PHD #254: Drinks, Pranks and Callsigns.
PHD #254: Drinks, Pranks and Callsigns.
Summary: Andrea and Wade have a quick conversation before he heads for the showers. Pranks are played, story of callsigns is shared and drinks are enjoyed.
Date: 07 Nov 2041 AE
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Andrea Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #254

Andrea is reclining back in her bunk, drinking a dark liquid from a small, clear cup, with a smile on her face, humming to herself as she does.

Wade steps inside the berths, he is wearing his flight suit and carrying his helmet under his arm. His eyes scan the berths for a moment before he spots Andrea and he nods to her "Hey Hosedown, enjoying a drink?" says the Viper pilot, opening his locker, not before leaving his helmet on the table. He unzips his suit and takes his arms out of the sleeves, pushing the thing down to his waist. His greens are underneath, along with his dogtags. The man starts taking his shower supplies from the locker, placing them on the table.

Andrea raises the glass with a smile. "That I am, Drips, that I am. Lost my first bottle, thought I'd best enjoy a bit of this one before I lose it, as well. Care to join me for a glass?"

Wade looks at the bottle she has and then considers for a moment "Well…" he starts, as he continues to take stuff from his locker. Finally, he closes it and looks at Andrea again "..I normally don't drink, but given the fact it's your last, I might as well accept one glass" He takes an empty glass from the table and walks towards Andrea's bunk, extending said glass to her. "Went that bad huh? It's alright, if we keep scouting different planets, there's a big chance that we might be able to find more"

Andrea smiles, and grabs the bottle… a slightly battered bottle of top shelf Aerilonian whisky. Tilting it over, she careful pours the dark amber liquid into the glass he offers, then puts the bottle down and holds up her own glass to clink. "I did okay, but it was winner take all, and damned if the Marine wasn't getting all the cards. I had four high mixed Larges, and she kept pulling full colors. Teach me to gamble, but it was interesting."

Wade clinks his glass with Andrea's and says "Triad is a game of skill and a game of chance just as much. Unless the dealer is frakking with you of course" He looks at the content of his glass for a moment before taking a sip from it. He presses his lips together and takes a deep breath, not really one to be used to alcohol. "I don't really smoke, but I smuggled a box of Leonis' finest cigars. I have to admit I have been considering to start or at least, giving them a try." He lifts his glass and nods to her "Thank you" Another sip is taken and then the moves back to the table, pulling his tanktop and tshirt from his body, opening the locker to take a plastic bag from it "So how long before your next CAP?"

"I got off of CAP… oh…" Andrea's eyes look around for a clock and then stop. "Oh, I dunno, a shift or two ago. Don't have another one until tomorrow." Noticing his flight suit, she grins. "Take it you just got off of yours, as well. I kept having this overwhelming desire to punch out and fall to the surface again, just for another jump." She takes a sip and sighs happily. "Resisted, but only just. I think all that time in isolation made me even more of an adrenaline junkie."

"I did, no news, everything remains the same." says Wade, sitting on a chair, taking off his boots and now pushing down the lower half of his flight suit. He ends up in his underwear and stands up, getting his flight suit in the hanger and inside his locker again along with the helmet. The man rubs his hands over his face and then offers a bit of an amused smile. "Well, I'm glad you didn't, the Captain would be pissed of at you for trashing a Viper" Because ejecting from the Viper means…bye bye birdie. "Lucky you, flying Vipers does wonders for an adrenaline junkie, does it not?" smile still showing.

"It would, but you know how the captain is about hotdogging on CAP. Or maybe you don't… sometimes I think she is determined to fight MY fun, specifically. Actually…" glancing around, Andrea gets up and heads over to the Captain's locker. "Maybe we could mess with her, a little bit."

Wade sits back on his chair, idly drinking from his glass and takes a deep breath when she finishes "What do you mean? On all accounts" asks the pilot now, wanting to know what she means by 'fight MY fun' and 'mess with her'.

"I'm not sure, really. She has a good time in her, I know, but she seems to take fun so personally. Like if we manage to have a good time, playing Triad, or even Raptorball, she gets all fussy. I keep pulling her in to little events and I know she enjoys herself, so maybe all it'll take is a few pranks. She then pranks me back, and viola, we're having fun!" She smiles, opening the locker. "Oh gods, look at all her socks and underwear. She really does fold them surgically."

