Victoria "Shuffle" Emerson
Lieutenant, Junior Grade Victoria Emerson
Janaya Stephens
Janaya Stephens as Victoria Emerson
Alias: Shuffle
Age: 28
Features: Happy. Upbeat. MIA.
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Department: Military
Position: Air Wing


LTJG Emerson was an ECO with the Air Wing. She flew missions with the squadron from Day One and survived almost 90 days into operations post Warday. Emerson was aboard Raptor-305 on 23 MAY 2041 when a bomb was detonated on board. A brief call for SAR was met with a Cylon ambush that surrounded her stricken Raptor. After an aggressive attempt to rescue her proved impossible, the RTB order was given by Lieutenant Bell and abandoned her to the Cylons that were attempting to board her Raptor. The last radio transmissions from her indicated frantic gunfire. She is listed as MIA. The Hard Choices.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Physical Features

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