PHD #353: Drinking in the Recovery Room
Drinking in the Recovery Room
Summary: Shiner brings Hosedown some beer, Poppy brings Hosedown some love.
Date: 14 Feb 2042 AE
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Medbay Recovery Room
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Post-Holocaust Day: #353

Another day in the recovery room. Slowly, piece by piece, Andrea has been recovering from her injuries, but she definitely looks worse for wear. Bandages cover her chest, arm, and head, and even where there aren't bandages, her hair has been shaved away or shorn close for the various procedures she has undergone. At the moment, her eyes are closed, as one hand plays with a bracelet she is wearing.

"Yo!" Shiner greets cheerfully as he's allowed in, heading over to take a seat on the corner of the bed. Thump. "Hey, looking good, sweetheart. You awake? Hosedown? You awake?" Irritating bastard.

"Awake, drugged, and content, Shiner." Andrea's eyes open and she smiles. "Thanks for coming down. How's the wing holding up?"

"Captain Vakos asked after you," Shiner insists solemnly. "Said she was going to bring you a teddy bear and come down for group hugs later. She's such a big softy that way. I figured I'd just make your day by coming down her and letting you see my pretty face." Flex. Pose. Grin. "Oh, yeah, we got you a beer. You drink beer? If you don't, I'll have it and get you smokes or something instead."

"I hate you so much right now." Andrea looks around… no nurses at the moment. "Take a look see. Are there any nurses on their way in? I'm not supposed to drink with these pain killers they got me on…"

Shiner props one leg up on the bed underneath him, glancing around. "Can't see any. But you know what they're like. Like frakking ninjas. You know when I got shot, you know how hard it was to get away from Lurch? Frakking impossible, seriously. You got hot nurses?"

"Depends on what you consider hot. Hmmm, are there any nurses here who look like me… uh, me a week ago?" Andrea screws up her face to think about it. "Hmm. There's Circe… the one who actually patched me up first. EMT, as well, so you can get her out in the field."

"I prefer brunettes," Shiner notes amiably, pulling out the beer and cracking it open with a satisfying tsss. "But hey, I'll take what I can get. Beggars can't be choosers. You going to need a straw for this or what, sweetheart?"

"As I remember, you liked blondes well enough, and going red hasn't stopped the looks at my ass any." Andrea chuckles and takes the bottle, carefully taking a sip. "Ahhhh… that's nice. Missed that." She looks back at Wade. "So, I assume you're frakking one of your fellow nuggets?"

"I like asses," Shiner agrees with a nod. "And boobs. I do like boobs. But after boobs and asses, then it's brunettes for preference. But really, boobs is the important one. And nah, I'm not frakking any nuggets right now. Most of them are like way too skinny. Nothing to hang on to, you know? Bang one of those from behind and you'd be too worried about snapping her to really get into it. Got a marine chick as a standby, though, who goes like a belt fed wombat." He gestures for the beer. "Here, I'll hang on to that in case that fit nurse comes back and accuses me of trying to get you drunk."

"Ay, ay, ay!" Andrea takes another swig before handing the bottle over to Shiner. "After all that work to get your own ticket to the berthings you frak a groundstomper? Well, to each their own, I suppose." She looks around and shifts slightly, so that the hospital gown shifts in interesting ways. Yay, sideboob. "Ogle all you want, I could use the ego boost. So, no hard feelings about the Raptor thing? It really was just a joke, I didn't want you chucked out."

"I'm not in it just to frak pilots," Shiner points out, doing as he's told and having a good ogle, head tilting. "I want to fly. Despite everyone's attempts to stop me, so frak you all. I'll get my frakking wings, then I'll take you off to some closet somewhere and you can apologise."

"Sorry, currently frakking rights are exclusive to Splash." She sighs. "Dunno how long that'll last, though. I've been having second thoughts about relationships in the wing since… well…" she shrugs, not wanting to go into the whole Devlin thing. "We want you flying too, just so you know. But it's hard not to pick on you when you walk around acting like you're the God's gift. 'Specially when I know damned well that -I- am the God's gift." She reaches over to take the bottle and takes another swig.

"Ah… well, I'm not into sloppy seconds," Shiner muses, wrinkling his nose and wrestling the bottle back again for a sip. "And I'm not into relationships. Face it, I'm just too much man for one woman. This beer taste like shite. I'd give my left testicle for a proper bottle of Mad Dog."

"Mad Dog? Really?" Andrea chuckles. "Haven't had a proper stout in ages. Should have had them raid the brewery on Aerilon, but I was too knew then to bring it up." She sighs. "One of these days, Shiner, some girl is gonna beat the crap out of you and leave you following her around like a puppy. And on the day that happens, I will gladly hold you down while she fits the collar for you. You'll be too excited about two women holding you down to notice until it is all over." She chuckes. "You know that some people are terming the Raptor incident assault? Like I forced you into the cuffs?"

