PHD #265: Drunk Pilot is Drunk
PHD #265: Drunk Pilot is Drunk
Summary: Wade finds a drunk Andrea in the Berths.
Date: 18 Nov 2041 AE
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Andrea Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #265

Andrea is sitting at the table in the middle of the room, still half in her flight suit from her last CAP. A bottle of whisky is on the table in front of her, and based on how full it recently was, she has been hitting it pretty hard tonight. Her head lays on her crossed arms, an empty shot glass in front of her.

And guess who has to get ready for CAP. Wade does! The man was actually at the library, doing some reading for his Instructor qualifications. He has been working hard enough on that, so hopefully, everything goes well. When he steps inside the berths, he is actually wearing his blue uniform. His gaze moves to Andrea, because she's the only one there apparently and he spots the bottle in front of her. The man presses his lips together and half chuckles at that. He is not much of a drinker really, but if he is playing triad, he does drink a little. "Hosedown" says Wade, as he walks to his locker.

Andrea says, "Whozzat?" Andrea's head rises, a bit blearily, and she looks around the room until she finds him. "Oh. Drips. Heya. Care for a tot or two?""

Wade smiles with some amusement when she first speaks and he shakes his head "Can't, gotta get ready for CAP…" now, he turns around and smiles at her "Besides, never been much of a drinker, you know?" Now, he opens his locker and starts to unbutton the front part of his uniform. "So, what has you drinking like that? Something you want to forget?" Shirt comes off, followed by pants. He now shows only the grey tshirt underneath and boxers. The man takes his helmet from the locker and his flight suit.

"Found myself flying over a planet that wasn't home. Felt like I left 'em behind, even though I know they're dead. Shtupid." Andrea pushes herself up, and starts walking, unevenly, towards him. "Know what 'm saying?"

Wade gets his legs into the flight suit and moves the top part over his back, getting his arms inside, later to zip it up. He rolls his shoulders and then hooks the horizontal straps, turning around to look at Andrea "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean." to this, he nods and then narrows his eyes, watching her for a moment. "You might want to lay down, Lieutenant" He takes a deep breath now and closes his locker, clearing his throat before adding "I had the bad luck of, seeing my family die…"

"'thought it might be something like that." She is now right in front of him. Well, right in front of one of him. Possibly the wrong one. She looks up and puts a hand on his chest. "M'sorry, Drips. Sucks. All of this sucks."

Wade keeps his eyes on her, watching what he does. He looks at her hand pressed against his chest and then looks at her again. "Do you have pictures of your family? That you can put in the Memorial Wall?" asks the man now. And now he nods "Yes, yes it does suck, quite a bit." A bit of bitterness in his voice because memories of his dying family flow into his brain. Now, he smiles a little and says "Hosedown, you might want to lay down before you fall…and…maybe have a couple glasses of water"

"Keeping th' pictures. F'now, anyway." Suddenly Andrea is a lot closer. "Dwanna lay down. Not 'lone, anyway…"

Wade nods "Well, at least it's good that you have some. For the longest time, I didn't had any of my family." says the pilot and does notice her moving closer. He has to take a deep breath now and take a couple seconds before he adds something. The man smiles at this and says "I see." He eyes the time now, CAP duties awfully close. He looks at her again and chuckles softly "Should I bring a teddy for you?" He chuckles softly at this and shakes his head.

"Already got one of those." A hand on the flight suit becomes two fistfuls of flight suit, and Wade is pulled forward as Andrea goes in for a kiss.

And Wade gets pulled by her and she is fast enough to actually plant a kiss over his lips. He doesn't move /right away/, but it's fast enough. He looks straight into her eyes and laughs softly "Heeeeey…ok" He licks his lower lip, tasting alcohol there and he looks at Andrea "Ok, Hosedown…we can't" Not that he doesn't want to of course. Heck, sexy lady is sexy after all. "I've got CAP and you are waaaaaaay too drunk to know what you are doing"

"Too drunk to remember later, maybe, but know what m'doing now. Kissing you. How long until CAP…" Her balance is suddenly off, and she falls forward into him.

