PHD #287: Elpis Five-Oh
PHD #287: Elpis Five-Oh
Summary: Vandenberg approaches Rose about a civilian police force.
Date: 10 Dec 2041 AE
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Rose Vandenberg 
Living Quarters - MV Elpis
The freighter has living quarters sufficient to accommodate around 800-1000 people, divided up into rooms of varying sizes. Each room holds multiple sets of bunkbeds, most commonly housing between 10 and 20 people, none housing fewer than four and some as many as 60. For each bed, there is a locker of some sort. These rooms take up several floors, and are arranged around a central 'courtyard'. Each floor has at least one common room, outfitted with scavenged couches and televisions, separate heads for men and women, and laundry facilities. The rooms are pretty barren — plain military-issue bedding on the bunks, and nothing currently adorning metal walls or floors. The lighting is unforgivingly fluorescent, and there is a constant soft hum of generators and ventilation systems in addition to the other noises common to areas housing hundreds of people in relatively close quarters. There is also a galley in a room off the living quarters, with a kitchen of its own, churning out food served in a buffet line much like on Cerberus. There are a few long tables that match and then a smattering of others of all shapes and sizes, the chairs equally mismatched as they are arrayed around them.
Post-Holocaust Day: #287

Not long after the reception, Rose can be found in the 'courtyard' area of a particular grouping of civilian quarters. It seems she's chosen a part of the ship that's currently not as busy, as well as lucking out on one of the smaller, four person rooms. She's currently sorting through a variety of bags, presumably the few possessions she's managed to accumulate while aboard Cerberus. There's a glass of something amber on the nearby table, likely some of that whiskey from the reception.

With Rose's vision still coming back and the only time Vandenberg met the woman before the reception being when she was blind - its almost mean. Its not a trick, though. Natalie has changed out of her grays and into something more befitting a single woman about to go for a girl's night out. A few inches taller and now with makeup, it might take a moment for Rose to recognize the Marine. "Miss Ibbhanas?" she says quietly, stopping next to the woman. There is a duffel in one hand. Sometimes you just can't hide the military. "Lieutenant Vandenberg. I stopped with your group at the party?"

Looking as if she found something in a bag of clothing, it looked like she was about to pull out something lacy. But at the arrival of Vandenberg she quickly stuffs it away, blushing furiously. "Lieutenant! Yes, please, have a seat!" She drags the bag behind her, as if removing incriminating evidence. "Y-You said something about a gift?"

Van smiles at the embarassment of Rose with a knowing look. "I did. And I promise I won't take too much of your time. I'll have you back to Damon at two shakes of a rabbits tail." Van clasps her hands in front of her, holding the duffel easily. "The gift is actually two-fold. First, what is more important to the people you seem to be leading," Natalie begins. She doesn't bother to hide the fact that she is impressed. "I led an operation to Knossos yesterday. We emptied out a neighborhood of clothing and anything valuable. Sixteen teams of two brought back four full bags each time. Some made three trips. Right now the naval personnel who were rescued with nothing are looking over whats available but we can't take very much at all. I mean, I was only able to get what I'm wearing now and a dress." The woman smiles sheepishly and looks herself up and down. "But there are orders coming down. The Navy and Marines only have a day or two to look things over. The rest will be going to the civilian population. I know many of you are in similar straits. Its not hugely important or lifechanging, but I was hoping it might make life a little..I don't know." Clothes make some people happier than others.

Rose folds her hands in her lap, listening to what Natalie has to say. At the sound of more clothes, a wide smile breaks out. "Yes, that would be wonderful! There's rarely enough to go around, and even when being frugal and mending and such, eventually clothes do wear out. So, whatever you can get us will be most appreciated."

