Harold Farthing
Master Harold Farthing
Bill Nighy
Bill Nighy as Harold Farthing
Age: 62
Features: Tall and wiry; dour; ailing vision; incredibly deft fingers; insufferably high standards; impeccably dressed
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Master
Department: Civilian
Position: Textile Artisan of the highest order

Tall and wiry, Master Harold Farthing is a whipcord of a man with fingers deft enough to weave the finest fabrics and the most exquisite silken tapestries. A taskmaster of the first order, he tolerates neither slovenly appearance nor imperfect work.

For the better part of the past three decades, he's held the title of Master Artisan within the Guild of Textile Arts and served as the craft's head at the renowned Artisans' Fair of Aerilon. While he knows that he is not liked, his dedication to the craft keeps him happy, and his knowledge of fabric, dyes, stitches, and techniques is truly encyclopedic.

Immediate Family

Orphaned at a young age, Harold knows nothing about his birth family. Having reached his age of majority while still a ward of of the state, he also lacks any adoptive family. More or less married to his work, he never took a spouse nor had any children. The closest he has to kin is his apprentice of the past nigh 7 years, Miss Ginny Juniper Wells, who actually meets and often even exceeds his ridiculously high standards. In his own emotionally crippled way, he's come to care for her as a daughter, especially since she refused to abandon him after Warday and instead nursed him back to health.

Curriculum Vitae

Pre-Warday, Master Harold Farthing was hailed as one of the finest weavers in all the of Twelve Colonies. He also had a reputation for being a difficult man. All the same, his skill is so immense that even people who couldn't stand him on any personal level still viewed him with tremendous professional respect. There is practically nothing he does not know about the textile arts.

Post-Warday, he still spins, weaves, and dyes as supplies permit, but his ailing vision has hindered arts such as fine-detailed embroidery. Although he is an exquisite tailor and has a keen sense of style, it is rare that he will employ those talents for other people. He still maintains his reputation for being a difficult man.

Physical Features

At a height of three inches past six-feet, Harold Farthing is a whipcord of a man with a dour face. Between the onset of old age and damage caused by post-Warday radiation poisoning, his vision is ailing, but that does not preclude him from carrying himself with a certain intensity and aplomb. Ever impeccably dressed, the tinted glasses he wears to shield his eyes from their oft-painful sensitivity to light aren't the least bit unseemly. And although his sight is diminished, the incredible deftness of his fingers is of such a caliber that he can still weave with so much exquisite skill that even his patron goddess, Athena Ergane, would applaud.

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