PHD #138: Fated Bells
Fated Bells
Summary: Constin and Coll tie the knot while Alessandra witnesses.
Date: 15 Jul 2041
Related Logs: They get married. It effects everything.
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JAG Office
Books, papers, and a nerdy Ensign. Hawt.
Post-Holocaust Day: #138

The JAG's Office. Probably not Coll's favorite place in the world. At least she doesn't have to see that same woman again. Nope, they're dealing with a male Ensign this time. So far its taken about forty-five minutes to get all the paperwork drawn and the license applied for. More paperwork done and checked over for any kinds of problems. It was just an issue because there isn't much on Lauren - shocking. More of a problem lately, though, so its glossed over. Coming down to the last few pages, the officer looks between the two. "Mmmkay," he says nasally, reading over the forms once more. Damned snooty Capricans. "And you said nobody will be changing names? If that's the case, I need you both to initial here on this line to waive another set of forms." He eyes Allie, hiding it as best he can. At least this witness is hot.

"Uh-huh," Constin confirms wordlessly to the no-changing-of names. "Two initials to skip another batch of forms? Good trade," the marine mutters, scrawling his small, heavy 'EC' on the necessary line, before offering the pen to Lauren. Once again, his narrow blue eyes flick over the formal corner-less rectangle of paper.

Lauren was able to ditch the IV rack sometime before coming up here. Thankfully. She probably had to have Allie help her into her duty greens. The bandages are still on, but Coll tried to look her best. Uniform straightened and ironed, stray strands of fabric clipped away. Even a little eye liner. Probably not exactly what she ever pictured wearing to her 'wedding' but she tried her best without making too much of it. "Yeah, no kidding," she whispers. Lower tones seem to be easier for her. The pen is taken and she flows out a quick 'LC' for the thirtieth time as she glances a smile over to Alessandra.

There's a smile back to Coll and then it's given to Constin, Allie genuinely happy for them. "Just be sure to dot all your i's and cross all your t's so you won't have to fill it out all over again." A light tease. "And my services don't come cheap, just to warn you. I got to come back and do this again it'll cost you both. Dearly." The Ensign is given a look after that, now waiting fot the time where she has to give her John Hancock to seal the deal and the fates of the two she's here for.

"Mmm. Thank you both." The attorney checks to make sure its easy enough to read, pushing the glasses back up his nose. He then sets the paper back down in front of them. "Alright. Almost done." Another glance to Alessandra's form and back to the paper. "Okay, initial this line here, below the other to waive your request for shared quarters - which would take about thirty days to process anyway." They probably get some anullments within that time. "Once you're done there.." He flips the stapled page to a more official looking one with two lines, one under each of their full names. It states, in no uncertain terms, their agreement to be wed. At the bottom is Allie's full name with her own line: 'Witnessed By'. Its already dated: 14 July 2041. "Go ahead and sign this after you both initial and you'll be done. Lieutenant Sophronia? I'll need you to sign at the bottom and verbally confirm that you are aware that Sergeant Constin and Crewman Coll are indeed married."

"Is that before or after counter-signing the double check?" Constin sniffs dryly to Allie's advice. The pen is left in Coll's hand as the next line requires initialing- he doesn't feel any need to put his initials or name down first. A bemused wince at the notion of shared quarters. "That'd be a laugh," he grins aside at the bride. He holds his hand out for the pen when Lauren has finished her round of writing.

Coll smirks at Allie. "Just the once, sir. I promise." She still sounds fairly raspy. Let's hope that goes away eventually. The woman glances to him with the same expression. "I don't think that would end well." There's an undeniable fondness to her expression, though. She looks at him for a moment longer, her face holding the mirth before she initials that first line. The paper is turned over and she looks at the names and reads it over. The pen is put to paper and it scrawls out her name in long, flowing cursive. Where the hell was she hiding handwriting like that for all this time??

A stray pen is found somewhere as Allie nods, her understanding conveyed. "I understand, yes." Now it's just being able to get her name put where it should be. "Constin, you better treat her right otherwise…" She's smiling too much for it to be a threat but it should be known by now that if he does anything to hurt Coll he'll be in big trouble. "Guess it's my turn next, right? To take the plunge, I mean."

The Ensign watches Allie lean over to sign. He tries to hide his smile. Uniforms may not be flattering but he's young and probably not lacking imagination. However, it doesn't seem to fly all the way with him. "No, I need you to state that you acknowledge the wedding of Eleftherios Constin and Lauren Coll. Just like that," he nudges verbally. "Once you do that, I can certify and stamp the forms. They should be processed within the hour."