Wade looks over her shoulders at what Andrea is talking about. His attention goes back to the woman and he smiles a little "Somehow I think that if you play her a prank, she won't prank back but send you to the brig and maybe remove flight status from you" The man chuckles at this and the considers what has been said "Her attitude towards everything make me thing that she is trying to keep something in check. You know, by having a perfectly structured attitude towards, pretty much everything. You control other things."

"Then it's time to introduce a bit of chaos, right?" Andrea grins, taking the socks, and stuffing them into each other, then piling them up in a corner. The underwear is likewise re-piled, still neatly, but in a way that, given enough time, could lead to wrinkles. She then closes the locker, being sure not to touch anything else. She gives Wade a grin. "Besides, if she really flips out, I'll just blame you."

Wade just looks at what she does and shakes his head, smiling amusedly at that. "Why doesn't it surprise me?" he asks with amusement. "So now you have become Cerberus' very own agent of Chaos. How does it feel?" At this, he smiles and then clears his throat, standing up, opening his locker again to take a towel from it "Always forget something" Now he looks at Andrea again and asks "Changing subjects rather abruptly…why the hell is your callsign Hosedown?" He keeps that smile there.

"Got it within seconds of stepping onto my first assignment," Andrea says with a grin, walking back to her bunk to grab her glass. "Raptor had a rough touchdown, and an over-excited knuckledragger went crazy with a foam-extinguisher just as I was disembarking in full dress. Met my first SL, who happened to be Spiral, who saw the whole thing. Hosedown kinda stuck, after that." She turns around, knocking back the rest of the glass before refilling it. "So how about you, Drips? Where did THAT moniker come from?"

"Makes sense…" nods the man "Good one" Now, he downs the rest of his drink and then clears his throat "After flight school, I was assigned to the Battlestar Corvus, with the Swords, one of the Viper Squadrons there" He looks at his empty glass and chuckles "The entire squadron decided to play a prank on me, so while I was sleeping, they put my hand in a bowl with warm water." He nods to this and adds "So I ended up peeing on myself" At this, he smiles and shakes his head "Nothing related to a disease" Because really, it does sound that way.

"Good to know," Andrea laughs, then sips from her glass. "I don't ever worry too much about callsigns. The stories are always unfortunate but not as bad as they could be, yeah?" Her head tilts a bit as she looks Wade over. "So how did you end up marooned on… Leonis, was it?"

"Callsigns serve a purpose and I think, help to create bonds between pilots" says Wade, shrugging at that. As for the question on Leonis? "It was my brother's wedding, I was awarded with a two week leave to help him out and attend. I was going to be the best man." He nods to this and says "His future bride, went to Aerilon to give a lecture on something related to her field." He clears his throat and adds "My entire family was in Leonis for that event and they all died. And I escaped…" He presses his lips together, going silent for a moment "His bride, a woman called Serene Wilkinson. She's here in Cerberus, she was rescued from Aerilon and she actually gave birth to my brother's baby boy…they didn't know she was pregnant when she left for Aerilon"

Andrea's eyes tighten as the story is told. "Oh, Gods, Drips." She shakes her head, and then stops shaking it, letting out a short, bitter laugh. "Actually, now I think about it, I don't know what to think about it. I mean, with so many families lost, having anything left is a blessing, right? And the little nugget carrying on for your brother…" she sighs. "I'm tired of bittersweet, but sometimes its all we get, yeah?"

Wade chuckles at what she said and then shrugs casually "I'm happy to see her, I'm happy to see that little boy, even if I didn't knew it existed. I have a newphew now, imagine that" He runs both hands over his hair and then claps them together "Alright then, it's shower time for me" He starts picking up his things and looks at Andrea "Don't finish the entire bottle today, you might want some of it later" He nods with a smile and closes his locker.

"No promises." Andrea says with a laugh. "I'll just have to get some more later, maybe. Have a good shower." She then gets back into her bunk, still nursing the whisky, along with her thoughts.

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