"Well, you did," Shiner points out. "Dickhead."

Andrea raises an eyebrow. "Showing you inner-boob and winking does not count as forcing, Shiner, unless your animal magnetism means you've raped every woman you've frakked." She shakes her head. "I asked you to put the cuffs on and you did, remember? Come on, don't be pissy about it. It was pretty hot."

Shiner half grins, patting her leg. "Get yourself better, Hosedown, and I'll show you pretty hot some time. If you're so keen on cuffs, I'll borrow a set from my tame marine."

"Tame Marine, my ass. Be careful there. It can be tough to extricate oneself from a relationship where the other can kill you with her finger." She smiles as she lays her head back down, and shifts again so as to be more modest.

"I told you, I don't do relationships," Shiner protests, taking another swig of beer then offering it over again. "How long before you'll be up and at 'em again, anyway? How long are you skiving in here off duty? Shit, at least I had the good graces to be paralysed when I was shot."

"I'm pretty wobbly on my feet right now," Andrea says, taking a swig. "And with the head injury, every fall is pretty damned dangerous. Doc's won't even let me go to the head alone, yet." She sighs, and hands the bottle back. "Gonna be a long road, I think."

Shiner is sat on the edge of Andrea's bed, beer in hand and one leg tucked up beneath him. "Oh, dude, tell me about it. I had to have a guy hold my cock for me so I could piss. How frakking demeaning is that, right?" He takes a sip of the beer. "Oh, watch out for that civvy doc. He's a bit weird, with needles and shit like that."

"I've mainly had the doc from Areion. Uh… Andromeda, I think?" She shrugs. "Can't complain. This…" she gestures to her head injury, "could have killed me. Instead, I might be on the path to full recovery. We'll have to see how PT goes, after, but… yeah." She grimaces a bit, a hand going to her head. "Frak a Virgin Goddess in the Ass, I am so tired of these damned headaches…"

Pulling aside the curtain a few inches and peering in is none other than Khloe. Dressed in her off-duty greens, she has square bandages up and down her upper right arm, where her skin still seems rather pink. Peeking out from underneath her tanks are other bandages on her right side, down past her waistline. At first, she spots Hosedown, awake and conscious, and there's the beginnings of a small smile. But then her adversary is spotted, and the smile runs screaming. Eyes narrow at Shiner, but then train on Andrea again. "Hosedown. You have company. I was just coming to see how you were doing. I can come back."

"You find me the virgin goddess and I'll do my best," Shiner promises, then looks up guiltily at that voice. "I'm just leaving, sir," he insists, hurriedly pulling himself to his feet. "You carry right on."

Andrea looks up and her smile splits her face. She salutes with her good arm."Captain! No, please, take a seat, there has to be a chair around here somewhere… Shiner and I were just joking around about that little prank I pulled on him." You know, the one that got her brigged. "It's really good to see you, Poppy."

Khloe holds out her hands, palm forward. "Relax, Nugget," of course, meaning Shiner. "All grievances get checked at the door when coming into sickbay. You were here first, after all." She steps in, closing the curtain behind her. "Besides, we're decks away from the berths. No bunks here, so you're safe." That last part delivered deadpan, naturally. Khloe goes to the opposite side of Andrea's bed, pulling over a chair and turning it backwards. She sits. "How're you feeling? You had us all very worried, Lieutenant."

"She'll be fine," Shiner responds, hesitantly offering the beer over towards Khloe. "It's shit, but it says beer on the label, sir. Better than nothing. She's already turned me down for sex, so she must be feeling herself."

"Stick to sneaking peeks on the hospital gown, where you do me some good," Andrea says to Shiner with a laugh. "And if you're still offering beer to Poppy, you clearly haven't been paying attention in class." She looks over at her Captain. "Scared myself. Last thing I remember is RTB, and then the cockpit exploded, and then I was flying in…" she shakes her head, and then winces from the gesture. "Ow. Mean to say, next thing I was waking up here with a massive headache. Still get pretty bad vertigo when I get up, but docs say I have a shot at full recovery. I'll need someone badass to help me with Physical Therapy, though. Know anyone like that?"

"No, thank you," Khloe says to Shiner, letting Andrea's explanation fill in the blanks for him. She then focuses on her, grimacing slightly. "Cockpit glass to the brainmeats tends to kill most people. Have the doctors talked about your prognosis yet?" A pause. "And I'm likely not the physical therapy you need, but once you're on your feet and you've regained your balance, I can help you get your fighting form back."

"I must have missed the class on 'what drinks your senior officers like'," Shiner notes drily, taking a swig and offering the beer again to Andrea. "Give me a shout if you get pool time with the physio shit. I can lend a hand there, at least." A quick glance to Khloe.

