Endymion Daeras
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Endymion Daeras
Erika Christensen
Erika Christensen as Endymion Daeras
Alias: Demi
Age: 26
Features: 5'5", Gray Eyes, Brown Hair
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Engineering
Position: Deck-Engineering Liaison


Endymion Daeras was one of those youthful genius types, nurtured in an environment that encouraged intellectual growth. Her father was a scientist working with the Scorpion Fleet Shipyard, and her mother acted as a scientific liaison with the Twelve Colonies. Endymion graduated secondary school at the age of sixteen, and attended a university on Caprica. By the age of twenty-four, she had obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Applied Aircraft Engineering. She intended to return home to take up a position at the Shipyards, but when her transport stopped in Picon to refuel, the Cylons attacked. Through the madness and confusion, Endymion ended up on board the Corsair. Once the madness settled, there was nothing left for her to do but to help the Military. Her experience and education placed her within Officer Training, where she eventually exited as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Now, Endymion acts as the Liaison between the Deck Crew and Engineering, assisting in cross-department projects— though she honestly just enjoys working along side the knuckle-draggers and grease-monkeys.

Immediate Family

  • Father: Dr. Hannibal Daeras
  • Mother: Dr. Erise Daeras
  • Siblings: None

Work Experience

Caprica City University:

  • 2031-2033 AE, Undergraduate of Engineering, Student Intern to Dr. Xavier Munes.
  • 2033-2036 AE, Graduate of Applied Engineering, Project Assistant for the "Monarch" Aircraft Prototype.
  • 2036-2039 AE, Doctoral Studies of Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Applied Aircraft Engineering.

Post-Doctoral: December 30, 2040 AE, Permanent position offered at Scorpion Fleet Shipyards in Research & Development.
Post-Warday: March 1, 2041 AE, Enlists in Colonial Navy, placed into Officer's Basic Training.

Service Jacket

Officer's Basic Training: March 1, 2041 AE.
CF Corsair: Mechanical and Repair.
BS Cerberus: October 30, 2041 AE, Transferred from Corsair to Cerberus. Placed under M&R with direct assignment with Deck-Engineering Liaison to assist in cross-department projects, including working on reverse-engineering Cylon technology.

Physical Features

This young woman harmlessly occupies space, easily passed over by those who don't know what they are looking for. She is all definitions of the word average from her height of five-foot-six to her hourglass frame that is neither too thick nor too thin. She is ageless, moving through states of young innocence and old wisdom, and everything in-between. Her skin is sun-deprived beneath the sporadic layering of engine grease that repels soap with a stubbornness that could only be supernatural. Her round face is comprised of a soft and reasonably full mouth, a straight little nose, a somewhat high forehead, and eyes like storm clouds beneath dark brows. Her hair is a riot of mahogany curls and crimps that are rarely seen out of the knotty nest at the back of her head.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Damon_icon.jpg PO1 Andreas Damon: Awkwardness, embarrassment— the greatest recipe for the start of a new friendship (or so we hope).
Justinian_icon.jpg LTJG Willem Justinian: Calculating…


  • Known across the Fleet for making some of the most intricate Card Houses.

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