"There will be plenty. There's enough for the civilians to have some variety. We've got everything from baby's clothes to lingerie to cowboy boots." Natalie is more than a little pleased that Rose seems to appreciate it. The smile on her face grows proportionally. "But second!" Van takes a breath and moves to sit, putting the duffel in her lap and opening it. She has to dig past the neatly folded dress uniform inside. "We, ah. I personally led a mission into a sheriff's office under the stated objective of looking for supplies to reinforce the military police." She seems to find what she's looking for but doesn't pull it out just yet. Those eyes refocus on Rose. "The truth isn't quite the same. See, Miss Ibbhanas, the military is going to hold jurisdiction over this ship until it believes you all can police yourselves. I hate that. Forget the practical reasons for it. From an ideological point of view, the military fights and kills the enemy. When the military has to police the civilians on their own grounds then the civilians become the enemy. I think we can agree that idea sucks." Va's more serious expression flickers a smile. "So, I raided the police station with the intent of finding you a few things." She lifts a light brown deputy shirt, complete with badge, a little ways out of the bag. "The pants are a sage green. Lots of different sizes. Mens and womens. And we got all this, too." Her other hand passes over a folded piece of paper.


Major Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh (Madilyn)
Lieutenant Corrath O'Hare (Corrath)
Sergeant Eleftherios Constin (Constin)
Lieutenant Natalie Vandenberg (Vandenberg)

During our raiding operation we hit the local Sheriff's Office to scavenge what we could. As expected, all the firearms and heavier gear they had were gone. Most likely it was raided in the opening days of the war. However, we did find some items that may be of use. They are as follows:

  • 23 x Sheriffs Deputy Uniform Sets (including sheriff's hats) of varying sizes in both mens and womens
  • 13 x Digital Radios and battery chargers
  • 12 x Metal Police Batons
  • 30 x Generic Sheriff's Deputy Badges
  • 14 x Stainless Steel Handcuffs
  • 15 x Plastic Zipcuffs

All equipment has been placed into storage in the Marine's lock-up until we decide what to do with all of it. It is essentially enough to outfit a civilian police force or augment our own.

LT Natalie Vandenberg
Colonial Marine Corps, 1st/9th MID
Company S3, Dog PLT CO

Rose blinks, trying to take in everything Vandenberg says to her. When the uniform is produced, she glances it over quickly, but the folded paper is what really draws her in. Unfolding it and adjusting how her thick glasses sit on the bridge of her nose, she reads through it quickly. Eyes widen. "Does this mean… you'll be helping us train a civilian police force?" She asks.

"Officially, I'm not even here talking to you about this. I never showed you any of this. Some blond civilian woman you didn't recognize." Van's smile is just a litttttle mischievious. "But what it means is that the fleet has the tools available to make a real police force for you all. As the Marine S-Three, I am in charge of training and I would be happy to help you all out. I've spoken to the S-Two, who is in charge of Security, and he supports the idea. But this is all unofficial. What you hold in your hands is something you can take to Pewter and tell him that you would like access to in order to handle your own security safely and professionally." Natalie is eager and its a tough to hide. She's excited at the prospect.

"I… don't know what to say," Rose breathes, looking at the paper again. Then she folds it back up. "I can't tell Colonel Pewter anything, especially since I can't tell him you gave it to me. What am I going to do, twist the arm of the man in charge of the fleet? I can't do that!" She places the paper on the table, and folds her hands again. "I'm going to need your help. I'm not an officer, you see. You are. You can approach him on my behalf."

"You don't need to twist Pewter's arm. That would be the exactly wrong thing to do. If you want the respect of the fleet to this level, its going to have to come from you all first. Initiative means more than I can tell you." Van moves the duffel to the ground and crosses her legs, folding her hands on the table. "I -can- approach him on your behalf if you'd like. But if you go to him and he approaches the Marines about our support, we will jump at the chance. Its also something you can point to that you've done for your people." Van smiles. "If I survive this war, someday I'm going to be a civilian. We need to have strong leaders on the civilian side to help guide us. It would mean more to your people, I think, if you brought it up. If he denies it, then I can get together with the S-Two and Master at Arms and kick it over. Or I can go to him myself. Being that these are essentially your people? And the military is supposed to take orders from civilian leadership? Tell me how I can help you, ma'am."