Andrea waves off the beer. "No, thank you, Shiner. And the pool is probably a good idea, less of a falling hazard." She looks up at Khloe and sighs. "Possible full recovery, but its pretty damned early. Doc figures she avoided any major tissue damage, and its me we're talking about. Probably I'll just be a little less socially restrained, or something like that." She grins. "Maybe you'll get that dye job after all, hey?" Her look goes to Khloe's bandages. "How are you? Before my cockpit exploded, I wasn't sure you were gonna make it back. I remember you were pretty shot up."

"I've sustained worse," Khloe explains, looking down at her side. "I've got first and second degree burns on my arm, side, and hip. They have me applying this awful ointment three times a day, and taking antibiotics twice a day. I feel like a solstice turkey." Peering over at Shiner, she quips, "Where the frak have you been, Mister? Are you the last person on board who knows I don't drink?"

"I don't think we've met socially, sir," Shiner points out. "Usually it's you finding ways to try to kick the shit out of me, not sharing a couple of pints. I'll give you a couple of weeks before scheduling our regular knee to nadgers time, though, shall I? Let you heal up a bit first?"

"They're kicking our asses, aren't they?" Andrea asks, quietly. "These new Raiders, with the hashes. There's something different, there. And it all started when we brought that Ghost Ship aboard."

Khloe grins malevolently at Shiner. "You're not off the hook, meatsack. You asked for an asskicking, and I'll give you one. But, yes, let's let the current crisis pass by, and then it's tags off in the ring." To Andrea, though, she frowns, the grin fleeting. "They're slower and aim poorer than your average Raider, actually," she offers. "I've done the footage analysis. They just attack en masse and throw themselves at us in a giant swarm formation. We're on double CAPs as per Trask's suggestion, and I'm hoping to convince the Major to put more Raptors in the air as well. ECM seems to help even the score a bit." An uncharacteristcally soft gesture from Khloe, she reaches out to tuck underneath Andrea's chin. "If it means you heal faster thoroughly to look forward something as asinine as a dye job, then consider it a date. You grow your hair back first, and then we'll talk."

"Soon as I'm qualified, I'll be up there," Shiner promises. "I'm an extra target if nothing else. And if the CAG'll let me, I'll get some work done on the deck while I'm not. Somebody has to look after the birds you're beating up, right?"

"I'll hold you to that, sir…" Andrea says with a smile, and for a wonder she blushes a little bit, and looks down. "Thanks for coming down. It drives me crazy every time those Klaxons go off and I can't be in the tubes with you all."

Khloe pulls her hand back and places it next to her left, grasping at the back of the chair. "Your orders are to do what the doctors tell you and recover, Lieutenant." She glances across the bed at Shiner, offering, "Well, you aren't going to get qualified sitting around sickbay offering head trauma patients your sexual healing, Nugget. Let the woman rest." And on that note, Khloe pushes up, and slowly makes her exit.

"Instructor's out on CAP," Shiner points out amiably. "Which gives me a lot more free time than I'd want. Unless you're going to sign me off to go try the sims on my own."

Another salute. "Sir, yes sir." Andrea's eyes close, briefly, then open again. "My bird. 855. Did it make it? How did I land?" She blinks. "That's actually a good question. HOW did I land?"

"On your side, and it'll be fixed by the time you're ship-shape," Khloe offers as she reaches the curtain. To Shiner, "I can't trust you won't just sit in the pod and make airplane noises, so, no, you're not authorized. But I give you permission to harass Captain Trask. You'll find him on the deck during condition two, helping fix birds. You guys should get along just great." She nods again to Andrea, lips pressing together in a half-smile, and she departs.

Shiner exhales with relief as Khloe leaves, rolling his shoulders. "Yeah, I'll take that hint, though. You let us know if you need anything, Hosedown. And give us a flash of your tits again before I leave, huh?"

Andrea grins. "I bet you say that to all the drugged girls, eh?" She lifts her gown a bit… smiles. Side boob almost all the way to… gown goes down again. "Enjoy your tame Marine. When she turns feral and marks her territory, I want all the details, okay?"

Shiner gives an approving whoop, grinning at the flash. "Yeah, you got it! And shout if you get pool time. You'll need a lifeguard and I'm way more fun than the marine guys."

"Your lecherous glances at me in swimwear make me warm already," Andrea says with a laugh. "Will do, that's a promise. As soon as I'm cleared."

Shiner snorts, pulling himself to his feet. "Yeah, yeah. Just because I actually say what all the guys are thinking." He frames his words with his hands, as though on a wide screen. "Boobs. Are. Awesome." A pause. "Fin." He gives her leg a pat. "See you around, Hosedown."

"Stay out of trouble, Shiner." She grins. "For at least a few minutes."

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