Eduardo "Eddie" Cortaz
Mr. Eduardo Cortaz
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Cortaz
Alias: Eddie
Age: 19
Features: Dark hair, big mouth, squirrely
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Mr.
Department: Civilian
Position: Runner/Delinquent


NPC. One of the handful of Taurons to survive the Cylon holocaust, Eddie first encountered the crew of the Cerberus as an "envoy" of sorts to their planetary camp. Originally from Minos (though gods only know where he was when the bombs fell, as Tauron City was completely blasted) he fell in with a group of survivors who call themselves the Raupatu. He's fiercely loyal to their leader, Ezra Taim, and seems to serve as a scout/runner/scavenger of sorts for their group.

The Raupatu were supposedly part of a small Anti-Cylon Resistance movement after the bombs fell, and they managed to capture a skinjob and set up "camp" in one of the abandoned facilities the Cylons built on planet during their occupation. Eddie's light on details about all this, however, and gets twitchy when pressed too much about it.

He's friendly - in a crude, squirrely sort of way - has a big mouth and a whiny, nasal-sounding accent common in Minos' lower-class city boroughs, and spends most of his time trying to bum/grift cigarettes, booze, sweets and whatever else he can get his fingers on from the Cerberus crew. He knows the terrain well, particularly in Minoa province, and can be called on to come along as a field guide when proper Fleet troops aren't available.

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