Fiona "Fee" Sheehan
Chief Petty Officer Fiona Sheehan
Jenette Goldstein
Jenette Goldstein as Fiona Sheehan
Alias: Fee
Age: 34
Features: Fun-loving; hard-drinking; hellaciously strong.
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Department: Deck
Position: Senior Technician, VX-1


There are some women in the Fleet who like to compare themselves to loving mother cats, fierce in their love for their precious kittens. Fiona "Fee" Sheehan is to those women what a gigantic grizzly bear is to a common house pet. Rumor holds she once cut off a squirrel's head and stuck it in the bunk of an officer who got in the face of one of her boys. Command keeps her on a very loose leash because she's immensely gifted with a wrench, though she's as likely to fix your bird with it as she is to break the face of someone on her shit list. All of this made her the ideal choice to manage the volatile combination of egos Admiral Madeline Hauck began assembling in 2035, and upon the completion of the Escort Carrier Areion she received her promotion to CPO and took charge of maintenance for VX-1 ("Spectres").

Blessed with an iron stomach and a never-say-die temperament to match, Fee works hard and plays even harder. She's almost rarely seen outside the company of PO1 Tyrone "Niner" Won, her most trusted subordinate, partner-in-crime, and on-again off-again lover.

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