Cerberus: Engineering Department


The engineering department is responsible for keeping the ship's vital systems running. Everything from the air conditioning to the lights are maintained by this department. And, of course, the engines themselves. Damage control operations are handled jointly by the Engineering and Deck Department.

Note: The engineering department does not do "engineering" in the design sense of the word (i.e. electrical/mechanical/civil/software engineering), though they can if specifically tasked with operations that require it. They are not generally a research department. They do "engineering" in the "engines" sense of the word.


Auxiliaries Division (A)

Auxiliaries Division is comprised of a diverse group of work centers with over 100 personnel (the "snipes"), who manage the Cerberus' vital support functions. Collectively, these shops are responsible for the day to day operation of a vast amount of machinery, including the main engines.

Electrical Division (E)

Electrical engineers perform maintenance on thousands of electrical distribution systems, including department consoles, elevators, control systems, intercoms, and alarms.

Mechanical and Repair Division (M&R)

Mechanical engineers handle most of the physical repairs on the Cerberus, from machining to carpentry. This division also maintains technical databases of all manuals and drawings related to the Cerberus' technical equipment.

Training Division (TD)

There are several members of the department permanently assigned to assuring that all engineers are given regular training and certification. This department is also responsible for orientation and training of new recruits. Engineers from all other divisions participate in training as needed.

Maintenance Materials Management (3M)

3M serves as the 'quartermaster' of Engineering. They coordinate the department's inventory and storeroom, and advise all sub-departments on supply availability.

Damage Control (DC)

Damage Control maintains ship integrity as a result of collision, attack, or other casualties. It shares its duties with the Deck Crew. Engineering-based DC crews handle such emergencies as hull breaches and damage to control systems.

Reference Materials

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