Fighter Defense Station

Each of these automated stations is tied to a small millimeter (X) band DRADIS array located somewhere in the vicinity. If the link to the DRADIS guidance systems are removed or the DRADIS is destroyed then the FDT's are sent into a Failsafe "Full Auto" mode and the turrets will engage any and all targets within range without regard for IFF transponder codes. Each of these stations has six (6) gun stations that employ CAPARMs M44 .50HMG. These guns are based on the M28 model that was originally employed on Raptors as door guns but is the same model that was used on the first-generation Vipers. Each one of these six turret stations employs four of these M44 guns and holds approximately 5000 rounds per gun. The standard deployment of these stations is around High Security installations or locations which are not generally manned by personnel. They were designed from the outset to be used against fighter-sized targets or larger, but in the last ten years these small stations have received more accurate DRADIS linkages and have a limited anti-missile capability. Multiples of these stationed in close proximity can provide an effective missile defense system up to swarm attacks.

Recent operations have confirmed that the Cylons are upgrading some of these turrets with organic missile launchers. Pilots should watch for missile fire when approaching these stations, in addition to expected tracer or flak.

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