Eve Dekora
Petty Officer 2nd Class Eve Persephone Dekora
Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson as Eve Persephone Dekora
Alias: Ev
Age: 23
Features: {$features}
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Department: Deck
Position: Air Engineer (Mechanical)


Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Physical Features

She is a relatively young female with a slender, well-proportioned and athletic build; roughly, five foot-eight and one hundred-thirty pounds. Her bronzed skin tone is unblemished and retains a youthful, healthy glow to it. Her chest is amble enough to catch attention and her waist is trim, backside gently curved. Her limbs are long and well-toned. Her hair is velvet black, full of volume in that it crests along her shoulders and flanks high cheekbones and a strong chin. She doesnt wear makeup and her eyes are a dark brown, gently rimmed by darkened circles and slender brows. Her straight nose holds onto a light upturn to its tip and her lips are full.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Recent Logs


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