PHD #365: Facts are Hard to Swallow
Facts are Hard to Swallow
Summary: After the memorial, Wade visits Sawyer. The conversation takes different twists and turns.
Date: 26 Feb 2042 AE
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Sawyer Wade 
News Room
A place with a lot of desks!
Post-Holocaust Day: #365

A while after that entire ceremony, Wade makes his way into the News Room "Sawyer?" asks the man. He is still wearing his grey uniform, only that this time, the chest band is no longer there and the top buttons are undone. He looks tired, very tired. He steps further inside and moves through the desks, looking at whatever is on them.

The blonde is crouched to the floor, in the middle of trying to clean up a major paperwork landslide that has cascaded off the edge of her desk. Hair that was so perfectly coifed for the memorial is now a mess after pins were haphazardly tugged out, and her makeup looks cleaned away from the likelihood of crying. She looks taken off guard by the appearance of Wade, "Oh, uh…hi." Not very eloquent for the journalist as she straightens quickly from the floor, using one hand to push hair behind her ear and the other to toss the sheaf of papers back on her desk. The others look tidy as their workers are currently stuck on the Elpis, but the Editor in Chief's is a mess as is the woman herself. "Sorry. Come in, come in. Just…wasn't expecting anyone."

Wade offers a faint smile as he steps even further inside the place and says "No need to be sorry. I do apologize if I'm being a disturbance" He looks around the place for a moment and then back at her. "You left so quickly…" adds the man, already knowing the why. I mean, who would want to stay and witness that? He takes a seat in one of the chairs and takes a deep breath, pressing his lips together, looking…sad…actually. "I just…" he swallows "needed to see a friendly face, that's all." He offers her a faint smile and then rubs his fingers over his eyes "You know…when I was asked to go up there and say those names…I took me a while to decide what to do with…you know…/that/ name" He rubs his right hand with his left and leans back "I mean…I knew beforehand, that it was going to have a negative reaction…"

Sawyer further smoothes out her appearance with a tug of her blouse here (her jacket long shed) or a pat of her hair there. A smile warms her features, and her frazzle starts to dissipate. "Then I'm happy to oblige, and flattered you came here. Do you want some coffee or something? A cigarette?" Looks like Sawyer's going to imbibe in both, as a smoke is already being pulled out of her pack on the way to the carafe. "In cases where there are going to be mixed reviews, you just hand them the facts and let them sort out their own morals. Did Psyche calm down?"

Wade smiles at Sawyer's first words and then nods "Coffee would be good, thanks" He'll pass on the cigarette, he doesn't smoke after all. Now, he takes a deep breath and runs his fingers over his hair "Well, to be honest with you, I know there are people who still appreciate Salt, regardless of what he was." He takes a deep breath "The way I see it, it would be not fair towards them if I did not mention him. Regardless of my feelings on the subject" He sighs and shakes his head "I didn't mean any disrespect but…yeah, I can't control other's opinions of course" As for Bubbles "Well, a little bit at the end but…I think it'll take a while for her to…move over that"

"She hated me for a while too after I published that article about MolGen. These things pass, or at least fade. But if we make it another year from now, maybe it'd be best to omit that name from the roll." Sawyer smirks at her own joke, quieting down as she holds the cigarette between her lips so she can manage to pour the two cups of coffee and deliver one to the crestfallen pilot. Her waitressing done, Sawyer leans back against the edge of her desk and leans to pull a lighter out of her drawer. "You know, I'm beginning to think my office is the hiding place of choice on the ship."

Wade nods "Aye, I've read that article. Controversial…" says the man, nodding and offering a smile to Sawyer. Now, he chuckles just a little and nods "Yeah, I'll probably do that. Or better yet, avoid going up there to the podium…that's a better solution" He extends his good hand and takes the offered coffee "Thank you" Now, he looks around the place again and nods "You know, you might be right…it's quiet…at least when your peers are not around. But it's not just that Sawyer, I think the company is worth more…" he shows a faint smile and then takes a deep breath, tasting the coffee. "I needed this"

"I'm sure it would be better if it had some bourbon in it, but. Condition Two and all." While the blonde can drink as she's under no obligation, she'll refrain from contributing to the delinquency of others. At least this time. "I know what it's like." Sawyer muses, broken only by a deep inhale on her cigarette. "To want to avoid controversy. I've got this Dekker article haunting me, because to publish it, I'm throwing a friend into the public opinion pyre."