Rose blinks twice, then reaches for her drink - it's obvious that this is a little overwhelming to her. "I… suppose I can draft a letter and send it to the Colonel for review?" She states. "Suggest a civilian police force, trained by the Marines. And list some supplies that we'd feasibly need. And then when it trickles down to your side of things, you can be quick to show that the manpower and the material is available to be distributed?" She blinks again. "This all sounds very… elusive… to me. If you found this material," she says, patting the folded paper. "Why not make the suggestions yourself? And why are you trying to help me like this? I appreciate it, but, it just seems… convoluted. A little."

"I did. Its in the memo I wrote. I suggested the civilian police force and it was ignored. See," Vandenberg begins, leaning forward to the table, closer to Rose. "The military has to be unified. If we start to splinter then it gets ugly - and quick. I have to appear to my Marines to be on their side. I have to appear to Command to be in full support of whatever their objectives are. If either of those is lost then I become ineffective because I will have lost the trust that has to exist." Natalie tilts her head, ghosting a little smile. "And at the end of the day I'm a sappy idealist who has faith in people and our government as it existed. For all the imperfections it had, it beats a military dictatoriship any day. Today we are working together. What if something happens down the road that is less than benevolent? If there is nobody to speak for the civilians then its going to explode at the seams. The establishment of a non-military police force goes a long way to show that not only are the civilians deserving of a structure, but that there -is- one. Baby steps, Miss Ibbhanas. We need this. For everyone. That's why I'm helping you."

"I see," Rose says, looking as if she's more accepting of the proposal now that she's been told that the inside approach has been turned down. "I can do what I can. Are you certain that it's all right that I cite this document, protecting names and what not? I don't want you to get in trouble."

"Technically?" Van taps the paper once with a fingernail. "This is an internal memo but is unclassified. If you approach him yourself, simply say that you are aware that the Marines have in their posession supplies to aid a civilian police force. If he asks us, I will jump all over it since they are under lock and key and my signature. He'd also have to come to me because I would handle training your people in the physical aspects of the job." Van shrugs. "And if someone asks me directly if I gave it to you? I'll admit to it in private and take my licks. I'm a thirty-seven year old Lieutenant, ma'am. I should be a Major by now. I do things because I believe in them. Not the best way to get rank but it helps me sleep better at night."

Rose's eyes flit from watching Natalie's face, to the paper, to her face again. She begins picking at a thumbnail, making a clicking sound, as she worries her lower lip. Then, a quick nod. "I'll do it. After all, if you're going to stick your neck out and do what's necessary, I really can't leave you hanging, can I?" She puts on a small smile - she's still a little unsure, but she's committed to it, regardless.

Natalie's smile grows warmer with Rose's words. "I'm paid to stick my neck out. Its what the Marines are for, ma'am. We do it so you all don't have to." She shifts on her seat, still getting used to wearing jeans again. "When you go to Pewter, know which Colony's laws you will be using on board this ship and have rough selection criteria. Common sense stuff. Leave the real demands of selection to us if you can trust me to it. I'll make ya proud, ma'am. Promise. If you need books on law, I can check a few out from the Cerb's library and bring them over..but I would suggest you ask the people of the ship quietly."

Rose nods slowly. "All right. I'll do my research before writing that letter." She sips her drink, then sets it aside. "I thought things might become some semblance of normal once we moved to the freighter. I see they're just going to get even more busy."

Vandenberg reaches down to lift the duffel into her lap. "Such is the life. I've got faith in ya, though. You're young but that means stamina. Plus you seem to have garnered the support of the people and you're sharp as a tack." Natalie rises from her seat. "If you need to contact me at any point, just send me a memo and ask to speak with me. I'll meet you over here. Be well, ma'am. And have fun tonight." She winks and glances towards Rose's bag.

"I don't feel young," Rose admits, smiling tiredly. "Actually, that's not true. Andreas… Chief Damon, I mean. He's done nothing but lift me up, even when I was useless and blind." At the mention of the bag, she blushes again. "Good evening, Lieutenant. And thank you."

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