Wade catches her as she falls forward against him and supports her with his own body "Ten minutes before CAP" says the man with a soft smile. Now, he leans down, moving one arm around Andrea's waist and stands up again, lifting her in his shoulder "Don't puke on me now" says the man, with a soft smile. With her there, he looks around and finally finds her bunk. Wade makes his way there and climbs the steps, leaning to his side, lightly moving the woman over her bed thing. "You do have nice lips tho" offers the man, winking at her now. With that said, he steps down onto the floor and now stands next to her bunk.

Andrea tries to hold on to him, but the room is just spinning too much. "But… but… but…"

Wade looks at her with a smile on his lips and shakes his head "Lean your head back, Hosedown." says the pilot, now looking around for something. He finds a small metal, bucket thing and moves it to her bunk. "I take you know what to do with this, should the moment come." He winks at her now and steps up on the lower bunk.

Ah, it seems a moment of clarity has been reached. Andrea rolls over onto her side and grabs Wade by the ears/hair. "You're a good man, and I swear I'll appreciate that eventually. But fer now…" another kiss, and darned if she doesn't have him pretty well anchored.

Wade is again, pulled towards her but in a very different, little painful way. "Waa~~~~" is what he gets to say and finally gives in, to avoid getting his ear removed. It's been /years/ since someone pulled one of his ears, and he was kinda little. It hurts, yo. Wade finally places his lips against her own and kisses her softly, letting the kiss last a little longer than then last before he lightly starts pulling away. "Alright, alright…I get it" he chuckles at this and keeps moving back.

"Bonus points if you can make this all sound sexy when I ask you for details, tommorrow." Andrea collapses back down onto the bunk, releasing him, though a hand does carress his face as she does so. "Hey, you on CAP with Spiral?"

Wade laughs with some amusement and nods "I'll see what I can do" About her last question, he just shakes his head and says "No, with Bubbles." At least, according to the last wing assignment that Khloe put together. Now he looks at the clock and moves one hand over his hair and then ear, rubbing the area that is now red. Demanding Hosedown is demanding. He looks at the table and gets a hold of his helmet. "You two were in the same squadron right? In Volans?" Admittedly, Wade tends to stay away from the gossip.

"He gave me my callsign. Was my first SL. Now he's pretty sure I'm a Cylon, and MAY shoot me if he gets the chance. If you see him, tell him we frakked. Maybe make his head explode."

Wade nods and repeats "Callsign, first SL, Cylon, potential gun fire." To this, he nods and offers "I don't see him much, to be honest. I don't think I've ever shared more than a couple words with him…if I recall correctly" He narrows his eyes at this, trying to remember and finally shakes his head "Ok Lieutenant, get off the bottle for today, yes?" He smiles at this and turns around, making his way towards the exit "And get some sleep, you'll have CAP again soon enough"

"Not Lieutenant." Andrea rolls a bit to look him in the eye. "You know m'name. Use it."

Wade stops before exiting the Berths and turns around to look at her "But you are giving orders, are you not?" He smiles at this and then nods "Andrea, get some sleep. Next CAP will come soon enough…" The man smiles warmly and adds "Us newbies in the Squadron need to work extra hard."

"Whatever. Not sleepy… at…" suddenly there is the clinking of the metal bucket, and sounds that will not bear omnamotopoeia at this point in time. Suffice it to say, Andrea is suffering from Karma.

Wade smirks and shakes his head "Well, at least you'll feel better a lot sooner this way" He nods to this and says "Throw that out when you feel you are better, otherwise everyone is going to look at you funny" And before actually stepping out, he chuckles and turns around again "And don't…think of any pranks involving that" He turns around now "Get better Hosedown" and with that, he leaves.

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