Wade chuckles softly and nods "I'm technically on light duty, so I can't go out but, yeah..better not" he smiles and then licks his lips "Dekker" repeats Wade "That guy that got beat up right?" to this, he nods "One of your friends involved?" He presses his lips together "I can see how that can be a complicated scenario. Plus…civilians are a force to be worried about, honesly. Not all of course but…if there's someone that can turn things into a witch hunt…it's them"

"I'm afraid to add fuel to the fire, so I've been just…stewing on it." Sawyer takes a sip of coffe, nose wrinkling with the first bitter taste. "But like I said, sometimes it's just better to publish the facts, and leave it to the rest to sort out. So how's the…" In lieu of words, she just makes a flexing motion with her hand to indicate his injuries.

"Facts can be hard to swallow…specially when people refuses to see things" says Wade, taking another sip from his coffee. He closes his eyes and relaxes a little bit. "How's the…?" asks Wade, opening his eyes again, seeing the gesture she makes "Oh…" Now, he lifts his right hand, showing all the scarring that's taking place there "It's getting better, actually…I'm doing physical therapy with an EMT…next week, I'll start going to the sims, so I can regain whatever I lost in terms of practice"

"I'm glad to hear you're going to make a full recovery. Cheers to that." Sawyer lofts her coffee cup with the salute, taking a sip as if it were the finest champagne to wish him good health. "The sooner you're back in the skies, the safer I'll feel. Though this Anchorage thing is buying some sense of security."

Wade lifts his cup of coffee and smiles at Sawyer "I'm glad I have your vote of confidence" he takes another sip and says "The doctors say that it'll bother me…from time to time, the hand." he nods to this and adds "But I'll be damned if I let a slight bother prevent me from doing my job" As for the last, he just shrugs and offers "Maybe…but we can't remain here forever. I don't know about you Sawyer but I'm ready to start looking for a new home. Military man as I am…or at least as I think I am…nothing beats a good home on some planet" He smiles at this and then asks "Did you had any other dreams?"

"You mean visions? No. Just the one, and it's begun to fade so much had I not shared it with the three of you, I'd wonder if it even really happened." Sawyer shrugs it away, like it's nothing more than just an average nightmare, still uncomfortable about the entire situation. "As for settling down? Now /that's/ a dream. But I admit we can't just float around out here forever."

"If the ones involved remember it, then it did happen" says Wade, shugging at that. Now, he smiles a little bit and says "A dream, yes…but a good dream. You know, I actually had a dream about myself…building a cabin in something that looked..kinda like a forest, and there was a lake." He smiles at this and chuckles amusedly "Which is curious because I know shit about construction." He looks at Sawyer and nods to her "No, we can't…something needs to be done"

"Identify all the models, for start. That way we'll know them all by sight and a Salt will never be amidst our ranks again. Only then would I consider settling down on a rock, when you've taken away that inside threat. I'm not sure I could do a cabin though. Funny how I'd go for my tiny third floor walk-up that I lived in while going to school." Sawyer smirks and takes another drag from her cigarette, emitting a happy sigh afterwards.

Wade nods to what Sawyer says "Yes, that we do…and I'm pretty sure that we still have some of those frakkers aboard this ship…or…any other of the ships." He clears his throat "For what I've heard, the one called Salt was the least of our problems." says the man "Still, no way in hell I would say nothing if I see one of those in our ranks again. This whole situation it's taking a heavy toll on people and I'm not sure for how long our sanity will remain…semi-intact." He tilts his head and repeats "Tiny third floor walk-up…sounds cozy actually" Now, he presses his lips together and sighs "Sometimes I wish I could know what the Commanding Officers are thinking…or if they are doing something or not. At least something useful."

"I've been kicking around an idea about that, actually." Sawyer chews on the inside of her cheek for a moment, even going so far as to take another pensive drag on her cigarette. "I'm considering calling for a full blown press conference, and having it broadcast live to the other ships."

Wade tilts his head at what Sawyer says at first and asks "Oh? What's that? If you don't mind sharing of course" He smiles at this and then arches both eyebrows "The power of the press. Sounds to me that you are up to no good" Wade chuckles at this and then takes a deep breath "Having ideas is better than having none, that's certain."

