to a Squadron here, yes? I actually lost all my equipment, what I'm wearing is all I have, sadly enough"

Lunair nods. "Sounds good. That would be her. She's a good CAG," Lunair smiles a little. "She's pretty fair. And that's correct. She would be able to get you to Deck and all suited up," A pause. "But you'll have to forgive me. I'm a ground pounder as it were. I get stuffed into a Raptor and shot out when the time calls," She winks at that. "Feel free to call an MP too if I'm not around," A hand wave. Lunair seems relieved. "EVerything seems to be in line. I'll see if there's much of a record left, but you don't strike me as the homicidal type."

Wade nods "Good, good" he is certainly glad that the Marine is making those comments about the CAG, always good to have a 'good' CAG. A smile shows on his lips and he nods "Not to worry, the ground is a pretty nice place too if you ask me" He looks around the place as if looking for other Marines and then looks back at Lunair "Sure, I can do that and hey…" he leans a bit forward with an amused smile "You do know homicidal types often show themselves as pretty regular folks, right?" a soft chuckle comes out and then he seats back again "Nah, but being serious. Thanks for your time, I definitely want to get back to work"

Lunair seems pleased enough and smiles. "Oh yes, it is. Cept for the 'things periodically trying to remove you from existence bits'." A faint joke. She looks around as he does then meets his smile. "Yeah, but I try to pick out the obvious ones. The MPs can handle the rest too." They carry arms at all times after all. "This is mostly so we know who is who too," She bobs her head. "Well then. That's why I set MP escorts up for people. That way even if I'm not around, meetings can still be facilitated." Redundant too. Just in case something happens. "It's nothing, part of why I am here. Any other questions for me?" She's in a good mood, if quietly cautious.

Wade tilts his head from side to side and smiles "Well, I guess we have to roll with the punches. The way I see it, we still have many things to fight for and that's good in my book" A generous smile is offered and then he just shakes his head "No further questions at the moment. Basically it would be just sit and wait while the CAG can't meet me. I'm pretty sure everyone's busy and all, but at least, knowing that my file is already active brings some comfort"

Lunair seems amused for a moment, nodding. "That is good," She agrees quietly. She takes a deep breath and closes the folder. "Then I'm done pelting you. I'll let her know, but you might keep your eyes open too." At least she's kind enough to set up contingencies for her absence. "And that it is. I'll take you back when you're ready then." She's pleased with the company, but strangely? Her bearing doesn't show her mood a whole lot. Freaking Marines.

Wade nods "I will. Not when I sleep tho, I've found that my eyes have been feeling a bit more heavy" he jokes. The man chuckles softly and adds "Remains of the Leonis effects I think, many of us spent sleepless nights, but I mean…you know that" Yeah, everyone needs the rest. Anticipation is key sometimes, and so, he stands up and stays next to his chair "I'm ready, I'll get back and see if I can get something to eat."

Lunair just smiles, almost sadly at that. "I understand. A bit more than I like, but yes." She nods her head. "Alright." Lunair pushes herself up and will lead him along. "And frankly, I'm surprised - but glad we found as many of you all as we did." She takes a deep breath. She'll lead him back, smiling and waving at MPs in passing. She's a polite officer at least. "Rest well then. It will be a pleasure to see more birds flying. Be well, Drips." Smile.

Wade smiles "Tell me about it, being alone was starting to affect me but then I found Aquarian's Pete and all the people inside" Yeah, he knows it was a strip club but hey, survivors! The man walks next to Lunair and offers polite nods to the MP's she waves at. And easy smile attacks his features and when he reaches his former location, he looks at Lunair and says "Thanks Lun, it will definitely be a pleasure to fly a Viper again." now he nods and adds "Take care Lun, sleep well, whenever you do"

"It affects everyone if you're alone too long," Lunair smiles back. "Aquarian pete is a hoot," She admits. She seems amused enough. "Even if that's not a crowd I would normally run with." Upper class indeed. She reaches into her pocket. A wrapped piece of rock candy. "Here, this might tide you or a youngg one over." Grin. She seems pleased enough. "I imagine so. They are even running simulators for the Nuggets now. It's good to have more full fledged pilots to help with that too," She's thoughtful at least. "Be well, take care yourself." She offers a little wave and will wander off to harvest the next soul - er, interview the next guy.

Wade takes the offered candy and looks at it, then chuckles "Thanks, I think I'll be selfish and evil and save this one for myself" He saves the candy inside one of the many pockets of his jeans and then looks at the woman again "Oh? Awesome, if I can, I'll help with that as well. I can't say I'm the greatest teacher but I can try" A bit of amusement in his words and then, he just nods "Alright then, see you later" And with that, he turns around and heads towards the crowd.

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