Constin grins tightly back at Coll's fond look. Her elegant signature draws raised brows. "Shit, girl- trotting out the fancy writing? Is it your birthday or something?" the marine drawls. A low chuckle and he signs his own name. The letters are small and heavily written, an ugly but clearly legible scrawl. "Lucky, unless we're filing the wrong frakking form, you ain't taking any plunge by signing. Not that ah think Lauren would bitch if that was the case," he needles Coll, invoking the year's best joke.

Coll stands tall, beaming a smile. Okay, so maybe this does mean a little more than she's letting on. Her hands folded in front of her, she lifts a boot to thump Constin on the back of the knee. "Be nice to your wife," she whispers with a wink. "I save it for special occasions." The joke, though, gets a low laugh. She's learning to do that again. "Hubba hubba." Those eyes even smile at Allie. She knows what the other woman meant. "So say we all, sir."

"I acknowledge the wedding of Eleftherios Constin and Lauren Coll." That is said once Allie's signing is good and done; her handwriting's not as neat as Coll's is but it's readable. "I don't share, Elf," she says then while looking at the two newlyweds. "It would have to be me or you." The pen is put back down and she turns, facing the others while they make with the jokes. "Congrats, you two," she gets out before laughing. "May the Lords bless this union always. So say we all."

The lawyer just watches the three of them over top of his glasses, wordlessly. He looks over Lauren, then Allie. Then Constin. That's a big dude. He looks quickly away and opens a drawer to removed a set of official-looking stamps and seals. He goes about affixing them to the last signed form. He mutters something about having it all done fairly soon before, "Okay. Congratulations. You, ah.. you three can go. Got some other paperwork to finish." He sounds -so- enthused.

Constin barks out a short laugh as his knee gets briefly buckled by a kick from his new wife. "That's it, ah'm cutting a day off the honeymoon for that," the sergeant threatens. Allie's blessing and the words from her new boyfriend combine to bring a smile to Elf's face as he stands back up straight and regards Coll. "Yeah. So say we all."

Lauren's still beaming. Her neck might still hurt like hell, but damnit, she doesn't care. "Cuttin' nothin, El," she quips, before looking back to Allie. The words hit her happily and her eyes find Constin's. "So say we all." There isn't much warning before she steps closer and takes her new husband in a big hug.

Okay. Now that the official stuff is done and the new couple are hugging Allie kind of feels like a third wheel, she left to toe the deck while looking down, her face a tad pink. "Uh, I should probably leave you two be. Let you get on with the whole…sealing the deal, so to speak." Clearing her throat, she glances up quickly to see what they're reaction to her suggestion will be.

"Heh," Constin chuckles under his breath and the marine's arm goes around Coll's back, pulling her into a returned hug. "So where you want to go for the honeymoon?" he asks with a wry note coloring the words. Allie's throat clearing draws a sidelong smirk.

Coll doesn't back out of his grasp but beckons for Allie over. She needs a hug, too. A big giant one with an obnoxiously sloppy kiss on the cheek. "Thank you so much, sir. But you don't have to go. We still have a reception. I might even try my hand at a little drink." She waggles her brow before looking back up to Constin. "Mmm. Someplace warm. With booze. And palmtrees. No wrenches. Lots of guns and bombs."

Alessandra shuffles a little closer while lifting her arms to return the hug, her face hot when Coll gives it a smooch. "Thanks for letting me be a part of this," she manages to get out, that semi-muffled against Constin's upper body which her non-kissed cheek gets smooshed against. "Maybe you guys can return the favor for me if the time ever comes…please?"

"Hmm. Definitely some little island on Canceron then," Constin drawls. "Ah'll bring the guns, you bring the bombs?" An eye aside to Allie as he adds, with a chuckle, "You want to think wedding gifts, ah'd say a whole lotta ammo would go over well." Under Allie's flushed cheek, Constin's chest stirs with another short laugh. "C'mon girls. We got some drinking to do."

Coll grins. "My dearest Lieutenant? When you get married?" She clears her throat. "No shortage of witnesses." That arm around Alessandra slinks up to ruffle her hair. "I'd be honored, sir." That's probably the most Lauren has said at once since before getting shot. She's not willing to let go of Alessandra just yet, though. Even as they make their way out. "Ammo. Drinkin. Allie? I think I should set you up with that JAG in there."

A look towards he JAG in question has Allie shaking her head but whatever thoughts she has on that subject is uncommented upon. She instead allows herself to be led off by Lauren and Eleftherios to their three-person reception. She knows where the booze can be found for the party so the drinks are on her.

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