Ethan "Fresh" Weber
Ensign Ethan Weber
Chris Pine
Chris Pine as Ethan Weber
Alias: Fresh
Age: 23
Features: 5' 11", medium brown hair, light blue eyes, athletic.
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot, VAQ-141 Harriers


Immediate Family

Maxwell, father, 42 (DECEASED)
Jaqueline, mother, 46 (DECEASED)

Service Jacket

2034-2038 AE - Colonial Fleet Academy, Leonis. Degree in Aerospace Engineering.
2038-2048 AE - Air Wing: Flight School // Raptor Pilot
Jan 2041 AE - Feb 2041 AE - Raptor Pilot VAQ-135: "Green Gulls", Battlestar Cerberus
Apr 2041 AE-(current) - Raptor Pilot VAQ-141: "Harriers", Battlestar Cerberus.

Physical Features

Ethan stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches. He has medium brown hair, short and almost all the time, nicely kept. For some reason one of his more notorious features is his forehead…which, doesn't look abnormal by any means, it's just that, there's a lot of it there. Brown bushy eyebrows rest over his light blue eyes. His eyes have a bright tone to them, as if always studying something with great interest. The bridge of his nose is thin, not very long, and it gets wider towards the tip. He always keep a constant shadow beard, in color, it's only a little lighter than his hair. His lips are medium size, most of the time curved into a gentle smile.

While he has an athletic build, he is not overly muscular, just a good healthy balance. He is usually seen wearing his regular uniform.

On the Grid

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes
Alessandra_icon.jpg Alessandra "Lucky" Sophronia This woman, is still a Mistery to me. We spoke a couple times, she sent me a thank you note for getting her back to Cerberus. I think she has a defensive wall all around her, but I guess that is common these days, people are still recovering, healing. She is definitely someone I want to get to know, at least a little more.
Daphne_icon.jpg Daphne "Click" Kolettis She freaked out a little bit when I was -by accident- moving her things around. At least I'm glad she didn't punch me. After she calmed down, we got to talk a bit, she definitely seems like a nice person.

Extra Info

  • Related to the the VAQ-135: "Green Gulls". Raptor squadron that got destroyed during Warday.
  • Leonis Native, went to the Academy there.
  • Fairly 'OK' Pyramid player.

Recent Logs


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