"I've no idea if Command will agree to it, but it would definitely put them on the spot and open them up to questions from civilians and military alike - in an orderly manner, of course. But maybe they'll have some answers, that will give us some peace of mind. But with the threat of there being moles within the ranks and populous, I doubt it would fly further than the forms I'd have to fill out to make it happen." Sawyer gives a shrug, filing the thought away in 'sometimes it sucks to be the boss'.

"That's a complicated one, I think" says Wade about the whole idea "First things first, we gotta deal with this…Swarm. A moment of rest now that we are in a zone that it's…complicated for them, sure. But, like I said before, we can't stay here forever. What I don't really understand is…if this area fraks the Cylons up…wouldn't it be useful? For us to find Cylon agents aboard I mean. They have trouble to deal with this type of radiation it seems so…" to this, he shrugs.

"My understanding is that it just makes it difficult for them to…communicate with each other. The Eleven that we had in captivity said it impedes their ability to ressurect. So if they die here, they stay here. Maybe that applies to their Raiders, too. Which would make attacking us in here costly. I dunno, I'm not going to pontificate." Sawyer says, frowing into her coffee mug.

"Well…that makes sense, sort of" says Wade about the whole explanation. "There's gotta be a way to figure out who they are, otherwise we are screwed, it would be about…wait and see until something happens and that's exactly what I think needs to be avoided." Now, he shakes his head and snorts "Now I'm overthinking thigs…blame the Light Duty thing. I hate it…I feel useless and that, I don't like…not one bit."

"Light duty translates roughly into: drive service men insane. Or so I've come to realize." Sawyer takes one more sip of her coffee before abandoning the cup on the edge of her desk, and returning to tidying up the mess she made earlier. A pencil cup is retrieved from where it rolled, and all its previous occupants picked up. "No one likes being on light duty."

"Have you now?" asks the man, smiling a little bit at that "From where? If you don't mind me asking of course…" He chuckles at this and smiles at the woman, finally finishing his coffee. He leaves the cup on the closest desk and then nods "True enough, nobody likes that. And for some reason, the doctors don't seem to understand that. Then again, I don't really like Doctors…let alone…hospitals."

"Any number of my friends that have ever been on light duty between warday and now. It's common fact. It should translate to vacation, but everyone has this silly sense of duty." There's a grin from the journalist as she collects all her pencils and settles them in their holder back on her desk. "And no one likes Doctors. It comes with the territory of /being/ a doctor. They carry needles and sharp pointy things and always have cold hands."

"I think it's not really…a sense of duty, at least not at it's fullest. I think it's more of a 'what else are we going to do' thing" says Wade, taking a deep breath at that "Besides, I get bored easily, I need to do something and with the arm and hand like this, they are trying to prevent me from doing stuff. Frak that" He chuckles at that and then says "Well, my sister-in-law is a Doctor…a Pediatrician. Shouldn't say Sister-in-law tho, it's not like she can marry my brother now, but she had a child with him…" Random comment is random.

"What counts is what is in your heart. If you want her to be your sister-in-law, say sister-in-law. No one will fault you for it." More varying supplies are picked off the floor. It must have been some tissy that Sawyer was in after the ceremony, or she's just really that clumsy. "Family is family."

"True enough" says Wade, smiling at her words. Now, he stands up and nods "Family is family, agreed." He smiles and then takes a deep breath, looking at the exit "Ok, I better go, should stop stealing your time…" He approaches Sawyer and leans in, placing a gentle kiss on her right cheek. He smiles when he moves back and he says "Thanks Sawyer, for everything" Another deep breath is taken and then he takes a couple steps back before turning around "Talk to you later.." and he starts making his way towards the exit.

Sawyer, normally a very put together creature especially when it comes to her emotions, actually blushes when Wade drops a kiss on her check. "That's what family is for, right? Can I be the hot cousin everyone gets sexually confused about at family reunions?" There's a little laugh from Sawyer as she lets the man retreat. "Alright, get some rest."

Wade laughs softly at Sawyer's words and slows his pace, turning around just a little bit "Well, you do have fantastic legs, you know?" To this, he winks at her and then says "Sleep well Sawyer, and may you dream of…interesting things" He smiles at this and now turns around to leave, for real this time. Those interesting things are left to the dreamer's discretion.

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